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Age Of Ultron: The Official Game Available for PS4, Xbox One, Windows 10.
Production: Ubisoft, Marvel, NetMarble, Kaboom, InfinityGames.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron is a multiplayer3D action-adventure platform game created by Ubisoft Softwares Production, licensed by Marvel, based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Avengers: Age Of Ultron with the same name. This is a fanon game created by DuttPanda, although applying changes to the storyline.


The Avengers confront their mightiest and most malignant foe yet! The robotic A.I Ultron promises to wipe out the human race and base the Earth as the database of the perfect creations, the robotics. But our superheroes won`t give up until they have approached towards peace! Ultron's sentience and unlikely allies only make the task more adventurous and more difficult for Earth's Mightiest Heroes!



Chapter One, Sokovia

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After the Avengers win the war against the Chitauri led by Loki, the HYDRA organization raided most of the extraterrestrial paraphernalia and used it on humans, who are artificially given superhuman powers. Out of the human experiments, twins Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are given psionic and super-speed abilities, respectively, in a HYDRA outpost, located in a Sokovian forest.

In the first chapter of the story and the first mission in the game, the Avengers have to raid the HYDRA outpost. First, they have to tear their three security outposts apart, and enter the terrorists' mansion, where the conduct of experiments and research is done. The Avengers have to wipe out the HYDRA soldiers, before taking on one of the test subjects, Thunderball, a gigantic electricity producing mutant. The Avengers have to defeat Thunderball and collect all the extraterrestrial objects.

After the Avengers raid the outpost, they are attacked by the Maximoff twins, but they have to defend themselves and escape the territory. Then the Maximoff twins escape with a gang of 4 other mutants.

Easter Eggs: Collectibles of Hank Pym, Wasp, Madame Hydra, the Avengers, HYDRA, mutants available. In the HYDRA Mansion, where Loki's Scepter was placed, there is a whiteboard that reads:

"Attention, all HYDRA personnel, after your tasks of this operative is finished, inform your squadron leader to take you to all of your next mission, Project FFF."

The FFF refers to Fin Fang Foom.

Chapter Two, Ultron

Before entering the Avengers Tower, there is an optional mission that can be played. If not, Natasha Romanoff will call Luke Cage and Daredevil to resolve the problems of the mission, if it is played, the events are as follows:

While on the way to the Avengers Tower, the Avengers discover Bullseye, Typhoid Mary and Gladiator hijacking a Roxxon Oil building. The Avengers have to infiltrate the building, by first defeating some goons outside, and then, after entering the building, they have to rescue all people from all four floors, before facing Bullseye, Typhoid Mary and Gladiator.

Easter EggsFrequent mentions of Daredevil, Elektra, and Luke Cage by Bullseye. Collectible Daredevil comics inside building. Hell's Kitchen pictures in office walls.

After the optional mission, the Avengers reach their headquarters. There, the player can play minigames like Iron Legion Training Spot or Anger Control Room. The player can also train the Avengers and swap Avengers members. They can also spot extra items and store it in their inventory and talk to people inside the buildings. While on the headquarters, the player can play two more optional missions, to recover a burning train in Fordshire or to defeat Cannonball and Windshock in Shaftsbury Avenue. After completion of non curricular activities, the player can resume the mission.

Easter Eggs: Moon Knight, Iron Fist, and Doctor Strange posters available. Maria Hill, Jemma Simmons, S.H.I.E.L.D., JARVIS, Jocasta, and other A.I collectibles available. A hidden character, Doombot, a Doctor Doom replica made by Iron Man can be found in the Control Room. War Machine, Falcon, and Ant-Man are available for playing as well.

In the night, after a victory party thrown by Stark, the Avengers, Dr. Helen Cho, Maria Hill, Hank Pym, Falcon and War Machine are attacked by Stark`s own armors. The player has to defeat all 37 sentient Iron Man armors. After the task is completed, a damaged but a functioning robot appears out of nowhere, dubbing himself as Ultron, and threatening the Avengers that he will eradicate the human race and save Earth. Ultron destroys JARVIS and summons two Iron Man Sentinels to attack the Avengers. The Avengers have to destroy the Sentinels. After they complete this task, Ultron escapes with Loki`s scepter and steals one of the Stealth Quinjets from the Avengers.

