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Real Name
Arthur Elder Molekevic
Current Alias

Doctor Molekevic, The Mole King, Moley Moley Mole Man, Doctor M, Mandarin Six, Mandarin-Six


Kingdom of Subterranea, ruler of the Moloids and the Ani-Men; former founder, leader, and member of the Outcasts; formerly
Baxter Building

Robert Molekevic (grandfather; deceased), unnamed grandmother (deceased), Rupert Molekevic (father; estranged), Ms. Elder (mother; estranged), five siblings (estranged), Thaddeus Ross (maternal cousin), Betty Ross (first cousin, once removed)


Base Of Operations
Subterranea, formerly the Baxter Building





Unusual Features
The Mole Man is short in stature, overweight, and extremely nearsighted. His posture is very poor, and his unusually large nose gives him a grotesque, almost mole-like appearance. Molekevic is covered in numerous moles due to a mild skin condition.


Marital Status

Ruler of Subterranea; Former Nuclear Engineer and former scientist; subterranean explorer and conquerer

College graduate; multiple advanced degrees

Human mutate

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics: Fantastic Four Vol 1 1


Quote1.png I'm alive, alright! ...though no thanks to you four!!! And now, welcome to my marvelous and wonderful kingdom... The Kingdom of Subterranea!!! Quote2.png
-- Mole Man

Early Years

Dr. Arthur Elder Molekevic was employed at the Baxter Building as both a research scientist and a passionate teacher to the geniuses who studied there; however his unpleasant personal appearance alienated the students (some of whom referred to him as the "Moley Moley Mole Man" behind his back) (but only with the exception of his respected Latverian student Victor von Doom), and his continual refusal to follow the facility's research guidelines alienated his superiors. When the government found his work on creating humanoid mold creatures, they sent General Thunderbolt Ross to the Baxter Building to fire Molekevic, with the approval of Molekevic's supervisor, Dr. Franklin Storm (the father of Sue and Johnny Storm).

After a few weeks of being disgracefully unemployed, Molekevic spent the next five months contemplating philosophy, religious studies, and ancient cultures that inspired his creation, which gave him the idea to work on his own underground research facility (which was secretly located at an underground area below the Baxter Building). He located the underground remains of a culture which he believed to be the lost continent of Atlantis. In one of these chambers, 1.4 miles beneath Manhattan, he monitored the Baxter Building's research while creating his own servile race of mold men, dubbed "ani-men." Using DNA scraped from weaponry found in the ruins, he also created a giant-sized serpentoid monster which served him.

The Mole Man

Five more months later, Arthur, now known by his creations and servants as the powerful Mole Man, made it his sole mission to finally get his revenge against the surface world that shunned him and his life of scientific career. The Mole Man first intended to take his revenge on the surface world's population by destroying Earth's power plants and unleashing his monsters, through using the Baxter Building's Negative Zone Teleporter, to which he had successfully manipulated Reed Richards into accidentally teleporting Arthur and his powerful legion into the surface world, specifically Las Vegas, Nevada instead of Manhattan, New York, due to Reed's unintentional actions.

However, his plans were eventually thwarted by the Fantastic Four, only a few weeks after the team gained so much popularity and recognition from the public. In the conclusion of their first battle, the heroes were able to defeat and destroy Arthur's serpentoid monster before they could take over Las Vegas, and were able get the Mole Man back to where he mysteriously came from, sealing Arthur and his monsters deeper underground. Molekevic was sent plummeting into a deep chasm, his dreams again destroyed by the world's inability to share his vision.

Subterranean Expedition

Some time later, Mole Man was able to successfully explore an ancient city deep underground, which was formerly one ruled by the ancient but powerful High Evolutionary, in Subterranea, to prevent it from rising into the surface world. Gaining new allies and servants, Mole Man gained an army of monsters to choose from, aside from his creations the Ani-Men, eventually becoming the new ruler of the Subterranean Kingdom and the Outcast, his newly-established, most powerful allied forces. These two groups, the Moloids or the Mole-Men has since lived in Subterranea, along with the Grotokians and the modern-age species of the Lava Men. The other monsters of Monster Isle also called this place thei beloved home, thanks to Molekevic's reign.

Seeing this as another new opportunity, the Mole Man next attempted to trigger a nuclear war between the United States and Russia, intending to rule what remained of Earth's population with ray devices and then have his Subterranean armies conquer the planet. However, Arthur was also bent on having revenge against the Fantastic Four, right after he sees the four battle Arthur's old friend Victor von Doom, who was now the current ruler of Latveria and a powerful anti-villain, recently proclaiming himself as the infamous Doctor Doom.

