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Real Name
Arjun ‘Jun’ Huang
Current Alias





6' 4" (Human) 7’5 (Dragon


Brown, (Human) Green (Dragon)


Gold(in dragon form)

Unusual Features
A blue Dragon tattoo (when in human form), four horns on forehead, reptilian eyes, fangs, claws, long prehensile tail, bat-like wings, and scaly gold skin (in dragon form)


Marital Status

High School


Place of Birth


First appearance



Jun’s mother was an Indian woman of the Dalit caste. Jun’s father was the son of a Chinese crimes lord who fell in love with her, and together they fled Asia to live in America. Jun was born four years after his parents met, and when he was eight, his father's family tracked them down and killed his mother and father. Jun witnessed the whole thing and managed to escape before he could be found. He spent the next two years on the streets or in an orphanage. He was known for his temper and was a loner. At the age of ten he met Zeke, a fellow orphan, and at first the two did not get along. Zeke was one of the few who dared to stand up to Jun, and despite their fights Jun came to respect Zeke for his bravery and his cunning. When he saw he was being assaulted by a group of older kids, Jun was quick to defend him. When Zeke asked him why he helped him, Jun simply responded that Zeke belonged to him, and that Jun protected what was his. From that day, they became fast friends and would grow up to become a rising power in San Francisco.

By the time they were sixteen, both Zeke and Jun had formed their own gang, the Nagas. The Nagas were not like most conventional gangs. Though they did steal, they did not sell drugs, but were known to sell weapons. They also made alliances with other local gangs to look out for their communities and protect the poor. Together Zeke and Jun ran the Nagas very well. Jun’s ability to charm others made him very effective at doing business with others and Zeke was a techno-genius.

The good times came to an end when another gang made up of several mutants called the X-Gen invaded the Nagas' territory. During a violent fight, Jun was seriously injured and Zeke was captured. Jun was taken to a hospital and incarcerated for his numerous crimes of aggravated assault and theft. During his time in prison, Jun was exposed to the Terrigen cloud and a Nuhuman. After coming out of his cocoon, Jun was quick to escape and returned to find the Nagas under the control of the X-Gens who were using Zeke to keep them in line.

Some of the Nagas had undergone Terrigenesis as well and even though they were new to their powers, Jun (now calling himself Nāgarāja) led them against the X-Gen’s and after saving Zeke and killing the X-Gen leaders and absorbed the others into their gang. The Nagas had come back, stronger than ever and with the new power at their disposal were able to increase their influence and territory even further than before.

Jun and Zeke agreed it would be best to keep their superhuman status a secret to avoid interference by SHIELD or any other superhero group that could cause problems for the gang. Though Jun and the rest of the Nagas have always been staunch anti-heroes only time will tell if their new power will go to their heads.

Physical Description

Tall and muscular with dark brown skin and brown eyes and black hair that he keeps cut shot. Jun is very fit, working out and fighting in cage fights. He is described as being very handsome and likes to wear fashionable sunglasses. He has a blue colored dragon tattoo starting from his left leg all the way to his right arm. In his dragon form his skin turns golden and scaly with four stubby horns protruding from his forehead. His eyes turn green and slitted and he grabs a long, prehensile tail. A pair of bat-like grow from his back which he can use to fly.


Jun is charming, charismatic and suave. But when angered his wrath is something to be feared. He is capable of great violence when he is provoked, fighting with a savage yet focused brutality. He is very competitive, he enjoys watching cage fights and enjoys fighting and will usually only fight foes he considers strong. He is a man of his word and finds it to be dishonorable to break a deal. He is very protective of those he cares for, especially his lover Zeke who is one of the few people capable of calming him down when he gets in one of his rages.

Jun also enjoys party’s where there is lots of music, dancing and alcohol. He is very anti-authoritarian and believes respect is something earned, not given. He is described by Zeke as being an alpha male and has a soft spot for children, especially orphans due to the fact he has grown up in a string of foster homes and having seen his parents murdered. He created a subdivision of the Naga's called the Serpents made up to train street kids to potentially become future members of the Naga's and keep them off the streets.

Powers and Abilities


Jun’s is a Nuhuman who after going through Terrigenesis gained the ability to assume a dragon-like form and several other abilities.

