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Real Name
Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark
Current Alias

Stark, Monopoly Man, Tony Stark, Armored Avenger, Shell-Head, Tin-Man, Tone, Iron-Knight, Metal-Man




Howard Stark (Father, Deceased)

Maria Stark (Mother, Deceased)

Pepper Potts (girlfriend)


Base Of Operations
Stark Island (California), Stark Tower (New York City, New York)


5' 9" (without armor) 6' 5 (with armor)

225 lbs (102 kg) (without armor) 2000 lbs (with armor)



Unusual Features
an Arc Reactor implanted in his chest to prevent the Shrapnel from going deeper into his heart and glows bluer than white


Marital Status

Inventor, CEO of Stark Industries, Scientist, Industrialist, Adventurer, Chairman, Computer Technician, U.S. government super operative, Superhero

Studied at Harvard and MIT, Multiple PhDs in Physics, Mechanical engineering, Computer engineering, and electrical engineering

A billionaire Industrialist, Tony Stark was captured by a Terrorist group called The ten rings. Ordered to build Powerful advanced weapons for them, Stark instead uses his resources to build a suit of armor and power and make his escape. After returning to America, Stark built an advanced suit of armor and became the armored superhero, Iron Man.

Place of Birth


First appearance

Mighty Avengers #1


Quote1 You know, it's moments like these when I realize how much of a superhero I am... Quote2
-- Anthony Stark

Early life

Tony Stark was the son of an inventor, Manhattan Project engineer, legendary innovator and a weapons developer Howard Stark and his wife Maria. Tony was born in 1970 and quickly stole the spotlight at an early age with his brilliant unique mind passed down from his parents. At age six, Stark built his first circuit board. At age 8 he built his first computer, Jet pack and car engine. He later graduated summa cum laude from MIT at age seventeen. After Tony turned 21, his parents died in a car accident and he inherited his father's business to fill the gap left from his father and became the youngest CEO of Stark Industries, a chief weapons manufacturer for the U.S. Military. Stark Industries would provide S.H.I.E.L.D. and other government groups with equipment, including weapons. Some of the equipment was necessary to build the Gammasphere which led to the creation of The Hulk. While CEO of his father's Company, he wanted to follow his father's legacy by creating smarter weapons, advanced robotics, and satellite targeting and combating world hunger with their Intelli-Crops Program and changing and protecting America in its interest around the globe and developed a strong reputation.
Ultiverse Tony Stark

Tony Stark in his civillian clothes.

Tony Stark grew up to be a brilliant inventor and CEO of Stark Industries but was also arrogant and egotistical.One day he was taken into captivity by the Jade Dragons in Vietnam when they attacked him with his own weapons, one of the bombs shrapnel resulted being stuck to his chest. He built an Arc Reactor in his chest to keep him alive as well as his first armor while held hostage by terrorists, using his brilliant technical know how to escape. Once back in the United States he uses his new invention to become the superhero Iron Man.

Armor Wars

Two years later, Tony Stark continued to help ensure peace in the world while also removing both Jade Dragons & A.I.M. terrorists, including saving a United Nations peacekeeping mission that was under attack. He also helped Navy SEALs destroy A.I.M.'s base of operations while SHIELD is tempted to try and buyout of Stark's company due to Stark ditching his responsibilities by patrolling as Iron Man. During these two years, Tony began to abuse alcohol every since he became Iron Man and constantly became more and more reckless in his career as a superhero; which sparked concern for the public. Every since Iron Man's first appearance to the public, company's like Hammer Corp, tried to duplicate the Iron Man armor without success. Tony would eventually take some time off as Iron Man and decides to race at the Monaco Grand Prix. On that day as he raced along the track with other competitors while driving the race car he sponsored, Stark was attacked by Anton Vanko (Whiplash) by using electrified whips to cut off the front of his car. Anton had a chest harness that fed the energy from the reactor into two electrical whips he could then use to cut through metal and electrify things with. Tony would have killed him if it weren't for Happy. Happy delivered a golden portable suitcase which was revealed to be a pure gold version of the Iron Man armor. With all the cameras now facing him, Stark dons the armor ready to do battle against his would-be assassin in the middle of the track, with Iron Man now with the advantage. While battling him, Stark asked him who sent him but Vanko only replied with "God". Upon almost killing Stark from electrocuting his armor, Happy Hogan easily defeated Vanko with a brutal uppercut, and Vanko was sent to prison but unfortunately, Stark's secret identity was unintentionally made public.

