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Aria Blackwood

Real Name
Aria Blackwood
Witch Princess, Queen of the Occult, Aria le Fay



Queen's Vengeance, Sixth Century cult of Darkholders, ally of Winchester van Doom

Morgan le Fay (Mother); Amlawdd (Maternal Great-Grandfather, Deceased); Gwendolyn (Maternal Great-Grandmother, Deceased); Igraine (Maternal Grandmother, deceased); Gorlois (Apparent Maternal Grandfather, Deceased); Uther Pendragon (Maternal Step-Grandfather, Deceased); Morgause, Elaine (Maternal Aunts, Deceased); Anna (Possible Maternal Aunt, Deceased); Arthur Pendragon (Maternal Uncle, Deceased); Guinevere (Maternal Aunt, Deceased); Lot, Nentres (Maternal Uncles, deceased); Uriens (Step-Father); Sir Ewain (Half Brother, Deceased); Caroline le Fay (Half sister); Winchester van Doom (Half Brother); Eric Blackwood (Father); Ider (Nephew, Deceased); Agravaine, Gawain, Gaheris, Gareth, Galeshin (Cousins, Deceased); Mordred (Nephew); Sir Percy of Scandia and his descendants (Distant relatives); Dafydd ap Iowerth (Possibly relative); Oberon, Tinkabelinos "Tink" Hardleg (Distant Relatives), Aedomous Blackwood (Paternal Uncle, deceased); Damian Blackwood (First Cousin Twice removed); Aiken Blackwood (Paternal Grandfather, Deceased); Corliss Blackwood (Paternal Grandmother, Deceased); Blake Blackwood (Paternal Great-Grandfather, Deceased); Brent Blackwood (Paternal Great-Uncle, Deceased); Hope Blackwood (Paternal Great- Grandmother, Deceased), Lilith le Fay (Descendant)


Base Of Operations
Hell; Heaven; London, England



Red, with Black fade


Marital Status

Sorceress Supreme of Hell, High Priestess, Former Princess of Gorre

Pupil of Chthon

Sorceress Supreme; Human/Fairy hybrid

First appearance



Early Years

Born in Tintagil Castle, her mother and father loved her. Being the only child at the time, she was taught some magic by her father. Her father then left and didn't come back so Aria and Morgan thought he died. Morgan then had Sir Ewain. Aria was 7 at the time and told legends to her younger brother, she enjoyed his being there.

When she turned 15, she visited her Blackwood family side for a few weeks and there was a witch trail commencing. She barely escaped, but Aiken, Corliss, Hope, Blake, and Aedomous Blackwood were killed. She was traumatized and witnessed it all. Her paternal family was hated almost everywhere in England. She then fled to a different village. She was found by Chthon and he showed interest towards her, making her the pupil of Chthon.

When Chthon was teaching Aria magic, they heard a loud crowd and Aria almost fled, but Chthon whispered a chant in her ear and told her to use it when they came. They came and threw their torches at her. She then said the chant and a huge beam of darkness hit the peasants and they were all turned to ash.


She returned to her family when she was much older, and Morgan was surprised to see her but told her that Ewain died. Aria was extremely sad, especially because she didn't get to see Ewain become who he was before he died. On multiple occasions, she communicated with his spirit. A new legion of villagers showed up shortly thereafter and surrounded her. They tied her up, put her feet in cement and threw her into the ocean. She drowned, nobody could hear or save her.

But when this happened, the sky turned blood red and Chthonic demons rampaged everywhere. The villagers thought it was the work of a new Blackwood, but it was actually Aria's work. Aria's physical body drowned but her spirit was angered. She burned an eighth of England but then stopped, everything went back to the way it was before, as if none of it really ever happened. She was reanimated and was found by her mother. They decided to flee England.

Doctor Doom

She was fighting demons off in hell at the time and decided to go back to her mother. She then went back to earth and saw that she had two new siblings, Caroline and Winchester. She decided to teach Winchester some magic and he got every spell right. It surprised her, and she was reminded of Ewain. She noticed a rich figure call for Winchester and Winchester introduced Victor to Aria.