Later, Tony Stark exploits information that he was working on an artificial intelligence alongside Hank Pym, to safeguard areas while the Avengers were busy. Since the program was dormant and rushed, it was not successful. However, after infiltrating the HYDRA base, Tony found a gem inside the scepter which had unexplained elements which he extracted on the A.I, thus Ultron was created. But the artificial intelligence, empowered by the awry elements of the scepter, became sentient and went rogue, tasked with the pivotal importance to safeguard Earth but this made the A.I to develop it`s own artificial feelings, and be obsessed with the task of destroying the naive human race, that Ultron thinks to be the potential reason for Earth`s approaching end. The Avengers forgive Stark after a discussion.

Easter Eggs: The Sentinel Iron Man Bots represent the Mutant Sentinels. Mutant Sentinels and Iron Man Armors Collectibles available.

Chapter Three, Klaw

With the aid of Peter Parker and Janet Van Dyne, the Avengers located Ultron's whereabouts, seemingly in Sokovia. While there, Ultron has built a fine metallic body but needs to acquire tons of Vibranium to create his own army, which is why he decides to travel to South Africa to obtain Vibranium from Ulysses Klaw.

Asides from that, Ultron has recruited Maximoff's gang as a part of his army, promising the destruction of the Avengers. After this scenario is portrayed, the gameplay returns.

The Avengers attack Ultron on the way to Africa but Ultron escapes, leaving the Avengers to tackle with Toad, Pyro and Saoirse, three mutants of the Maximoff Gang.

After the Avengers defeat them, Ultron convinces Klaw to hand him over a Vibranium wall that he carries on his stolen Quinjet. The Avengers attempt to stop Ultron. First, the player, as the Avengers have to fight Ultron. Then the Avengers have to face Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. However, the Scarlet Witch plays mind games with them, causing the Avengers to go berserk. The Hulk starts a rampage on the streets. The player as Hulkbuster, allied with the Black Panther, has to stop Hulk's madness.

It is revealed that Ultron is planning to create another body made of synthetic tissue, using the "Cradle" device developed by Dr. Helen Cho and her brother, Amadeus in Seoul, South Korea. The Avengers take shelter on Hawkeye`s homestead.

Easter Eggs: Black Panther, Storm, Wakanda, Africa, Ulysses Klaw collectibles available. In Klaw`s Vibranium factory, a picture of Chuck Norris is hung on a corner of a wall. Black Panther available.

Chapter Four, Fury Road

While on Barton's homestead, the player can train themselves, or upgrade their heroes. After finishing non curricular activities, the mission is resumed. Using Ultron's tracer, the Avengers go after Ultron and his newly created army. Ultron already approached Helen Cho and forced her to make a perfect synthetic body, out of Ultron`s form. The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver realize that Ultron wants to destroy the world, thus, they escape. The synthetic body, the perfect body that can change it`s density anytime, the Vision, with the scepter's gem implanted on it, is created. The player as the Maximoff twins have to attack Ultron and steal the cradle from the lab.

While on the road, the Maximoff twins (the player controls them) have to strategically carry the cradle of the Vision and escape from Ultron`s bots. Like the game, Subway Surfer, they have to jump over cars and trucks and make their way out of Seoul. The Avengers arrive and fight against Ultron. The player has to incinerate the remaining Ultron bots that follow the Maximoffs. Then, Captain America and the Maximoffs have to get civilians out of a burning train, fight Ultron inside it, and stop the train. The cradle is recovered by Hawkeye. Black Widow is kidnapped by Ultron and placed in his base that has thousands of bots.

Easter Eggs: The Vision, Ultronbots, Science, Monster, Robot, Alien, Mutant collectibles available. Hidden character, Amadeus Cho's Baymax Robot in Helen Cho's lab.

Chapter Five, The Age Of Ultron

The Avengers upload JARVIS, who was actually on a backup file, into the Vision. Believing Stark is about to create another Ultron, the player as Captain America and the Maximoffs fight Stark and Thor. At the end, Thor charges the body and brings to Vision to life. Thor explains that while he got cursed by Wanda, he saw a vision of the Mind Gem that destroyed Asgard because of him. Thor tells that the scepter's gem is the Mind Gem, one of the Infinity Stone, which powers the Vision. Using Vision as a weapon, the Avengers go to Sokovia for a final battle against Ultron and his army of over a thousand bots.

