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Real Name
Anthony Edward Stark
Current Alias

Metal Man, Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, The Da Vinci Of Our Time, Merchant of Death, Robotic Wunderkind.




Howard Stark (father)
Maria Stark (mother)
Arya "Madison" Stark (daughter)
Virginia "Pepper" Potts (fiance)


Base Of Operations
Los Angeles, Stark Tower, New York City, NY.






Marital Status

Inventor, adventurer, industrialist, Chairman, CEO, scientist of Stark Industries

Multiple PhDs in physics, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering


Place of Birth

Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, Jack Kirby

First appearance



Quote1.png Following is not really my style. Quote2.png
-- Iron Man


Tony Stark, genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist, and the CEO of the multibillionaire company Stark Industries, Stark traveled to Afghanistan to supervise a field test for one of his weapons. During the demonstration, he and some others are ambushed by the war cartel of the Mandarin, the Ten Rings, and are taken under captivity. Stark and his accomplice Ho Yinsen are suppressed by the organization to build arsenals and weapons for them.

Knowing they would never keep up their end, Stark and fellow captive Yinsen instead made a plan to escape. In order to improve Stark's condition, he and Yinsen created a miniature Arc Reactor, a smaller version of the power source previously invented by his father Howard Stark and Anton Vanko, which they embedded into his chest to supply energy to the electromagnet protecting his heart. Together, they secretly began building an armored suit to help them escape.

Soon the pair enacted their escape plan, however, the booby trapped door the pair had rigged with an explosive was set off. Yinsen realized that they did not have enough time to power the suit before the terrorists arrived. He took a gun and held back the terrorists, but was mortally wounded. With his last words, Yinsen reassured Stark that it would be OK to leave him behind and urged him not to waste his life. Angered by Yinsen's death, Stark stepped outside; the suit protected him from the onslaught of bullets, and he used the suit's flame-throwers to kill several terrorists, destroy their stockpile of Stark Industries produced weapons, and escape, though his suit was destroyed as he crashed in the desert.

Upon being picked up by the Air Force and returned to the United States, Stark met with Pepper Potts; he asked to first be given a burger, then called a press meeting. At the meeting, Stark finished his burger and declared that his company would, for the foreseeable future, no longer manufacture weapons. This move shocked the press, many declaring that he must be suffering from PTSD. His father's friend and business partner, Obadiah Stane, told him that this move was blocked by the board members shortly after, worried that the decision would ruin the company.

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In the months that followed, Stark retreated from public view, focusing on improving the design of his new armored suit, refining its size, movement, and flight capability. He asked Pepper Potts to help him take his old Arc Reactor out and to put in a stronger one that would be used to power his suits.

He eventually perfected the flight power after much trial and error and even mastered other features such as weapons inputs and other wide array of built-in optimizations. While in his suit, once, Stark saw a mugger in pursuit of an innocent lady. Using his suit of armor, Stark prohibits the mugger from doing any sort of crime. Realizing that his powers may be resourceful, Stark starts using his suit for stopping petty crimes. Eventually, after foiling the sinister plans of Obadiah Stane, Justin Hammer, Ivan Vanko and the Crimson Dynamo, Stark exploits his identity as the Iron Man to the public. Afterwards, Director Nicholas Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D approaches him for the "Avengers Initiative." Becoming a supervised crimefighter and also a businessman, Stark assembles with the Avengers and goes on many other missions.

A New Symbol

After the massive scars left by "previous events" that shattered not only his world, but the universe itself, Stark creates a new and an advanced version of the Iron Man suit, that is capable of exerting mass damages, unlimited source of energy beams, extra battery, human olympiad like reflexes and other capabilities, the suit, the Renaissance armor, helped him come over the struggles and emotional disadvantages he had to face with other suits. Moreover, this suit of his could be controlled by JARVIS for crimefighting whenever he was attending other important matters.