Afterward, Stark decided to pay a visit to Anton Vanko personally while he was being held in a french prison to learn how he acquired the technology, Once they were alone, Stark commented on Vanko's technology and even suggested ways that he could improve it, thinking that he would never actually get a chance to. During the conversation, Vanko blamed Stark for attacking his hometown back in the Cold War because of the weapons he'd helped built. Vanko's family and friends were killed during the attacks and Vanko blamed the Stark family for his family's fate, and sought revenge. Feeling guilty from hid sins of the past, Stark left. As he was being escorted out, Pepper informed Tony that Stark Archives was being attacked and learns that someone is trying to steal the plans for the many secret technological innovations found in the Iron tech armor. Tony Stark suited up in his new armor, but before he went, Rhodey asked if he could help out in the situation but Tony quickly denies the offer and orders him to stay behind. Upon his arrival, he found it under attack. He was then struck by an EMP bomb, which disabled him. He briefly lost consciousness, and upon coming to, he discovers that the attackers had successfully stolen the Iron tech plans. He grimly decides that he should destroy the Dataspine (an archived version of F.R.I.D.A.Y.) to keep the attackers from getting the archives. Outside, Rhodey arrives in Stark's War Machine armor and intercepts some A.I.M. dropships. Stark makes contact with S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, informs him that attackers were under the command of a Russian General Dimitri Bukharin (who is also the head of Vista Corp technologies) have seized control of a Tesla facility.

During Iron Man's escort of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s helicopter forces, Fury informs Iron Man that Bukharin and A.I.M. are working together to create the Crimson Dynamo suit for him by using the iron tech plans they've stolen. Upon learning that the suit is being developed at a power plant in Siberia, Fury mentions that he sent Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, to spy on the plant. Iron Man finds and protects Natasha from the armored Bukharin. A S.H.I.E.L.D. transport is sent to their location, and Natasha is extracted while Iron Man and War Machine battle Bukharin in his Crimson Dynamo armor and the three got into a heated battle until Iron Man spares Bukharin's life for answers. The defeated Bukharin reveals that Justin Hammer was behind the theft of the F.R.I.D.A.Y. AI and Iron Tech plans and planned to use them to create their ultimate weapon to take down Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D., Ultimo. The team learns that Justin Hammer(CEO of Hammer Corp) was behind the attacks led by Bukharin and that he worked at Stark's Theoretical Weapons Division until Stark shut it down. Aside from Hammer working on the Ultimo weapon, Pepper also reveals that he had a secret project called P.R.O.T.E.A.N.(intelligent machines that could regenerate or modify whatever they were built for). Inside an A.I.M. base, Hammer uses his PROTEAN technology to merge with an enormous metal suit and become Ultimo. With the merge complete, Hammer has his men upgraded with P.R.O.T.E.A.N. implants. Arriving at the base, War Machine and S.H.I.E.L.D. battles P.R.O.T.E.A.N. soldiers and Vanko (who broke out of prision with the help of Bukharin himself) While Iron Man searches for Hammer. F.R.I.D.A.Y. detects Ultimo shortly after the base is secured with help from S.H.I.E.L.D. When the giant Ultimo arrives, War Machine disables some of its arc reactors while Iron Man fights Hammer/Ultimo within. Upon defeating Hammer/Ultimo, Iron Man learns that the effects on Hammer are irreversible. War Machine finishes Ultimo off while the Helicarrier rams into it, defeating Hammer. After this, Hammer and Anton Vanko were both sent away to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody while Rhodes departed with the War Machine armor without serious objection from Stark. A day later, upon Stark's return to his office at the tower, he spotted Fury sitting in his chair, Fury informs Tony of Project Avenger.

Kree Threat

A year later, Tony Stark agreed to help S.H.I.E.L.D. to continue the search for a world war II super-soldier Captain America and in honor of his father since him and Cap had a good relationship with each other way back then. After declining on joining the Avengers once again, as he is accustomed to working alone, Stark eventually join the team. Stark accepted an offer to join as Iron Man. initially forming an somewhat rivalry relationship with Hank Pym and Thor, the two were forced to put their differences aside and focus on stopping an global alien invasion by the Kree. During the Avengers first mission, Iron Man is wounded and upgraded to his new latest Iron Man armor. Iron Man and his team were later ambushed by the Kree while trying to rescue the President but luckily Thor managed to save them all before the base exploded and was able to transport the team back to Manhattan, however they couldn't save the president.