Draconic Transformation: Similar to Evangeline Whedon Jun can alter his body and assume a more dragon-hybrid appearance. He can transform parts of his body if he wishes. He generally only assumes his full hybrid form when he is fighting with powerful opponents. Unlike Evangeline, Jun can not go full dragon. Much of his powers depends on how much he has transformed.

  • Reptilian Senses: Thanks to his draconic physiology, Jun can see the body heat of other living beings and track people by tasting their scents similar to a snake.
  • Fangs and Claws: When he transforms Jun develops claws on his fingers and toes that when added with his strength are capable of cutting through bone, stone and even certain kinds of metals. His teeth also become fangs that are just as sharp as his claws.
  • Tail: When he transforms he grows a tail that he can stretch to a length greater than his own body. The tail is strong enough to lift a grown man off his feet and break his neck.

Superhuman Strength: Much of his strength depends on how far into his dragon form he is in. At his peek he can lift between 75 to 100 tons and has been shown lifting boulders dozens of times his size and throwing them miles away.

Nigh-Invulnerability: Jun has shown the ability to shrug off high caliber bullets and can hold a grenade to his chest and not have a mark when it goes off. He has also been hit by a semi-truck and didn't have a scratch on him. He can only be harmed by certain metals like Vibranium and Adamantium.

Regeneration: Despite his durability Jun has shown the ability to quickly heal from any damage and regrow lost or damaged organs and limbs.

Pyrokinesis/Thermokinesis: Jun can generate and project his own fire from his body. The fire he creates can melt solid steel and turn a human to ash in a matter of seconds. He can immolate himself, covering himself in fire similar to the Human Torch and can project his fire into his hands into his hands to incinerate anything he is holding. Can raise the temperature in a room until people pass out from heat exhaustion and project a heatwave that caused a group of cops to drop their guns. He can use a similar trick to mummify a man by causing the moisture in his body to evaporate.

  • Fire Immunity: Jun has an immunity to fire and intense fire. He does seem to enjoy intense heat as Zeke has stated he likes to take baths in lava.
  • Fire Absorption: Jun is capable of absorbing fire, making him a danger to other Pyrokinetics as he can absorb their fire and use it to increase his own power.
  • Flaming Pearl: By concentrating all his fire into a single point, Jun creates a mini-sun capable of destroying a whole city block. This is his strongest attack and it takes him a few moments to make it.


Trilingual- He can speak English and Chinese and has a basic understanding of Hindi.

Intellect-Despite his reputation for being a brute and a hothead, Jun has show to be a skilled tactician and an effective leader. He is also a very good business man and owns a nightclub with his boyfriend Zeke which is a hangout for Nagas and their allies.

Weapons Expert: Jun is an expert at handling guns and knives.

Strength level



Anger: Jun is well known for his temper. Many times he has been beaten because his opponents were able to get him so worked up he wasn’t able to think straight.

Blood: Because of his reptilian physiology the scent of blood can sometimes cause him to become overexcited and easy to provoke.

Extreme Cold: Being part reptile, Jun is susceptible to extreme cold temperatures. He manages to overcome this weakness by using his pyrokinetic abilities to keep himself warmed up.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: His wings
Weapons: Guns and Knives: Jun has an assortment of guns in his possession that he uses when dealing with non-superpowered individuals.


  • No special notes.


  • Loves watching UFC shows.
  • His favorite color is yellow
  • He learned Chinese from his father and Hindi from his mother.
  • He was sixteen when he became a Nuhuman.
  • After he became a Nuhuman and absorbed the remaining members of the X-Gen into his gang, Jun has been looking to add more powered individuals to his gang.
  • Even though he is considered a criminal by the law many people in the community see him as a hero and look to him and the Nagas for protection.
  • He has a division of the Nagas called the Serpents made up of street orphans and minors he trains to be future members of the Nagas and uses as his eyes and ears on the streets.
  • He admits to being a criminal and enjoying violence but does believe in peace and keeping order, even if it means using violent and bloody means to do so.
  • Once he gains enough power and influence, he plans on hunting his father's family down for retribution for the deaths of his mother and father.
  • Even though he claims to be an atheist, he has incorporated some aspects of Hinduism into the Nagas way of life to help keep them from turning from thugs into monsters.
  • His codename means King of the Naga.
  • He named his gang after the mythical race of serpents from Hindu mythology.
  • The symbol of his gang is a five-headed cobra which he burns into the skin of his followers.
  • Arjun is bisexual.

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