She later felt something bad was going to happen, and something bad did happen. Her mother summoned an army of demons to attack Earth. But for a moment when Ares killed Morgan, she was angered and blast Ares in the heart and he was turned to dust. She then reformed him and went away. She trained in magic, and Morgan returned. Morgan then attempted to stab Aria, but she countered it with a blinding spell. She then threw Morgan out of a window and blasted her away. That wasn't the end of Morgan though. She formed a team of heroes capable of stopping Morgan le Fay and put an end to Morgan's chaos. She faced Morgan without the team of heroes and put an omen on Morgan's magic so that if she casted a spell, it would hurt her. But this only lasted for a while.

Modern Day

She was buying some witchcraft items from a store, but then she noticed a robbery. The person saw her and shot her. The bullet bounced off of a force field that she didn't make. Doctor Strange appeared and blasted the man. The robber teleported the money bags away and blasted Doctor strange with his own magic. Aria decided to help Stephen so she used a spell to bind the robber. She made him teleport the money bags back to the place he got it from and she left him there. She teleported away. Doctor Strange then recognized her as Aria Blackwood, the daughter of two of the most powerful Magic users. He thought she died ages ago. He then decided to show her that Eric Blackwood was actually still alive. Eric looked everywhere for his daughter and finally found her. Aria was both happy and mad. She hugged Eric, but then slapped him, angry that he abandoned her and Morgan. Now, Doctor Strange, Clea, and Aria work together to stop threats to the universe.

Powers and Abilities


Aria has very high level magic. As the pupil of Chthon, she knows very powerful spells. She could use her powers to manipulate multiple mystic forces. She could cast spells capable of destroying universes.

  • Spell Casting: She could cast very powerful spells and chants.
  • Witchcraft: She knows vast witchcraft spells, such as Reanimation, Cloaking, Summoning, Conjuring, and much more spells.
    • Reality Warping: Using witchcraft, she could warp reality on a very high level.
    • Reanimation/Resurrection: She can reanimate and resurrect the dead. She could give them the skeleton look, zombie look, or human look.
    • Summoning: She could Summon powerful entities. Such as Shuma-Gorath, Lucifer, and other creatures.
  • Barriers: She can create powerful force fields/Barriers that can protect her and others from countless attacks
  • Hex bolts: She can create hex bolts/spheres that can warp reality as she wants it to be.
  • Mystic bolts: She can make bolts of mystic energy that can release a high amount of voltage
  • Elemental Manipulation: She can use magic to manipulate Water, Fire, Earth, Nature, Ice, Lightning, Darkness, Light, Wind/Air, and Lava.
  • Sealing: She can seal objects with a special enchantment so a certain thing or person can't find it or unseal it.
  • Chronokinesis: She can manipulate all aspects of time. She can travel through time, fast forward time, go back in time, and more things.
  • Power Granting: Like her mother, she can give herself and others a specific power, even if she doesn't biologically have it.
  • Flight
  • Teleportation: She can teleport through dimensions and universes.
  • Transmutation: She can transmute molecules on a universal level. She was shown to be able to turn a pond of water into an entire planet.
  • Energy projection: She can project energy on a very high level. She can project energy in countless forms.
  • Illusions: She can cast powerful illusions from the power of Chthon.
  • Astral Manipulation: She can manipulate Astral Energy, allowing her to ensnare astral bodies, Project her own Astral Form, and create astral attacks.

Semi-Immortality: She has immunity to aging and can't die by age.


Multilingual: She can speak Latin, English, Backwards English, Japanese, Hindi, and multiple demon languages. Intelligence: She has a gifted level intelligence.

Strength level



She is very vulnerable to Higher level magic and Iron or Ferrous Metallic Objects.


Equipment: Staff of Void: She has this staff that could increase her magic abilities and can cast countless spells, along with creating her own spells
Transportation: She can teleport through dimensions and universes, she can also fly using her magic
Weapons: Spell books, Staff of Void, and a mini blade


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