When the attack began, Stark joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers as the met the Kree head-on. They fought them off as long as they could until the team discovers that the Kree's have developed a bomb underneath the triskelion. Iron Man doesn't know what to do either about the bomb, so he gets Thor to send the bomb to another dimension. Thor comes in, and smashes his hammer into the bomb, creating a blast of electricity. Everything is dark and raining, as Thor comes back and explains that he sent the bomb to the Kree mothership above, where even more invaders waiting beyond. The destruction of their core ship deactivated the Kree's weaponry and were forced to retreat. With the world saved, the superheroes gain the public's trust and are honored at the White House and on that day, Tony and the other members of the team officially declared themselves The Avengers.

The Rise of Technovore

The events of Skrulls Invasion on New York City has left Tony Stark burying himself deeper into his work by building a ton of new and improved Iron Man suits. Tony works on a new model, which the suit uses elements based off of Hammer's P.R.O.T.E.A.N. technology, where all the suit pieces fly to him and recombine. Later, Tony met with Rhodes as the new "Iron Patriot" and races him in utah. Stark was then ambushed by a mysterious new enemy who tries to destroy Tony Stark's new security satellite, "The Howard". Iron Patriot is seemingly killed in the struggle and Stark was to blame for Rhodey's death. He is intercepted by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury who needed Stark to turn himself in for questioning.

He escapes and make it over to Pepper Potts who is on vacation. They discover that A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) has been conducting research into Hammer's P.R.O.T.E.A.N. weaponry for some time and discovered that Rhodey's killer was last seen there. She was able to pinpoint the location to one of their warehouses in Karachi. S.H.I.E.L.D. locates Stark at his loft and Tony comes out the front to be surrounded by Mandroids. Stark activates his armor and destroys all the Mandroids, and heads to Karachi. Meanwhile at Karachi, a member of A.I.M. is trying to sell weapons to a mysterious buyer. Punisher comes in and breaks it up. Just as Punisher is about to kill the A.I.M. member, Iron Man saves him in order to get some answers. Iron Man and Punisher then work together and discover the identity of Rhodey's killer being Ezekiel Stane. Hawkeye and Black Widow are given orders to retrieve Iron Man but Iron Man escapes with the help of the Punisher and continues on to Shanghai where he meets Ezekiel Stane, the son of Obadiah Stane. Ezekiel paralyzes Iron Man with the Technovore and details his plan to rule over humanity.

He tells stark tat he's on a mission to perfect the world by eliminating humanity in it's impure form and in turn, try to create a purify version of itself by using Technovroe. He believes that he's the perfect being and he wants to try to remake everybody in his image. And with his new technology, he'll utilize the technology on the "Howard" satellite to hack into all computers and satellites and to avenge the death of his father by killing Stark and everyone he knows and loves. Hawkeye and Black Widow show up and arrest them both. Later on the Helicarrier, Iron Man discovers Rhodey is barely alive. Then the Technovore hacks the craft leaving Iron Man to uses his arc reactor to stabilize the Helicarrier and drive the Technovore out of the systems. Ezekiel is now betrayed by the Technovore and taken over by it causing a big fight with Iron Man resulting in the Helicarrier crashing into Shanghai. When all hope seems lost, Rhodey wakes up from his coma just in time to help Iron Man fight off the Technovore as the Iron Patriot. In a last ditch effort, Iron Man is able to use a backdoor he built into the Howard's system to hack back into it temporarily. He is purposely captured by the Technovore and orders Iron Patriot to fire the satellite's defense laser at Tony's arc reactor before the Technovore is able to use the other satellites to destroy the world. Iron Patriot fires, and the Technovore is killed in battle with Iron Man seemingly sacrificing himself. Miraculously, Iron Man is saved by Iron Patriot and the world is saved.