Ultimate War

The Mole Man enlists for the Fantastic Four's help for the very first time, just to help him defend the Kingdom of Subterranea from the Movement Alliance

Despite his deepened hatred towards humanity and the surface world, Molekevic had consistent, stable, and superb progress of ruling Subterranea, turning a once barren and lifeless wasteland into a diverse and peaceful underground paradise, all thanks to his revolutionary leadership and direction. However, all of this had momentarily changed, after the more ancient and more aggressive race of Lava Men were finally released from the Earth by the effects of the Movement Alliance's destructive and devastating terrorist attacks, which was horrendously occurring all over the world, at the time.

Due to the release of this threatening creatures, the Lava Men immediately found their way towards the direction of the Kingdom of Subterranea, where they lashed out in ravenous and voracious rage as they begin attacking and destroying the untied kingdom, similar to what rabid dogs would do to their helpless victims. The Mole Man, alongside his most powerful allied forces, the Outcasts, tried their very best to defend their domain and home, however the bloodthirsty and savage Lava Men were too strong in numbers, leading to Molekevic being defeated and losing the very kingdom he once started fixing from scrap.

Despite the survival of most of his kingdom's residents during the great sacking of the Lava Men, most of them were kept as prisoners, slaves or food, including the Outcasts, and all of them but Arthur, who remained hidden from the horrifying creature, until he was able to unwillingly get help from the surface world to defeat the Lava Men and restore Subterranea's freedom once again. At first, Molekevic was called upon an invitation by the the Movement, specifically by the Red Skull himself, the powerful founder and leader of Hydra, offering him to join the Movement Alliance, however, Arthur implied they were already too late, since his great peaceful kingdom already collapsed even before the Movement could've done anything with their convincing threats.

Later on, Molekevic was able to free the entirety of the Outcasts, however, even their combined joints were not enough to defeat the Lava Men. Surprisingly enough, Arthur still rejected their tempting help and offer, believing that the Movement were the ones who should be truly blamed for releasing the Lava Men from the Earth's mantle in the first place, whether it was intentional or not, and he would do whatever it takes to get his revenge against his fellow villains, and restore his free and peaceful kingdom once again. With no one else for him to ask for help, the Mole Man finally but unwillingly enlisted the help of his own most despised foes, the Fantastic Four.

The Mole's Redemption

Trying to contact the four heroes, the closest communication Arthur had was with Ben Grimm's old flame, Alicia Masters. He managed to successfully contact her and he clearly explained his true intentions to his now-situational ally. However when he and his Moloids "kidnapped" Alicia Masters, though in reality she came to approach him all by herself, the Fantastic Four misunderstood the situation, causing them to go after him again. There was a brief fight between the Fantastic Four and the Outcasts until the Four realized what the Mole Man was doing and stopped hostilities.

Seeing that the Mole Man's misguided plan was altruistic in nature, they decided to work with him. However, even though their mutual partnership didn't last very long until the ending hours of Ultimate War, Molekevic was still able to help not only the Fantastic Four, but also the entirety of the heroic Ultimates themselves, along with the heroes' archenemy, Doctor Doom, helping them fight against the extraterrestrial invaders known as the Skrulls and preventing them from ever conquering Earth during their first arrival and attempt, similar to the events of the Chitauri Invasion.

Coincidentally, both Doom and Molekevic had the same personality and motive in temporarily teaming up with the Fantastic Four, which was to protect their own kingdom and homeland from the incoming threats delivered by the Movement for not joining them. Doom protected the Kingdom of Latveria, while Molekevic protected the Kingdom of Subterranea from collapsing at the hands of the Lava Men. In the conclusion, the combined efforts of the Outcasts, the Four, Doom, and Molekevic were able to diminish and prevent the ancient Mole Men from destroying the Earth's crust and ruling over the underground world in the process, resulting in a full victory for everyone. From that point on, Arthur Molekevic was first considered by his own allies and foes as a true hero, after he was finally able to restore the very peace and the very freedom upon his kingdom, once more.

Rings of the Mandarin

After unintentionally losing the five of his Ten Rings during an extremely intense battle with the famous hero, Iron Man, one of the Mandarin's Rings, specifically the Daimonic Ring, was able to find and reach its way out to the underground parts of Subterranea, where it was eventually found by Arthur himself. Unbeknownst to him, the Mole Man was actually chosen by the Daimonic Ring of as its temporary host, "Mandarin Six," in order to help the Mandarin and the other wielders of his five lost rings have the revenge on Tony Stark.

