Quote1Look I might not be so hero, but you'll need me!Quote2
--Kaylee To Captain America

Meet The Newbies! is an upcoming episode in Season 1 of Avengers: Aftermath.


After the Civil War, the Avengers find new heroes in the city, who could be valuable to the team.


The episode starts with a young Kaylee looking into a telescope with her grandpa.

In 2005.....

Kaylee: Woah! What are these things?

Grandpa: Those are the millions of stars in the galaxy!

Kaylee: Can I be a star?

Grandpa: Well... Kaylee, sweetie, that's not how it works-----

(Green Goblin jumps through the roof and shoots at the old man with a blaster)

Kaylee: Grampy!

(Kaylee's grandma comes out with her little brothers Sam and Ben and her big brother Leo)

Grandma: Kids, stay safe! Also! Kaylee, I need to tell you something..... You're a robot----

(House explodes and Hydra, pretending to be the FBI, busts through the door)

Hydra Agent: FBI, open up!

(A bunch of soldiers start shooting at Green Goblin, and Kaylee and her brothers get down and cover themselves with pillows and blankets)

(Green Goblin blocks their bullets and blows them up)

(Kaylee's eyes turn yellow and she flies and punches Green Goblin)

Kaylee: STOP!!!!


Hydra: You kids are coming with us.

(Hydra agents grab the kids and put them in the Hydra ship. The ship flies away)

Eleven years later.....2016

(Shows Captain America secret hideout)

Captain America: Natasha, ready?

Black Widow: Yes.

(Steve and Natasha go into a strange portal with the Tesseract)


  • The new characters include Ben, Kaylee, Samuel and Leo, who come and join the team.
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