Ant-Man and the Wasp is a 2018 film released in the Earth-11584 continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the direct sequel to 2015's Ant-Man, the 12th film in Phase 3 and the 27th film overall within the MCU. The film stars Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly as the titular heroes, as they attempt to traverse the Quantum Realm in order to locate and rescue Janet van Dyne, the original Wasp. The film was critically acclaimed and financially successful upon its July release, surpassing its immediate predecessor in both categories.


With the success of 2015's Ant-Man, Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege put a fast track on a sequel that would debut in 2018, moving Captain Marvel from the summer release position and thus becoming the film immediately following Infinity War. All the major stars from the previous film were brought back, minus T.I. Harris, David Dastmalchian and Patricia Arquette. Arquette was not included due to a change in direction for the character, and Harris and Dastmalchian were written off in a setup to the following year's Captain Britain film. In early 2017, it was announced that Hannah John-Kamen would play Ghost, an Ant-Man villain who's past was reworked for this film. Jim Carrey was also cast as Elihas Starr, and was quoted as saying that his character would be like an "eviler, less talented version of Tony Stark."

Filming began in August of 2017 and ended in November of that year.

Plot Summary

We open on a young girl playing inside the Pym household by herself. She eyeballs out of a partially open door a babysitter arriving, and she quickly runs out into the hallway to see what is going on. There we see a digitally deaged Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. The two of them make a big deal about having to go to a "boring business meeting", and that they should be back before the weekend is out. Hope says that she wishes she could go with them, and Janet says she wishes she could too. After hugging and kissing her daughter goodbye, we get voiceover narration from the present day Hank Pym, saying he wishes they could have stayed in that moment for all time, but they felt duty called.

We then get a playback of the scene from Ant-Man, where Janet deactivates the regulator on her Wasp suit and shrinks between the molecules of a nuclear device to disarm it. We get more of a close-up shot of her continuing to shrink into the Quantum Realm, before we cut back to present day to see Hank Pym, Bill Foster and Hope Van Dyne sitting around a booth in a coffee shop. Bill says that before Janet's accident, he explored a bit about the Quantum Realm and came up with a prototype vehicle to travel there safely, working with both Hank and a private scientist named Anson Starr. They never built the prototype, but now after what Scott Lang had said about the Quantum Realm, they think it's worth a try. Hope says that's good, but they need to keep moving. The trio leave the coffee shop and head out the back as police officers come into the cafe. The trio head into a specially made van and shrink it down to size immediately as the cops come looking for them, the van driving off with no one the wiser. We see the van drive up to an abandoned building and then grow back to normal size, saying that hopefully they'll be able to build in this location.

After we get the Marvel Title Sequence, we see Scott Lang and his daughter Cassie traveling through a poorly lit tunnel, as if they are searching for some sort of buried treasure. After faking out the audience briefly, we see that the "tunnel" is actually several cardboard boxes tied together in Scott's home. Luis, Scott's old friend, plays the part of "Anthony" directing them to where the treasure is. The quest goes well until the end when they go sliding out the front door of their home, and Scott's ankle inadvertantly trips the sensor on his ankle monitor, which keeps him under house arrest. We cut to later to see Scott talking with SHIELD agent Jimmy Woo as several other agents case the place. Scott tries to explain that the whole thing was just a misunderstanding and an accident, and Woo says that he believes him. But protocols say he has to check it out anyway. Scott says he has less than two months to go on his house arrest, and he's just trying to find ways to entertain his daughter while her mother is away on some sort of jaunt in Europe. Cassie chimes in, saying it's just for a couple days more, anyway, before she heads to summer camp. Woo tries to explain why he's doing this to Cassie, but the precocious child explains all about the Avengers Protocols, SHIELD, and essentially calls Tony Stark an a-hole. Though Scott half-heartedly admonishes her for the last part, he surreptitiously gives her a thumbs up when Woo's back is turned. Agent Woo asks if he has had any contact with Hank Pym, Hope van Dyne and Bill Foster, to which Scott says that he's the last person they'd want to see. Woo nods and then leaves a number to call if they do try to contact him. As the SHIELD agents leave, Scott has a pain in his arm and Cassie asks him what's wrong. Scott says its nothing and to go watch for Luis, who's gone to get dinner for the three of them. As she does so, Scott looks down at his arm, pulling back his sleeve to see his hand and wrist periodically phasing in and out of existence before returning to normal. Scott grimaces, and goes to get plates for dinner.

