Ardina is a cosmic superheroine created by Doctor Strange and the Silver Surfer to balance the equilibrium of the cosmic powers in the universe. Ardina is revealed to be the entity that is destined to rebuild the life of the universe in the future after Thanos destroys all living beings. To help her grow her powers and responsibilities and prepare to fulfill her destiny, Star-Lord offered her a place as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, which she accepted, and she is on the team to this day.


She essentially possesses the exact same powers as the Silver Surfer, controlling the Power Cosmic, absorbing and manipulating the very energies of the universe. She can increase her strength to incalculable levels, and she is almost indestructible. She can travel through outer space, across hyper-space and dimensional barriers. She can fly at virtually unlimited speeds, sometimes incorporating hyper-space when she exceeds the speed of light. She has also proven to be able to travel back in time on occasion. Ardina does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep, being sustained entirely by cosmic power. She is immune to extremes of temperature and most forms of radiation. She can survive in vacuum environments such as outer space and hyper-space. She can channel, analyze and manipulate matter, energy, and restructure or animate matter at will, even transmuting the elements. She can heal living beings (though she cannot resurrect the dead), and has proven to be able to revitalize or evolve organic life on a planetary scale. She can alter the size of herself or other matter, create illusions, fire bursts of energy, form and manipulate energy constructs, manipulate gravity, absorb and discharge most forms of energy, and even traverse solid matter. Her senses enable her to detect objects and energies light years away, and to perceive matter and energy at the subatomic level; even seeing over time and, concentrated, can gain limited insight into past and future events in her general vicinity. Ardina has shown telepathic abilities a few times, and proved to be able to influence the emotion and sensation of humans on a planetary scale. Ardina has shown resistance to the manipulation of her soul and has been able to attack the souls of other beings. She also possesses cosmic consciousness, which is the ability to perceive and feel changes, changes, or disturbances occurring anywhere in the universe.

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