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Real Name
Anthony Edward Stark
Current Alias

Tony Stark, Metal Man, Tin Man, The Da Vinci of Our Time, The Most Intelligent, Capable Person on the Planet, The Merchant of Death, The Mechanic, Howardson, Metal Man, The Legionnaire, The Futurist, The Savior



Avengers, Stark Enterprises (formerly)

Edward Stark (son; deceased), Pepper Potts (wife; deceased), Isaac Stark (ancestor), Howard Stark (father; deceased), Maria Stark (mother; deceased), Arno Stark (brother)


Base Of Operations
Stark Tower, Avengers Tower


6' 1" (without armor); 6'6" (including armor)

225 lbs (102 kg) (without armor); Formerly 250 lbs (including armor)



Unusual Features
Has an Arc Reactor implanted in his chest, which maintains his body functions (formerly), but was later removed from his body.


Marital Status

Adventurer, Inventor, Industrialist, founder of the Maria Stark foundation, president emeritus of Stark Industries; former United States Secretary of Defense, CEO of Stark Enterprises, Stark Enterprises, Stark Solutions, Circuits Maximus & Stark International, computer technician

Tony Stark was born to parents Howard and Maria Stark. During a conflict in Afghanistan, Stark was captured by terrorists and, with a piece of shrapnel in his heart, was about to die. Constructing a suit of iron armor that would also help with his recovery, Stark broke out of captivity and journeyed back home to the United States where he built an advanced suit of armor and become Iron Man.

Place of Birth

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics:
Dark Age Vol 1 1
Modern Comics:
Dark Age Vol 1 1


Quote1 What... a... life... Quote2
-- Iron Man's last words

Ultron Revolution

Before the years of Ultron Revolution, Iron Man seemed to have the same history with his Earth-61615 counterpart, except for one time where he met and had a brief relationship with a woman named Victoria Hand in which they unexpectedly had conceived a child together that he later named Edward, until Ultron started an all-out war against humanity and those who dares to oppose him and his ideologies.

Destroying Ultron

Days before the long-time war against Ultron ends, Tony and the rest of his Iron Legion were sent to lead in their final mission infiltrating the inside core of Ultron's Sanctuary. After the modest sacrifice of those who were willing to gave up their lives so that the others can successfully finish the mission, Tony was one of the others who made it towards the very end.

After the combined efforts of the remaining heroes and villains, they still unfortunately failed, leaving only a few to be critically injured, including Rogers whose shield was unexpectedly broken by the megalomaniac. After thinking a final way to end Ultron and the war, his fellow Avenger Captain America finally helped him to finally end Ultron once and for all, at the cost of his old friend's life. Steve was one of those who perished after sacrificing his own life to save humanity, ultimately ending the Ultron Revolution.

New Start

Although the war had ended, Tony had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the events of the long-time war, leading him to recreate and reprogram the Iron Division to safeguard the world and eventually, help him retire in the near future to live with his loving wife Pepper Potts, with his rebellious and stubborn son.

Last Stand

Still feeling depressed, regretful, and traumatized about the tragic events of Ultron Revolution, Tony decided to frequently visit the Heroes' Memorial Cemetery at New York City, in order to pay his respects to each and hero and each redeemed villain who sacrificed their lives to achieve freedom and hope for humanity once again. Instead of returning home, he instead goes to his old mansion back in Malibu, California the day after, revisiting his old workshop and remembering when he was still some kind of a rich, playboy billionaire, still trying to master his crafted Iron Man armors.

As he searches through his old basement, he suddenly found out that some of the computer systems are still functioning after trying to turn it on. Unusually, as he searches through his old files, he noticed something strange since there were new files inside the computer that wasn't there at all, when he finally moved out of the mansion. Digging through these files, Tony unintentionally opened a program which suddenly powered up the generator back up inside the workshop, revealing some strange, unfamiliar discoveries. After the program activated all of the Iron Man Armor storage, he noticed that some of the suit containers weren't filled with Iron Man's old suits, but now, it's replaced by old, damaged Ultron Sentries, which definitely had surprised Tony, thinking how did those get in there in the first place.

As he gets closer to investigate the Sentries, he noticed another eerie detail about the machines, revealing a Hydra emblem on each of their right shoulders. But before he could anywhere closer to investigate further, the Sentries' eyes suddenly glowed, and started to attack Tony without any function of stopping. Luckily, Tony was wearing his Iron Man suit all along, a version similar to those of the Bleeding Edge's. As the battle rages on, Tony would most likely gain the upper hand on taking them out by ease.

Last Words

Unfortunately, things went south for Tony, after the Sentries showed they were no ordinary Sentries, revealing themselves to have the same body composition similar to Tony's suit, which was known as Nano-Machines, making easier for them to reform once damaged. Tony was on his last stand, as the battle lasted with the Sentries having the advantage on ripping Tony apart, both him and the suit, until Tony had no other choice, but to do his last resort. Tony activated the launch codes of the explosives secretly implanted around the entire the mansion since the beginning. Tony was tragically and painfully impaled by one Sentry as he tries to activate the codes, though it didn't stop him from there.

The entire mansion blows up, leaving no signs of survivors, until many people around the neighborhood saw a beam of light flying that came out the burning mansion, before it immediately crashes to the ground, revealing to be Tony himself. Though he might have survived the explosion, he suddenly started feeling weaker and dizzier, causing for him to lie down on the ground once more, seeking the attentions of the residents who were living on that neighborhood. After a few minutes of calls from emergency hotlines, they finally arrived with Tony's wife, Pepper and his son, Edward. Before they could even have their last moments with him, Tony sadly loses it, and with his dying breath, he uttered the words: "What... a... life..." as he smile, before finally succumbing to his critical injuries.

Realizing it was already too late, Pepper and Edward grieved Tony's lifeless body. Days later, Tony was buried at the Heroes' Memorial Cemetery, where he had last visited. All of New York City mourned Tony, as he became one of the most legendary men of all time in history. Tony's closest friends even started an investigation towards Tony's death and who might've been responsible for his death, though they never found anything, not until later events came. Throughout so many years, Tony proved himself that he wasn't just a playboy, party-goer, billionaire, but proved that he was something much more than all of those traits. Tony Stark was the legendary Iron Man.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-61615.


Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-61615.

Strength level

  • Class 10+ (with armor)
  • Class 5 (without armor)


Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-61615.


Equipment: Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-61615.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-61615.


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