Thy Father Stark

Realizing that he did not spend sufficient time with his fiance Pepper, Stark put JARVIS on control of his Renaissance suit during an Avengers protocol (breaking the golden law of immediate response to a distress call) and went on an outing with her. Returning home to his mansion, he is surprised when he sees there is a child inside his mansion watching a show on Stark's television. Stark then discovers that the child is his, Arya Stark. Pepper is enraged as to why he never told him that he had a child, but Stark replies that he never knew he had one. The child does not get along well with Stark, only interested in his suits and his inventions. Stark also discovers that the child is of a woman he just had a "fling" with, Maya Hansen, and since she could not support the child anymore, she was bound to hand over Arya's parental support to Stark.

Stark allowed Arya in due time to enter his laboratory and help him during inventions and during experiments but limited Arya to these set of opportunities. However, Arya rebelled against him and tried to mess around with the Iron Man suits. She unintentionally activates the Renaissance Armor "sentient mode" which starts causing turmoil and damage around Stark's mansion. Stark returns home from work only to see the massacre going on. Without his Iron Man armor, he defends his child and saves her with destroying the suit even when a missile barrage targets him. This is when Arya gets along with his dad and decides to obey him (though later she does not, however, she just gets along with him). Later, we get to know that this was all a part of Stark's destructive but elaborate plan. He was secretly observing Arya because he wanted to know what she would do if he was not home, and that suit of armor was just a duplicate of the real Renaissance armor and about the damages in the home? He's a freaking billionaire.


Many people in the media think that Tony Stark is just an egocentric playboy. But it is shown throughout the series that Tony does care for people, especially his friends. Although he causes trouble on occasion, he is more than willing to make up for his mistakes, which is also why he became a superhero. Charming, brilliant, cocky, Tony is a classic playboy. His wealth, power and natural charms allows him to get just about any woman he wants. But despite his rather carefree and overly confident personality, inside his heart lies loneliness as Ho Yinsen pointed out, 'A man that has everything, but has nothing'.

Even though he can appear to be self-obsessed, Tony can also be a great friend and occasionally shows affection toward his teammates. Tony was the only Avenger who encouraged Bruce Banner to embrace his identity of Hulk as a blessing rather than a curse, and trusted him to make good use of Hulk's powers. And when Tony was caught up by the terrifying vision of Scarlet Witch, he was possessed with great fear of losing all his friends. During battle, he tries his hardest to protect his allies, risking his own life if he has to.

Tony is also known for being very intelligent, having built an Arc Reactor from scratch in Afghanistan. His intellect has earned him the name "The Da Vinci of our Time". Due to a strained relationship with his father, he grew to have a deep disrespect for figures of authority.

Before his kidnapping, Tony was a self centered, arrogant person who didn't care for many people. During the following years, Tony has matured, becoming more of a team player and becoming less arrogant. He even began opening up and having a real relationship with Pepper Potts. After the Battle of New York, Tony developed a strong fear, that in this new world of "gods" and "aliens", he would be unable to protect the ones he loved and he grew to become paranoid and full of anxiety.

But even after starting a new life as a superhero, his showy personality has never changed- as shown in rendering the Iron Man suit with hot-rod red and gold and in revealing his identity in public even though he was told not to. Tony also has a liking towards heavy metal and rock music groups like Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Queen.

Powers and Abilities


Tony Stark does not possess any superhuman powers. He used to have a scaled-down miniaturized version of the Arc Reactor that keeps the remaining shrapnel in his heart from killing him. However, after having the shrapnel removed, he no longer needs the Arc Reactor in his chest. Nonetheless, his high-tech battle armor provides him with superhuman strength, endurance, durability, and a variety of onboard weapons. Combined with his extraordinary intelligence, it makes Tony Stark one of the most formidable superheroes on the planet and a force to be reckoned with.


Genius Intelligence: Tony Stark is a genius inventor capable of conceiving and building technological advancements far ahead of cutting edge technology. Among his achievements are the miniaturized arc reactors that his father conceived, the J.A.R.V.I.S artificial intelligence, his Iron Man armor suits, and various advanced weapons technologies. He is also multilingual.