The player, as Hulk, has to break into Ultron's base and rescue Black Widow. Then the player has to evacuate civilians out of the North, South and West. Then the player has to battle against the Ultron Bots. After defeating the first wave, Ultron introduces his Nullifier, a machine that will lift Sokovia towards the sky and make it fall down to the Earth, causing all plates to collapse, creating global extinction.

The Avengers are too late to stop the Nullifier from raising the country into the air but they have to create a line of defense, like a sentry, to guard the Nullifier, against the Ultron bots before it is activated. Realizing that the waves are almost endless, Stark calls upon the other heroes: Falcon, War Machine, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Peter Parker, the Secret Warriors and Wonder Man, Black Panther, Giant Man, Wasp, Moon Knight and S.H.I.E.L.D. But surprisingly, Doom appears out of the blue and sucks the whole country into a black hole, revealing that Ultron had secretly gathered some other allies.

Easter Eggs: Spider-Man, the Pym Particles, X-Men Wave, African Warrior, Divine Warriors, S.H.I.E.L.D Warriors collectibles available.

The player has to play as each hero and defeat Ultron's comrades in a cubic arena, judged by Ultron. Everyone is puppets in this parallel dimension. Spider-Man against the Green Goblin, Wolverine against Sabretooth, Storm against Magneto, Cyclops against Emma Frost, War Machine and Falcon against Titanium Man and Whiplash, S.H.I.E.L.D vs Hydra, Black Panther against The Dark Knight, Giant Man and Wasp against Yellowjacket, Moon Knight vs Kingpin, the Avengers vs Doctor Doom and Loki. If the player fails to win as a hero in each battle, the hero will be eliminated and will die. At the end, when all battles are finished, if there are more heroes surviving than villains, the heroes will have a chance to have a clash against Ultron single-handedly, however, if there are more villains surviving than heroes, the villains will take over Earth and send the heroes into nothingness. However, on the other side, if the hero is able to break Ultron`s throne (there were no instructions about it in the gameplay) without knowing, then they will be all sent into the real world in New York, with a 10 foot Ultron against the Vision.

Easter Eggs: Arcade, Skrull, Kree, Death, Hunger collectibles available.


If more villains survive than heroes? Ultron will conquer Earth and send every single human into the void where the death battles took place. The villains will all be Ultron`s puppets. An age of A.I will ascend.

If more heroes survive than villains? Avengers can battle against Ultron single-handedly in New York, if they win, they will end Ultron`s supremacy, although Earth will be a shattered wasteland, that will take hundreds of years to be developed.

If Ultron`s judging throne is shattered? The Vision and Ultron Sentinel will face off in a barren wasteland. Ultron devised this because Vision is one part of Ultron's intelligence. So Ultron realized that the one who wins will get to distribute their ideals towards the Earth. The Vision has to destroy the heart of Ultron first in a sinking wasteland within five minutes or the world will be vaporized. If Vision wins, Ultron will be permanently destroyed and everything will be reverted back to normal. Sokovia will survive, although Vision will never exist, the world will revert back to 2014, when Tony Stark planned the concept of Ultron, Kang the Conqueror will assassinate Stark and Ultron will never exist.

How did Ultron suck everyone into another reality? Kang the Conqueror was discovered to see Ultron from a distance with Doctor Doom. Dragging Kang to Ultron, Doom and Ultron call all villains and use Kang`s time machine to create a reality whirlpool that will be a secondary plan to decide the fate of Earth if the Avengers resist Ultron`s primary forces.

In a post credit scene, Thanos emerges from the shadows in space, and gives a sadistic smile towards Earth.

Playable Characters

  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Hawkeye
  • Black Widow
  • the Vision
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Quicksilver
  • Spider-Man
  • Wolverine
  • Sentinel Iron Man
  • War Machine
  • Falcon
  • Ant-Man
  • Giant-Man
  • the Wasp
  • Storm
  • Black Panther
  • Cyclops
  • Doombot Replica
  • Moon Knight
  • Wonder Man
  • Maria Hill
  • Baymax and Amadeus Cho
  • Hercules
  • Blade
  • Daredevil
  • Luke Cage

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