Arthur Centino, nicknamed Longshot, is a mutant assassin and current member of the X-Men. He was a math genius as a child, and soon discovered his mutate abilities of superhuman agility and superhuman intelligence. Because of his intelligence, he was really able to understand statistics, odds, and trajectory, making him a spot-on sniper when he joined the US military as an adult. He was shipped home after the war was over, and later became a gun-for-hire. He also made money in a number of different ways, not only just by being a sniper, but also by guessing the numbers on the lottery and such. He was later recruited for the X-Men by Scott Summers.

Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman Agility - Arthur was born with agility that could almost match that of genetically altered super soldiers like Captain America.
  • Super Intelligence - Arthur was born with highly advanced intelligence, and because of this he was great at all sorts of things, but mostly math.
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