At dinner, Scott asks Luis how Kurt and Dave are doing on their security consulting job in London. Luis goes into a long rambling story of them trying to protect "some amulet thingy from the time of King Arthur or something" and eventually answers his question in a roundabout way. Scott again apologizes to Cassie for not being able to see her off to summer camp in two or three days, but Cassie says she understands, so long as he is there for her when she gets back. She says she misses her mother too, and Scott replies that she'll be back from...wherever she is...soon enough. The lights suddenly flicker on and off several times before coming back on, and Scott mutters to himself about brownouts in California. Through small talk they finish their dinner, Cassie asking her father if he misses being a hero while doing the dishes. Scott says that being a hero was fun, but it's not his chosen line of work. He'd much rather be a super father than a super hero. Cassie rolls her eyes at the corniness, causing Scott to spray her with a kitchen spray nozzle on the sink.

Later that night Scott is awake, staring into a mirror and looking over his hand and wrist once again. He sighs, muttering about it happening again. He pulls a throw rug out from underneath the bathroom and starts prying at a loose floorboard, before stopping himself, shaking his head and resetting things as they had been before. We cut to him watching late night TV. In particular we see several infomercials with a guy named Elihas Starr selling various kitchen gadgets and other worthless knick-knacks. Scott changes the channel a couple of times, unable to escape Elihas' infomercials, before flipping to business news. Unfortunately the story happens to be about Starr's company facing new financial difficulties, which Scott turns off eager to go to bed. Before he can head there he sees a buzzing insect in his room. Ignoring it, Scott takes off his shirt and begins to lie down, but the bug stings him on the shoulder. Scott swats at it, missing the bug, before passing out on the bed.

When Scott awakens he finds himself in a sedan. He shakes the cobwebs out of his head, before being frightened out of his wits by a loud pecking sound, seeing a pidgeon pecking at the outside of the car. He turns around and is even more surprised to see Hope van Dyne and Bill Foster sitting in the sedan with him. They greet him, somewhat coldly, and then Scott freaks out, saying that SHIELD will be at his house any minute. Hope tells him to relax, they have that taken care of, pointing out that his ankle bracelet is gone. We cut back to Scott's house and find him making breakfast for Cassie, and saying hello to Luis as he heads off to work. Cutting back to the sedan, which is now driving, Bill explains that they got a Life Model Decoy to act as Scott during the short time he's away. If SHIELD does show up, they won't know the difference. Scott says that it's amazing they could get one of those Latverian Decoys, and Hope explains that was a little beyond their price range. As she explains we cut back and get a scene of the Decoy Scott glitching briefly, though thankfully no one notices.

As the group continues to drive, Scott tries to apologize for his actions in Budapest, and assures Bill and Hope that Stark didn't get a hold of the suit. Hope says that's not what they're after. They need Scott because he came back from the Quantum Realm, and because he's the best security expert they know. Scott tries to again explain he didn't ever remember anything from the Quantum Realm, but Bill explains that it's not anything that he remembered, it's something that he carries in him they need to examine. The sedan pulls down an alleyway and grows to regular size, pulling up next to an office building in this abandoned part of town. Scott is led inside, where he is surprised to see several ants working on building some kind of tunnel like device and a craft. Inside the craft is Hank Pym, who spots Scott from afar and slowly walks up to him. There is an awkward moment between the two as Scott profoundly apologizes for taking his suit and going to Budapest. Without answer, Hank punches Scott in the nose, yelling "YOU STOLE MY SUIT!" Hope tries to calm him down while Bill leads Scott to a chair. Scott does again assure Hank that he destroyed the suit to prevent SHIELD from duplicating his technology. Eventually Hank explains that they are building a way to travel to the Quantum Realm; yesterday they managed to successfully test the Quantum Tunnel but could only keep it open briefly due to power constraints. Scott asks what that's got to do with him, and Hope explains that they need his help breaking past security at Oscorp. Once they can get in the system, then Hope can get in and get a part to stabilize the portal long enough to make it self-sustaining and get a lock on Janet's location. Scott says he doesn't want anything to do with this stuff anymore, he has two months left on his house arrest and he doesn't need to get mixed up in this again. Hank asks where that foresight was when he stole his suit, but Hope eventually explains that when they opened the Quantum Realm, they detected a faint trace of the Quantum Signature of her mother. But they need to get down there before shifts in the Realm cause her to change position again due to the Uncertainty Principle. Scott asks what a Quantum Signature is, and Bill explains that it is like a fingerprint, every living thing has a unique Quantum Signature, and no two signatures can exist in the same universe at the same time.