Attack on HYDRA

Eventually, S.H.I.E.L.D. reassembled the Avengers in order to act as a peacekeeping force. Their main goal was to deal with the final remnants of Hydra factions. Eventually Stark encountered an old foe of his Justin Hammer who is reveled to be working for Hydra as well. When Hammer attacked the Avengers with his upgraded Ultimo mech robot, Stark ordered F.R.I.D.A.Y. to activate Ultimate Iron Man, which assembled four of his most powerful aircraft vehicles and fused into it's own giant mech robot. They quickly claimed victory and brought Hammer in. One of their final missions together consisted of retrieving Talos's staff with the Power Stone attached to it from Hydra. They located it in Baron Strucker's fortress in Transia, a small country in Europe. Stark and the team also discovered that The Tinkerer has been supplying Hydra with Skrull technology. While the rest of the Avengers took care of the Hydra forces protecting the location, Iron Man was able to deactivate the base's shielding and penetrate the fortress itself. Granting Ant-Man the opportunity to subdue Strucker and retrieve Talos's staff in a secret chamber among other Skrull-related experiments.

Ultimate War

When the The ThunderGuard (an army of foreign Super-Soldiers) attacked America, Stark as Iron Man helped the captured Superheroes of New York regroup and fight off the invaders. Stark had F.R.I.D.A.Y. help out the Avengers in Washington D.C. a short time later in a massive airborne weapons platform called Ultimate Iron Man MK II. With the new armor, F.R.I.D.A.Y. made short work of the airborne forces of the Thunderguard and destroyed most of the Crimson Dynamo's mobile dolls. After the battle, Stark agreed to finance the now privately practicing Avengers and now renamed Stark Tower into Avengers Tower, as their new headquarters.

"More to be added!"


Tony Stark is, for the lack of a better word, complicated. Tony is seen by others as being an arrogant jerk. He appears to be more interested in making money and dating beautiful women than with helping people. This often earns him the ire of those who do not know or have limited dealings with him. This all changed after his capture by (and subsequent escape from) The Jade Dragons, he realized what his weapons had done and turned over a new leaf, stopping all weapon production and using whatever weapons remained to become Iron Man. Plagued by many vices, Stark is prone to womanizing, pride and most surprisingly, alcoholism. Tony puts a lot of time and care into each suit of armor he builds. An inventive mechanical engineering prodigy, Stark is constantly creating new technology and looking for ways to improve it, but has shown that he has little concern for the effect his weapons have on others. Being a superhero requires some level of selfless heroism. He is not afraid to risk himself to save others when the time is necessary. He does not always take all the credit and tries to give it to other rescue workers, even if he did most of the work.

Despite his apparent selflessness, he is quite arrogant as both Tony and Iron Man. As Tony he will often belittle business partners that he does not like, such as Nick Fury, and claim more recognition than he deserves. Though in truth he does deserve a lot of recognition. He is also a loner. As Iron Man he often feels he is the best person for any job. That is why he initially passed on the offer to join the Avengers and denied Rhodey's help to apprehend the attackers at Stark Archives. At times he underestimates his opponent, believing that his armor can defeat anything. He will ignore orders from his superiors if he feels he can accomplish something. However, he fails to realize that orders are made for a reason, which caused him extensive damage. This causes Tony to act like a lone wolf, often ignoring the help of others. Eventually after fighting alongside with The Avengers, he realized his limitations and readily worked with other people again. On the battlefield he is dangerous, confident, and sometimes ruthless in combat. He is willing to attack without restrain, using all of his power to defeat his opponents. He is also inventive with his abilities, such as combining his punches with his repulsor rays to hit harder. He had also shown to have no qualm with killing his opponents unlike his Earth-616 counterpart.

Powers and Abilities


Tony Stark has no super powers, but the arc reactor that is implanted in his chest provides a source of power which he can high-demand equipment like his series of his IronMan suits. Ironman's primary powers come from his IronMan armors.


