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Real Name
Ashe Sophie Quire
Current Alias

Omega Girl, Queen of Mischief



Young X-men;Formerly Charles Xavier School X-men, Jean Grey School X-men

Quintavus Quire (Father), Idie Okonkwo (Mother), Unknown Maternal Grandparents (Deceased), Unknown Maternal Aunt (Deceased)


Base Of Operations
Unknown;Formerly Charles Xavier School, Canada; Jean Grey School, Westchester, New York





Unusual Features
Like her mother one eye glows blue and the other red orange, though also glows purple when using psychic power


Marital Status

Adventurer, hero

High School


Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Hot or cold, pick your punishment. Quote2
-- Ashe Quire

Early Life

Ashe is the only child born to Quentin Quire and Idie Okwonko, one of the most unlikely of couples by many. Nevertheless, the two wound up dating for some time before they wound up married and shortly thereafter had Ashe. As a result of her parents residing at the Jean Grey School this is where a majority of her life was spent. Thus like most of the X-men children she was raised tolerating and accepting mutants and humans, especially since she herself could go either way of being a mutant or base-line human.

With who her parents are though, Ashe grew up knowing two drastically different views. From her mother she grew up knowing humility, restraint, caution while from her father she learned a little boldness, mischief, and a little rule-breaking never hurt. But both also taught her that it's never bad to follow her own dream and path rather then following that of everyone else's which stuck with her since she was quite young. Aside from this, Ashe's life was pretty normal for growing up at the Jean Grey School where she made friends, took classes, and trained in combat and acrobatics.

During her pre-teen years however, Ashe had a change of view of her own when out with her parents one day near the ruins of Mutant Town. When leaving the sanctioned town solely for mutants the three were approached by an anti-mutant gang who not only mocked the family but tried assaulting them. But a simple thought by Quentin and a quick reaction by Idie allowed them to avoid a serious confrontation and escape. When inquiring about the derogatory names and words thrown their way both her parents saw no choice but to explain hate for mutants hadn't entirely passed and even those who were family to mutants were often viewed badly. Hearing this made young Ashe weary of humans and she became more receptive to the hate when two years later her own mutations set in.

Already at the age of eleven Ashe became convinced that the Jean Grey School's desire to live in peace with humans was a delusional and impossible one. Coming to view humans in a negative light from what she had seen and heard she secretly made a call the Charles Xavier School to transfer to it, which the young Quire was brought there by Illyana and Emma Frost who welcomed her with open arms. It would be for the next four years that Ashe would continue her schooling and was unaware of the childhood crush one of the Jean Grey School students, Richard Drake, also had on her and wouldn't see him or others she had befriended for sometime.

But things were about to change as even over those four years Ashe began to realize the Charles Xavier School's views were hardly what she was seeking.

A new View

The year she was turning fifteen, Ashe was one of the last people Chris Summers approached about the Young X-men. With her parents themselves being part of the X-men for years she seemed a likely candidate, especially when she was also passed over to join Scott's X-treme team. Their talk went well and the young girl promised to keep their talk a secret until the time came for Chris to approach her again. During the time she waited Ashe began experimenting further with her powers and recently learned to trigger a body wide change in turning her body into flames or encasing it in an ice cover.

But, a short few weeks after reaching the age of sixteen, Chris finally did approach her. Confident with her own abilities and where her path would lead Ashe joined the team, secretly leaving with Chris to meet with those of old friends, even reconnecting with N'Dare and Richard who she had been childhood friends with. But, she has thus far proven herself to have the most radical of views towards the cause but is willing to give it a go.

Powers and Abilities


  • Thermokinesis:Inherited from her mother, Ashe is capable of transferring temperature from one area to the next. That is, within her limited range of ten feet she can reduce kinetic energy in certain parts or begin to heat it up to gain certain effects. She is also capable of affect her own body to trigger internal changes.
    • Pyrokinesis:From thin air, Ashe is capable of creating fire that does not need objects or oxygen to maintain them. Unlike Idie though, she is capable of manipulating these flames to create streams of fire, casting fire balls, or creating shapes. The temperature the fire can reach is little over 2000 degrees.
      • Flame Body:By transferring more heat into her body Ashe is capable of taking on a flame form which allows her to increase her physical combat, fly through propulsion, create stronger streams of fire or fire balls, and giving resistance to certain levels of heat, but nothing much higher then 2000 degrees, the heat she can generate on her own.
    • Cryokinesis:Ashe will reduce kinetic energy or transfer it to a different location in order to begin forming ice and like her pyrokinesis she has some control over this ice. She is able to form ice barriers, slide across it, or create projectiles and shapes through some concentration. She is also capable of absorbing ice already made.
      • Ice Body:By focusing on her own body, Ashe can reduce the kinetic energy for heat within her own body and cover her entire body within an ice casing. This gives her some limited durability, withstand extremely cold temperatures, and manipulate the ice in a more free way in altering it's appearance to create ice weapons, armor, and shields. She also can use this to create projectiles easier and create an ice slide to some degree.
  • Psychic Constructs:Ashe inherited this ability from her father and was trained to create various constructs out of psionic energy. Like her father she has shown to create psionic guns, such as handguns and a rifle that do mental damage to a foe enough to knock them unconscious or cause terrible mental pain. She also has been taught to concentrate this energy into blades and boom-a-rangs.


  • High Intellect:Ashe inherited a high degree of intelligence from her father, though not quite genius level. With this she has shown to be capable of multitasking, critical thinking skills, solving issues, and thinking up strategies.
  • Decent Hand-to-Hand combatant:With residing at the Jean Grey School, Ashe has been trained in hand-to-hand combat. Her skill is enough she can hold her own and usually makes use of her powers to enhance this prowess or given an extra advantage.
  • Skilled Acrobat:From a young age, Ashe took up learning gymnastics and acrobatics allowing her to reach peak human levels of agility, balance, and flexibility.

Strength level

Ashe has the average strength of a woman her age, height, and weight.


  • When using her powers, Ashe is capable of using all three powers at once, though this proves to be extremely mentally and physically exhausting.
  • When using her pyrokinesis, Ashe does run the risk of overheating her body after long periods of time and she can still be affected by long periods of exposure to heat or cold regardless.
  • Ashe is also still technically human, which means she can still be affected by conventional problems such as serious illness or injury.



  • Wrist Communicator

Transportation: Sometimes her powers, Chris' teleportation, X-jet
Weapons: Her own powers


  • Ashe is an idea if Idie Okwonko and Quentin Quire were to have a kid.
  • Her middle name was given to her by her father in honor of his first and now deceased crush, Sophie Cuckoo.


  • Unlike her mother, Ashe is not religious but does identify as being Catholic.
  • Though she is only sixteen, Ashe secretly already has a tattoo inspired by her father's.
  • Ashe has shown to have a great dislike for humans but is willing to follow the original ideals of the X-men.

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