Chosen by the Ring as its momentary host, Arthur tried to fight off the effects, as the ring was somehow trying to manipulate him into using it by showing and "telling" him how much power he could possess and use so he could turn his Kingdom into more than just a kingdom, a Subterranean Planet, once he accepts the ring's offer. Arthur succumbed to temptation, giving in to the ring's voice as he finally accepted wielding the Sixth Ring (and Third lost Ring) of the Mandarin, the Daimonic Ring. Due to the Mole Man's inconsiderable and unthinkable decision, he ultimately and unexpectedly returned once again into a life of villainy.

Harvey and the other Mandarins later met up with the Mandarin, before traveling to Svartalfheim in order to confront Malekith the Accursed, who had hunted down three other Mandarins and had taken their rings from them. The Mandarins thwarted any attempt of Malekith to hide or flee, as the rings could locate each other. The elf made a pact with Iron Man, who was also at the time in Svartalfheim to retrieve the rings, disposed of his ring and escaped to safety, as he could no longer be tracked. Following their failure to kill Malekith, the Mandarins resumed their own paths.

Battle of Subterranea

Despite the might and extreme force that Arthur had gained due to the possession of the Daimonic Ring, he eventually started having some sense of all his actions. As a result, Arthur started having second thoughts, whether he was actually doing all of this to help his Kingdom of Subterranea, or if was he doing all of this so he could selfishly prove to himself that he was still a worthy foe towards humanity, whom he still has hatred for, until now. Thankfully, Arthur eventually came to his senses, but unfortunately, due to his decision to using the ring for the greater good, the Mandarin and the wielders of his lost rings collectively joined forces against Molekevic in order to reclaim the Daimonic Ring from him, and in exchange for the Mole Man's betrayal, they also vowed and promised to destroy everything that he has, especially the Kingdom of Subterranea.

Surprised to hear this series of threats, Molekevic and the entirety of his Kingdom trained themselves and prepared for the possible impending attacks that were about to be unleashed by the deadly Mandarins, when the time would eventually come, a time that none of them had been hoping would ever happen. At first, Molekevic even decided to get help from some off his former heroic allies, most specifically the Fantastic Four and even the Mandarin's most hated enemy Iron Man, before realizing that bringing them here would just jeopardize him and his own kingdom against the forces of federal agencies, or even the government authorities themselves. Unsure of what his final decision might have been, Arthur ordered all of the kingdom's residents to evacuate and leave Subterranea if clearly necessary, if the time has finally come.

Sadly, the time they hoped would never happened, did come, as the Mandarin and the wielders of his rings devastatingly entered as they drilled their way through an underground tunnel, leading them towards the Kingdom of Subterranea, where they terrifyingly confronted Arthur for his final decision. Arthur, haunted by their enraged looks, hesitated at first, however he immediately realized how much of a treat the Mandarin has been to him and his kingdom ever since he started wielding the Daimonic Ring. Snapping back to the truth of reality, Arthur resisted the voices of the ring magically emitted by the six Mandarins, with him telling them to rethink about what he was doing.

The Mandarin tried to take the ring off his finger, however, Arthur finally showed his secret signal throughout the rest of the Outcasts, which led them to brutally and repeatedly snipe the Mandarin using a recently scavenged and modified Skrull blaster that they were able to collect during the Ultimate War. Weakened by the shots fired by the Outcasts, this gave Molekevic the ultimate opportunity to give him his own treatment. With him finally using his will, he gives the Mandarin a hard punch to his face, temporarily knocking him out, leaving the rest of the Mandarins to attack him.

The Last Mandarin Standing

As the five Mandarins commenced into a fierce and intense battle, it brought much destruction and ruin throughout the entirety of the kingdom, to the point where all the residents were simply doing their best just to evacuate the kingdom and stay away from the ensuing battle. Unfortunately, this battle also brought many intentional and unintentional deaths within the Subterranean population due to the immense clashing of the Mandarins. The Outcasts even tried helping Arthur in fighting the Wielders of the Rings, and they were successful, defeating two of the wielders, Endotherm and Lord Remaker. But then the Mandarin finally woke up, now filled with uncontrollable wrath and temper, and as he witnessed the loss of Endotherm and Lord Remaker, he pulled the Rings off their fingers, returning them to his possession.

Seeing the Mandarin rise as he tried to kill the two, the Outcasts attempted to defend Subterranea and the two unconscious wielders, using all their powers and efforts. But the Mandarin was just too powerful for them to handle, leading to every Outcasts' brutal and twisting demise at the hands of the Mandarin and remaining wielders of the Rings, one by one. Witnessing the sacrifice of the Outcasts in saving the lives of their enemies, the now-weakened and almost-blinded Mole Man was forced to watch in horror how much havoc he has brought upon his kingdom, and what's worse, is that he couldn't do anything when the Mandarins were brutally and mercilessly slaughtering every helpless Moloid, Lava Men, Grotokian, and every other inhabitants of the Subterranean Kingdom who tried evacuating the ruined domain, presumably marking all known surviving and thriving Subterraneans on the brink of extinction.