After further back and forth Scott finally agrees, only to have his whole arm phase in and out of existence in front of them. Bill asks what that was, suddenly pale in the face, but Scott brushes it off as nothing. Without taking that for an answer, Hank orders him onto a scanning machine and has Bill check him over. After several scans, Bill explains that Scott's own Quantum Signature is slightly altered from his previous scan, most likely due to his trip to the Quantum Realm. Scott asks what he means by that, and Bill explains that Quantum particles by their very nature are unstable and unpredictable. The Ant-Man suit would have provided some protection, but it's very likely that he could have encountered an exotic particle down there that would have altered his Quantum Signature. He even says he might have become Quantumly Entangled with Janet (which Scott denies, saying he would never do that to Hank, earning him a slap on the head). Scott asks what the treatment is, and Bill quietly mentions that currently there is none. It's like a rubber band being stretched taut over and over again; eventually the flaws in the rubber band will become more and more pronounced until snaps. Scott asks how long he has, and Bill says there's really no way to tell. He does say that Scott shouldn't be shrunk anymore, as Pym Particles will make the instability even more pronounced.

Scott then wonders why they need him at all if he can't be Ant-Man. Hope says that they never wanted him to be Ant-Man again..they have her to be the infiltrating agent. She then opens a nearby cabinet and reveals a prototype suit similar to that of her mother's. Hope explains that before Scott went on his little European jaunt, her father and she were able to finish this suit. Scott is needed to break into the security at an Oscorp research facility in Oakland, and from there she'll be able to finish the job, steal the power regulator that they are after, and move forward. After they have the regulator and can explore more of the Quantum Realm, then maybe they'll be able to solve his own problem. Scott concedes this, but says he needs something from his house before he can finish the job. Hank begrudgingly allows him this and then says they'll meet him in another undisclosed location. As they exit the building, Scott asks what about their stuff here, causing Hank to press a button on his keychain, shrinking the building and its contents entirely to the size of a carry on bag. Smiling, Hope takes Scott back to his house to get something, while programming the LMD to send Cassie and Luis somewhere else. Back at Scott's residence, suddenly the LMD tells Cassie and Luis to go get some Baskin Robbins for him. Luis tries to explain that he's kind of busy with a job, but the LMD manages to convince him, with help from Cassie's pleading as well.

We see Scott interact with his LMD briefly (including saying that he doesn't think it looks anything like him) as he retrieves the box from underneath a floorboard in his bathroom. He leaves and Hope asks him what is in the box, but Scott is mum on the subject. We then see a montage of Scott examining the Oscorp mainframe and their various security systems, while also trying to deal with occasional flareups of his disorder. He finds during one of these phasing episodes that he can phase his arm through a table, something that Bill says he thought might be possible, but the act of phasing, he says, puts more strain on the user if it isn't regulated. Hank jokingly asks him when he became an expert on these things, and Bill says it's all theoretical. After two days (and a brief cut back to show Cassie traveling off to summer camp, the LMD showing her off), Hope dons the Wasp suit and is in position to break into the Oscorp facility, Hank and Scott watching over her from the back of their van. Scott asks why Hank didn't give her ants to work with, and Hank says he needed all the ants to work on building the tunnel and the traveling vehicle. Besides, Hope's suit has a few upgrades over the old model. We see Hope shrink down to get past through the first layer of security, using a laser stinger to bypass a security lock without triggering an alarm. She uses a few other weapons, such as a Pym Particle Disk Launcher and grappling hooks to maneuver through the facility.

The Wasp fairly easily makes her way through security, Scott helping her along, and remarking that their appear to be fewer guards than they thought there would be. Hank at first chalks this up to luck, but their tune changes when they see a secondary figure in the vault where the piece of equipment is kept. They see a masked figure in a white suit, who appears to be looking for the same piece of equipment. Hope tries to talk to her, but the Ghost simply ignores her, grabbing the equipment. The two briefly fight, with Hope getting an initial advantage, but with the Ghost eventually phasing out of existence and able to overpower Hope that way. Scott appears to want to jump into the fray, but Hank reminds him that he can't because of his condition (and because Scott destroyed his suit, he's quick to point out.) Eventually, the Ghost-entity manages to escape with the power converter they need, forcing Hope to escape another cadre of guards. Later, Hope is meeting with the other three members of her team, trying to figure out who the hell that was. Bill says he's heard of the person before, that they are only known as Ghost. The person is a corporate saboteur who works for the highest bidder. Hank notes that their phasing ability appears to be similar to Scott's condition, though controlled somehow. Scott wonders if that means they could use this Ghost person as a cure for him. Hank says there's no time to think about that, they need to move on to Plan B. Scott says that they probably don't need him for Plan B, and Hank and Bill say that they might. But first they need to head out to the countryside a bit.

