"Tony Stark got rich off of our hard work and ideas. And now he decides to throw us out because he grew a conscience? It's not fair...and we're gonna do something about it!"
Anthony Davis was born in the poorer suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A young man with a knack for tinkering and building things, Davis excelled in school and was always an honor roll student. It was at a conference for academic achievers in the area that he first met Leila Russell, with whom he quickly fell in love. Her parents, however, did not approve of the relationship because of Davis' lack of wealth and the criminal background of his parents. Despite this, the two would eventually get married and strike out on their own. Davis worked through nights to achieve a college degree, and together he and Leila moved out to the West Coast when he secured a job with Stark Industries.

There, Davis proved to be an excellent weapons designer for Stark, working closely with other members of the R&D teams (including Ivan Vanko) and also with Stark COO Obadiah Stane. However, when Tony Stark returned from Afghanistan a changed man and ceased all weapons manufacturing at Stark Industries, Davis found himself among those who were laid off. Wanting to maintain the rich lifestyle he had grown accustomed to, Davis recruited three other laid off employees and planned to get revenge on Stark. To raise capital for these efforts, they decided to rob a local bank. However the robbery quickly went south (partially due to Davis' own conscience, ironically), and a shootout broke out between the would-be criminals and the police, resulting in Davis' untimely death.

Davis' wife, Leila, would ultimately use her own computer skills and some of her husband's designs to help the three surviving members form into a team called the Wrecking Crew, who would seek revenge on Tony Stark in her ex-husband's name.

Powers & Abilities

  • Technical Engineering: Tony Davis was a strong-minded engineer who was highly capable at weapons designs (having a hand at creating the Jericho Missile System) and all forms of electronics. Some of his designwork went into the creation of the weapons wielded by the Wrecking Crew in their battles with Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers.


Davis possessed no special abilities or powers that would make him less vulnerable to normal injury, as he was killed by a simple gunshot wound. In addition, Davis was something of a "paper tiger", someone who could talk a good game, but ultimately would cower if confronted.

Film Details

Anthony Davis appears in the following films within the Earth-11584 continuity. In all cases he is portrayed by actor Al Madrigal.

  • Iron Man 2 (2010)
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