The Ultimate Price

As the Mandarin aggressively holds Arthur's head so he could continue watching the horrors of the Mandarin's actions upon his realm, he told him that all of this, the destruction of Subterranea and the deaths of more than a hundred thousand innocent lives, was work of his own doing, for it was the very consequence he deserved for betraying him. Helpless and seemingly defeated, Arthur slowly closed his eyes and accepted his fate and consequence as he awaits his own execution at the hands of the Mandarin. Thankfully, the heroes who the Mole Man considered contacting (Iron Man and the Fantastic Four) arrived unexpectedly at the very moment in time, saving Arthur from death once again.

Distracted by the unexpected arrival of the heroes while they combat the last two remaining wielders of the ring, Marcus Kumar and Colin Anderson until they were both defeated, Arthur was able to use the Lost Rings of the Wielders: Influence, Daimonic, Remaker, and the Zero Ring against the Mandarin one last time, blasting him with a sufficient outburst of his various electromagnetic energy that the rings had emitted combined, thrusting the Mandarin into a nearby cliff-side and then unleashing a second, more powerful blast that brought down the entire cliff on top of the villain, seemingly and finally killing the Mandarin. As Arthur and the heroes assembled in the wake of Subterranea's destruction, the heroes felt sorry and sympathized for the Mole Man, now that they're starting to see everything, the ruins, the bodies, and all the other things that Arthur has gone through during the great battle.

Feeling oppressed by all of his failures, Arthur takes off all the five Makluan Rings from his fingers and voluntarily gives them over to the heroes, now surrendering to them. At first, the heroes even resisted, even Stark himself, telling Arthur that none of what happened to him was ever his fault, not at all, and yet he still insisted, believing that surrendering to the authorities would be his ultimate price for all of his past sins towards humanity and everything else in the entire world, including his own domain, which he had worked hard on since the very beginning that only ended in great tragedy, for being too selfish, for being too self-centered. Feeling sorrowful and grief-stricken for Arthur, the heroes had no other choice but to do the right thing, bringing Molekevic to the authorities, as he willingly requested.

A Kingdom in Ruins

Later on, it was revealed that Arthur was taken into custody by the federal agency, where he was imprisoned at Ryker's Island Maximum Security Penitentiary, completing his twenty years of imprisonment for his threats and attacks on humanity. Surprisingly, Arthur never had any regrets upon this decision as he enters a state of comfort and solitude, now that he was finally redeeming himself for good, believing that the Kingdom of Subterranea would eventually, independently recover as time goes on, even without his guidance and leadership among them.

However, this statement of the Mole Man would later to have been proven wrong, after the domain itself was ruled by its new abusive, dictator rulers, Googam and Basallo, the new King of the Lava Men, where some of Subterranea's most secretive alliance against the two rulers, have started planning on getting their former leader and ruler out of his imprisonment in Ryker's Island, and finally dethrone Googam's tyrannical rule, to which Molekevic had no idea that his most loyal followers would do such a thing about it, just to get there worthiest king back in their once-peaceful and once-free land.

Creating a large transportation and a massive tank-like biological weapon at the same time in order to get their master out of Ryker's Island, the intelligent Moloids were able to secretly conduct and experiment and create a genetically-engineered clone from one of Molekevic's discovered ancient monsters, naming this large and mighty creature Giganto, marking a first step towards their revolutionary plan to restore peace and freedom among their home.

Conquest for Vengeance

To be added.

Powers and Abilities


Radar Sense: The Mole Man possesses heightened senses that have developed naturally to compensate for his poor vision. Primary among these is his "Radar Sense", which may be similar to Daredevil's, although it is not as acute. The Mole Man's brain has several regions which are able to consciously sense that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that his brain constantly generates. The signals emanate from the "sending regions", bounce off objects around him, and return to the "receiving regions" of both hemispheres. In this way, he synthesizes a very close analogue of third-dimensional human sight, which supplements his own weak natural vision. Indeed, the combination of the Mole Man's sight and his radar sense makes his awareness of what is around him somewhat superior to the average human's. He can use his radar sense to detect the presence of objects behind him, or in total blackness.

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Stats gradually increases when empowered


  • Scientific Genius
  • Fighting Skill

Strength level

Class 12+


  • Light Sensitivity



  • Visor
  • Ancient Advanced Technologies
  • Classified Advanced Technologies
  • The Ani-Men
  • Advanced Issue Communications Equipment

Transportation: None known.

  • Multi-Purpose Cane
  • Staves


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  1. Modern Comics: Fantastic Four Vol 1 2


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