The Auroratra is an organization created by Xavier and Cosmos in an effort to fight against the Human/Mutant tyranny and oppression, it later became a criminal organization comprised of highly skilled and very dangerous mutants and has become one of the most wanted groups in the universe. Their main goal is to capture and collect the Phoenix force for their plan of world domination.


The Auroratra was originally founded by Xavier and consisted of students from his academy for gifted youngsters that wished to create peace, Cosmos insisted that his and the rest of Auroratra's actions were meant only to aid Xavier in bringing world peace, though Malice claimed that it was Cosmos’ charisma that held the group together and spurred them on. Cosmos alleges that it was his encouragement which lead to Xavier forming the organization, and thus credits himself as the group's creator.

In its early days, Auroratra gained fame and recognition in the world, drawing the attention of Magneto — a world-renowned mutant and leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Believing that the group was becoming a threat, he approached the organization and falsely claimed that he wanted to use them as the axis to negotiate peace between Xavier and the human kind. However, Magneto betrayed Auroratra and, working together with Mystique and Pyro, kidnapped Blackout.

After swearing to exact revenge for Magneto’s betrayal, Cosmos inherited leadership over the organization and prompted war with the Brotherhood, eventually defeating Magneto and forcing the Brotherhood to disband.

With Magneto defeated Blackout saw fit to permanently remove his mutant powers, making him an example of all who try to defy the Auroratra.

This action caused Xavier to disown the organization and brand them “rogue mutants”.


Xavier's goal

The organization’s initial goal — under Xavier's leadership — was aimed at bringing peace to the world on a larger scale, these would later be distorted by the influence of others.

Cosmos' goal

  • Capturing and collecting the phoenix force.
  • Depriving Earth of it's heroes by either incapacitating them or nullifying their powers.


The Auroratra consists only of a hand full of what it once was. These members are highly skilled and very dangerous individuals. Each is powerful in his own right, but live in constant fear of Cosmos, although Therakiel has occasionally been seen defying him.

Member Status Power
Cosmos Active Materiokinesis
Therakiel Active Divine Physiologies
Blackout Active Mutakinesis
Bones Active Osteokinesis
Malice Active Umbrakinesis
Cheshire Active Hallucikinesis
Dune Active Psammokinesis
Khloros Active Xylokinesis
Rain Active Hydrokinesis
Viren Active Toxikinesis


  • Auroratra comes from the Latin words "Aurora" and "Atra" Literally meaning "Dawn" or "Daybreak".
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