  • Super Genius:Tony is a Phenomenal scientific genius and inventor capable of building cutting edge technology. his achievements are the F.R.I.D.A.Y. artificial intelligence, his various advanced weapons technologies and his Iron Man Armor suits. Tony is also a skilled businessman, being able to lead a billion dollar enterprise with success. He recognizes skilled people and is excellent at recruiting them for his cause.
  • Skilled Combatant: Stark was strained in unarmed combat by Captain America and Happy Hogan and has become a quite physically formidable opponent on his own when the situation demands it.
  • Skilled Marksman: Tony knows how to handle firearms and also the ones he produced.
  • Trained Acrobat: Stark has learned to increase his agility and preform acrobats.
  • Indomitable will: Stark is possessed a tremendous strength of will, never giving up and emerge from defeat even stronger making the true "IronMan" is not the armor, but Stark himself.
  • Strength Level: Without his Armor, Stark possesses the strength of the Normal human strength. He also engages in moderate regular exercise. His armor's strengths however magnifies Stark's strength to SuperHuman Levels and can achieve massively higher levels.
  • Expert driver/pilot: Stark is skillfully able to man multiple vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and even airplanes.
  • Expert computer hacker:He is capable of hacking a system to transfer bank accounts, acquire guarded information, and work around security programs.
  • Multilingual: Apart from English, Stark is capable of fluently speaking Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and French.
  • Expert Tactician: He is a brilliant tactician capable of quickly formulating battle strategies and new plans if the situation changes, like being able to elaborate different complex plans in order to defeat different enemies in difficult situations.
  • Master Scientist: Tony Stark is ingeniously resourceful, knowledgeable, and brilliant in many different fields of science, particularly physics, but also computer science, chemistry, and neuroscience. Hence, he was able to attach an Arc Reactor to his chest in order to save his life.
  • Expert Engineer: He is an excellent engineer and mechanic capable of fixing almost any, if not all machinery.

Strength level

Without his armor Tony Stark possesses the normal strength of a normal human man his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. The armor magnifies Stark's strength to superhuman levels, being able to lift up to 100 tons.


Stark had shrapnel embedded in his chest, he has an electromagnetic implant powered by an arc reactor to keep him alive. The removal of it could cause his death in a matter of minutes.

He is vulnerable in certain areas. Areas that are not covered in armor, such as joints and arm mounted weapons, can be damaged with the proper attack. He can be defeated with an attack of sufficient force such as a well placed bomb, space ship cannon, or a foe more powerful than he is.

  • Alcoholism



  • Arc Reactor: A power source used not only to power an electromagnet keeping shrapnel out of Tony Stark's heart, but also as a power source for his Iron Man armor.
  • Iron-Tech Armors: Tony wears a Suit of body armor containing various of advanced weaponry and flight system.
  • Jet Boots. This provide him with the power of flight and allow him to travel everywhere. They appear to use the same technology as his repulsor beams for propulsion. Provided with enough energy, they could divert a large object like an airliner or space ship.
  • Voice filter: Stark uses this device to disguise his voice whenever he was talking to people who do not know his true identity as Iron Man.

Transportation: When not traveling in his Armor or using a Quinjet as an Avenger, Stark owns a number of conventional vehicles, even a helicopter.

  • Repulsor Rays: A beam of energy which can repel physical and based energy attacks, traveling as a single stream of energy. it's damage is extremely lethal, from being able through 2 inches of steel like paper and could even blast through a mountain.
  • UniBeam: A powerful searchlight, capable of projecting beams virtually every light spectrum. it can also be used as a powerful weapon that can destroy anything in it's path.
  • Energy Blade: With his Mk LI armor,this Laser sword is emitted from his right arm.
  • Lasers: Standard lasers that could be use as a weapons and could penetrate through light permeable shields.
  • Smart Missiles: Smart Missiles can target the weak points of a structure, object, or a foe to inflict maximum damage.
  • Deflector Dish: With the Mk 2 armor, Stark has the ability to emit force fields which can really come in handy in some situations.
  • Ultimate Iron Man MK I: Consisting of three powerful aircraft named Preying Falcon, Stinging Sun Ray, Tornado Flyer and one tank-like. When the Ultimo re-appeared, Tony ordered his A.I. Friday to retrieve the vehicles in order to deal with the situation. It was then that they fused the Iron Avengers into their true form, the Ultimate Iron Man and quickly claimed victory.
  • Ultimate Iron Man MK II: A satellite armor located in a space station orbiting the Earth, which Stark used against the Thunderguard. It can shoot three immense repulsor rays from each of its sixteen extensions.


This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of Marvel Ultiverse and is an adaptation of Tony Stark/Iron Man. The original character was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby. His first appearance was in Tales Tales of Suspense #39


  • The silver centurion armor was the suit Stark use to fight off Stane in the Original Comics.
  • In this reality, Stark's biggest fears is the death of his friends and his teammates.
  • This counterpart of Tony Stark is age 34 years old.
  • This version of Stark is also an Alcoholic.
  • Tony's favorite food is BBQ Ribs
  • Unlike most of his counterparts, Tony's hair is brown in this universe instead of black.
  • He also has brown eyes instead of blue.
  • This counterpart of Tony is somewhat similar to his Earth-199999 counterpart.

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