Strength level

Without his armor Tony Stark possesses the normal strength of a normal human man his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. The armor magnifies Stark's strength to superhuman levels, being able to lift up to 3 tons.


Arc Reactor Dependence: Stark had shrapnel embedded in his chest and is reliant on an electromagnetic implant powered by an arc reactor to keep him alive. The removal of it could cause his death in a matter of minutes. The early generations of this reactor were slowly poisoning him with the palladium leaking into his bloodstream.

Alcoholism: Tony has been battling against his alcoholism due to the high pressures of running his industrial company, maintaining his social profile, and being Iron Man. More recently, he started to drinking again when, because of the Serpent arrival on earth, he believed it was the apocalypse.



  • Arc Reactor: A power source used not only to power an electromagnet keeping shrapnel out of Tony Stark's heart, but also as a power source for his Iron Man armor.
  • Iron Man Armor: Iron Man wears a sophisticated suit of body armor containing various offensive weaponry. He has a number of suits aside from the current model. Some are mission-specific or prototypes for testing, others are older models kept for nostalgia or for research. He has developed a special briefcase to carry his armor in. As the multi-billionaire head of a global corporation and a genius-level inventor, Stark can procure or develop additional technology as needed as possible.
  • Flight: One of the armor's most important features is its ability of flight. The armor can reach speeds as Mach 3 in moments. It also has variable control surfaces for active flight control by J.A.R.V.I.S. to automatically stabilize the armor in flight. The armor is able to fly at speeds more than 1500 miles per hour. However, the armor shows it can fly at supersonic speeds at the drop of a hat. By the time of the Battle of New York, the Mark VII armor's flight system was improved with additional boosters on the back. It enables the armor to quickly evade enemy attacks, go faster, and also the ability to better maneuver himself and shoot while in flight; due to the fact that he doesn't have to use his hands to keep himself stabilized all the time now. He was able to reach Tennessee from California in a matter of a few hours.
  • Superhuman Strength: When utilizing the armor, it increases his physical abilities to superhuman levels, chief among them is his strength. Tony, inside his armor, is capable of overpowering normal humans, punching them with sufficient force to launch them great distances. It also enables him to tear through most objects such as stone walls and most metal objects with ease. It can lift most objects such as cars and other vehicles. It has also enabled him to tear through unmanned battle drones and alien ground troops. His strength can be increased when powered by a sufficient energy source. It is unknown how strong he is in the armor, but it has also enabled him to battle superhuman opponents like Thor or Loki. More importantly, it can enable him to perform unique feats of strength such as pushing one of the Helicarrier's turbine fans.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: While not on order of someone with genuine superhuman physical abilities, particularly superhuman speed and reflexes, nonetheless, the armors have motors for movement. It is shown to be extremely fast and responsive in flight, and during combat.
  • Armor Systems: The armor has remote assistance from J.A.R.V.I.S. who manages the armor's systems at Stark's command, and the armor also have a holographic HUD with heads-up displays for navigation, power level, armor status, weapons systems, vital signs with cellphone and computer connections in the helmet, and a built-in loudspeaker. The armor is powered by a miniature Arc Reactor and has an on-board generator for emergencies. The scanner systems are capable of scanning the environment, weather conditions and equipment for information.
  • Energy Conversion Power Recharge: The armor is able to absorb and convert energy sources, such as heat, kinetic energy or energy from the planet itself into electricity, directly into the batteries for recharge. Thor struck it with a full lightning blast from Mjølnir, but Stark was amazed to find that all it did was charge up the suit to 475%, allowing him to use a powerful repulsor blast and increase his strength substantially enough to give Thor a decent fight.
  • Self-Contained Life-Support System and Environmental Protection:The armor can be completely sealed for operations in vacuums or underwater, providing its own life support, it is also shielded against radiation. The armor shows to capable of operating underwater, but not designed for deep space travel (However, he now has a specialized armor to help with that situation the next time).

Transportation: When not traveling in his armor or using a Quinjet as an Avenger, Stark owns a number of conventional vehicles.
Weapons: Different Iron Man armor, and different hand-held weapons of his making.


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