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Iron Man

Real Name
Antonio Ricciotti Enzo Margiotta
Current Alias

Tony Stark, Tony, Tony-boy, Toto, Antonio Stark, Antonio Salvatore, Iron Avenger, Rich Boy, Ironhead, Casanova, Billion-Dollar Man, Iron Bastard, Tony Montana, The Godfather



Avengers (co-founder, formerly)
S.H.I.E.L.D (occasionally)
Stark Industries (CEO, currently)

Maria Margiotta (mother)
Giotto Stark (father)
Arno Stark (younger brother, deceased)
Melissa Potts (ex-fiancé)
Peter Parker (husband)


Base Of Operations
New York City, New York, USA
Stark Tower, New York City





Unusual Features
Has an Arc Reactor implanted in his chest after Tony almost succumbed to a weakened heart.


Marital Status

Avenger (formerly), adventurer, mechanical engineer, inventor, philanthropist, CEO of Stark Enterprises

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (graduated)
Empire State University (graduated)

Human using super-suits; Born to Sicilian parents, Tony developed his skill in inventing at a very young age while his father started Stark Enterprises. Inherited the company after Giotto retires and began developing a super-suit and becomes the Iron Avenger, Iron Man.


Character Info

Quote1 I understand how it feels to lose the people ya love. I've been through the same phase and felt the same pain as you did. But not anymore, because I have you and ya have me. Quote2
-- Tony to Peter Parker

Early Life

Tony Stark was born Antonio Ricciotti Enzo Margiotta to inventor and philanthropist, Giotto Salvatore and fashion designer, Maria Margiotta. He along with his younger brother, Armando "Arno" Salvatore spent their early years in Sicily until their father who was Sicilian American moved the family to New York City where he started founded his company, Stark Industries which he changed his last name along the way.

During his youth, Tony had spent his days in the hospital due to him having heart complications and one day, Tony's heart condition gotten so bad that Giotto ended up creating an Arc Reactor for him, implanting into his chest to strengthen his heart, saving Tony from meeting an early death. After his near-death experience, Tony began to develop high-level intelligence and became highly talented in technology engineering as well as robotic engineering. He started designing his first inventions at the tender age of 5 years old and it caught Giotto's attention fully. This made Giotto realize that Tony would become the greatest businessman after him.


By the time Tony turned 10 years old, his father enrolled him and his brother, who was 8, to a school named Isaac Newton Academy for the Gifted where Tony began to develop his intelligence and skills in developing advanced technology and robotics which gained him a lot of praise from his peers and teachers, not to mention Arno who felt envious of him. His craft led him to become one of the highest students in the school and have won many science fairs 5 years in a row.

After leaving Isaac Newton Academy at the tender age of 13 years old, Tony was enrolled at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he graduated at the age of 18 years old, making him the youngest graduate.

Becomig CEO of Stark Industries and the Birth of Iron Man

After graduating from MIT, Tony started to live his life as a playboy, attracting both men and women who knew who he was, allowing him to experience his love life, jumping from relationship to relationship and even fool around. This didn't sit well with Giotto and with his retirement being announced, Giotto makes Tony the new CEO of Stark Industries, much to Tony's dismay and argued with his father, refusing to take the company. However, Giotto informed that Arno turned down in taking the company due to him wanting to become a doctor, leaving Tony the next person to take on the role of CEO. The second reason was that he needed to learn responsibility not just in taking the company, but with his choices in life. This caused a rift between him and his father despite him trying to reason with Tony.


Antonio "Tony" Stark

However, things changed when he visited Arno at the hospital where he tells Tony his reason for becoming a doctor: to save lives as much as he can. Tony watched his brother in action as he informs his colleagues in an emergency operation. This really inspired Tony a lot and he decided that if Arno could use his skills to help people, he could too. Throughout his first years, he began to use his intelligence and technology skills to build a high-tech suit of armor which at first resulted in several failures. After thinking what his father and Arno had said to him, Tony finally completes his first suit equipped with all of the weaponry built inside. Soon after, Tony dubs himself Iron Man.

First Years as Iron Man and the Avengers

With his new alter-ego, Tony puts his new suit to the test by battling criminals he encountered as well as facing supervillains such as Doctor Doom and the Lizard. This caused a lot of media attention and soon Tony was all over the news underneath his Iron Man identity. This also caught the attention of a man named Steven Rogers II also known as Captain America. Tony was told by Steve that he was amazed by Tony's heroic sacrifices and he was taken to S.H.I.E.L.D. where he met Nick Fury who heard about Tony's budding career as a superhero. After days of negotiation, Tony was offered in co-founding the Avengers team to help stop the villainous H.Y.D.R.A. led by Johann Schmidt aka Red Skull.

Tony happily agrees and he along with Steve recruited a large number of superheroes from Thor to the Hulk and together they waged in battle with the H.Y.D.R.A. who sought in taking over the world with their soldiers. But due to Captain America's discipline and Tony's intelligence, the Avengers triumphed over the H.Y.D.R.A., defeating Red Skull and putting him into justice. After the fall of the H.Y.D.R.A., the Avengers were dubbed Earth's Mightiest Heroes and has gained a lot of fans as well as respect world leaders all over the world. This even developed a strong friendship between Tony and Steve as well as a family-like bond with the rest of the team.

