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Tony Stark became Iron Man sometime around the time the Fantastic Four became public, during Year One.


Tony became a founding member of the Avengers during Year Two, and he battled Ultron alongside them during Year Three.

Later, during Year Four, Tony started the Avengers World Initiative alongside Captain America, and both battled Thanos alongside the Avengers after the former obtained the Infinity Gauntlet.

Hydra World

Not much is known about this event, except Tony led a team who believed that the Hydra Cap is not their Cap, which led to the disassembly of the Avengers in Year Five.

Midnight Heralds

A year after the events of Hydra World, Iron Man sought out Captain America and re-recruited him into the Avengers. After the attack of Proxima Midnight, Iron Man and Captain America began the Avengers Universe Initiative.


Powers and Abilities


Super-Genius Intelligence: Tony Stark possesses one of the most brilliant minds in the whole universe, enabling him to create super-advanced technology including his suits. Currently, he pairs his intelligence with Steve Rogers' military skills to implement the Avengers Universe Initiative.




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