Anton Vanko, also known as Crimson Dynamo, was a thug working for the Maggia who was given a special iron suit to battle Iron Man. He was defeated, and locked up in prison until Franklin Hall, then-director of SHIELD, formed the Dark Avengers, and Anton, due to his previous experience piloting hi-tech battle armor, was chosen to pose as Iron Man, even getting language training to speak in an American accent, rather than his usual Russian accent.

Powers & Abilities

  • Armor
    • Flight
    • Super Strength - Wearing the armor, Anton is able to lift up to ten tons
    • Invulnerability - Wearing the armor, Anton is nearly indestructible
    • Flamethrowers - The armor has built-in flamethrowers that shoot out fire
    • Technopathy - The armor has an advanced computer system that can immediately identify, hack, and then control any other technology
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