Meeting Melissa Potts

Since Red Skull's arrest, the Avengers continued on with their careers as the Mightiest Heroes, facing every supervillain from mutants to cosmic entities. Tony began to enjoy his life as a superhero and like his early young adult years, Tony began to gain attention from both men and women, flirting with them as they meet him. However, his playboy lifestyle began to wain for Tony winds up meeting singer/actress and supermodel, Melissa Richardson who goes by the name, Melissa Potts. Almost immediately, Tony falls hard for her and the two began dating after their first impression. Later on, Tony proposes to Melissa after 4 years of dating which she said yes to him, planning their wedding.

The Downfall

For several years, Tony's career as an Avenger had done him a lot good and with his intelligence, he and Steve led the team with no mishap. However, as the years progressed, the Avengers began to take a different turn, which didn't show any good for the heroes. Tension began to grow between Tony and Steve, accusations against Tony beginning to surface within the team in which he denied. But the situations got worse as the in-fighting between the members of the Avengers began to go public and news media coverage began to take the stage, mainly focusing on the rift between Tony and Steve, leading them to lead in separate teams of the Avengers. Allegations soon were made between the heroes and it intensified the tension within the two leaders, causing Tony and Steve to get into a physical altercation, which was the final straw for the Avengers and they went their separate ways, their legacy as the Earth's Mightiest Heroes coming to a nasty end. which brought devastation within Tony.

And to make things worse, Tony's engagement with Melissa was already on the rocks, for Melissa felt second best to Tony's career as Iron Man and being part of the Avengers, leading to arguments between the two of them. After putting up with Tony's incompetence and dishonesty, Melissa eventually calls off the wedding, much to Tony's shock and heartbreak, leaving him the ring he proposed to her with as she departs from his life. Distraught, angry, and hurt, Tony began to fall into his sorrows by drinking and he began blaming his father for everything while drinking when he knows that he brought everything upon himself. His excessive drinking began to have Tony shut himself out of the public and he wouldn't touch the Iron Man armor for days. His father began to worry as well as his mother, who they both try to call which they failed. However one day, he was confronted by S.H.I.E.L.D. director, Nick Fury who saw him in his broken state and tells him that Red Skull had escaped and he had murdered his brother, Arno to get back at him for locking him up. This prompted Tony to get himself back on his feet, with the help of Fury and he created a much more advanced suit of armor, making him more powerful than he was in his old armor.

Return of Iron Man and Meeting Peter Parker


Iron Man MK II suit

After his suffering over the split of the Avengers, the loss of his relationship with Melissa Potts, and the murder of Arno, Tony makes a successful comeback as Iron Man, fighting criminals and saving lives while trying to find Red Skull and put an end to his tyranny as an act of justice for his now-deceased younger brother. Along the way, he was encountered by a group of criminals, who were attempting to rob him. Just as he was about to take them on, he was caught by surprise when former Midtown High student, Peter Parker took on the thugs on his own, disarming their weapons with the aid of his spider-like abilities, beating them half to death.

Tony thanks him for helping him, but Peter left before he said anything to him, leaving the former Avenger more astonished. Concerned about Peter's actions, Tony began to keep an eye on him without the latter knowing that he was there. After hearing that Peter had gotten arrested, Tony bails him out of jail and invites him to lunch where he explained to him how he was watching him spend his time on the streets of New York fighting and getting into trouble when he could use his powers to save people and fight criminals, offering to help Peter change his life by becoming helping him fight crime and protect the city. But Tony's offer was shot down by Peter who told him that he's no hero, leaving Tony a bit disappointed, but he never lost hope for him.

After seeing Peter get beaten by the Scorpion in spite of trying to keep people from danger, Tony was able to apprehend the tailed foe and approached Peter who eventually had second thoughts on his decision and accepts the offer. This brought Tony smiling as he could remember his father and brother's words. Without any time to lose, Tony takes Peter in as his apprentice and creates a special suit with built-in features as well as high tech web-shooters that allow Peter to adapt in battle and hide his identity. Tony began to train Peter becoming a better fighter when not in his suit at the same time, trying to keep him off the streets and getting in trouble with the police.


Coming soon...

Power & Abilities


  • Super-Genius Intelligence
  • Expert Tactician
  • Master Businessman:
  • Master Martial Artist


  • Tony is multilingual, his native tongues being Italian and English. But he could speak different dialects from the regions of Italy as well, followed by other languages such as German, Japanese, Greek, Korean, Chinese, Russian and more.
  • Aside from being a genius in technology, Tony has a deep passion for cooking, being skilled in creating signature dishes from every culture around the world.

Strength level



None known.


Equipment: His Arc Reactor
Transportation: His Iron Man armor
Weapons: Equipped within the armor suit


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