Elsewhere, we see the Ghost ride a motorcycle into an abandoned television studio. Ghost parks the bike inside a garage like area and we hear applause from off-screen. We see Elihas Starr, the man we had seen on the infomercials before, clapping his hands and congratulating the Ghost for another job well done. Ghost, their voice modified by a mechanical device, says that the job was compromised; someone with PymTech was trying to steal the same converter. This raises Elihas' interest, as he wonders what Pym would want with this power converter. Ghost says they don't know, removing their helmet to reveal and African-American woman underneath the suit. She does say it wasn't Ant-Man, it was someone new, and that this girl appeared to have SHIELD training. Elihas smiles bigger, saying that they are into something real big. He instructs Ghost to contact their asset, and that maybe they'll be able to score the biggest gain they've ever had, maybe even big enough for Ghost to earn her freedom.

Scott and company finish driving off the grid into the middle of the national forest a couple miles outside of town. Scott asks the immediate question of how they are going to be able to get the Quantum Tunnel to work without the power coverter. Hank's answer is simple enough, there's a nearby hydroelectric dam that they can tap into directly. They just need to hook up a series of remote transmitters to be able to redirect the power supply from the dam into their own backup generators, which should be enough to power the Tunnel for a period of time. As they pull out the rollout laboratory and regrow it, they are momentarily disoriented by the appearance of an old man, who says that was the weirdest bathroom break he's ever been on. Shaking off that non sequitur, Scott offers to hook up the relays in the dam, since Hope needs time to fix her suit's regulator which has been damaged. Hank says they may not have a choice, but that it's a two man job. Scott nods his head and says that he knows of one guy, and though Hank insists he won't do it, a few moments later we cut to Luis arriving in the forest, honking the horn of his own van. Luis reintroduces himself to the Pym group, thanking them for choosing X-Con Security for all the Security needs. After a long rambling introduction, Hank explains the plan a bit more to Scott and Luis, who don disguises to blend in with the workers at the hydroelectric plant. Scott takes a bundle out of the box he got from his home, placing it in his pocket.

As Scott and Luis make their way down to the dam (Luis marveling at how "lifelike" the LMD back at his house was), they notice a girl's camp along the way at the base of the river near the dam. Scott sees that this is the camp where they sent Cassie, but doesn't comment any further about it. They make their way to the dam and sneak into the place, beginning to place remote relay devices on key pieces of equipment. Things seem to be going there way, until Luis calls Scott over to his location, claiming that they have a problem. Scott comes over and sees the Ghost from before, staring at the both of them. Scott at first tries to reason with the Ghost, but the saboteur just punches him in the mouth, leading to both Scott and Luis running to get away. In the process of attempting to escape, they haphazardly place the remaining relay points in the wrong places. Their escape is stymied by the Ghost's ability to phase in and out of existence, and she and Scott get into a brief fight. Scott's body temporarily phases out when Ghost tries to punch him, allowing Luis to jump her from behind and allow Scott to escape. By now though they have attracted the attention of security in the power plant, Ghost fleeing from the scene and Luis being captured. Scott flees into a bathroom where he removes the radio transmitter he had connecting him to Hank and then hits a button, revealing it to be the Ant-Man suit he claimed he destroyed. Scott adopts the suit, ignoring the potential risks to him for using it, and goes and attempts to rescue Luis from the security guards. He is initially successful, but when Scott grows back to normal size he has an attack of his disease, disabling him. Luis again distracts the guards and allows Scott to escape. The guards give chase and Scott, not wanting to shrink too much, winds up jumping off the top of the dam and into the river below, shrinking just before hitting the water so that the impact doesn't kill him. He then grows back to normal size after regaining consciousness (after briefly nearly being eaten by a bunch of fish) and washes up on shore near where Cassie is camping out.

We cut to a security office inside the hydroelectric dam where Luis is being held, only to have SHIELD agent Jimmy Woo enter the room to conduct an interrogation. He says that for some reason ants were covering all the security footage of that day, so they don't have video evidence of Luis and his "accomplice", however if Luis were to turn over Scott Lang and the Ant-Man technology to SHIELD, then Agent Woo can arrange for charges to be dropped. Luis quickly makes up a story about being contacted by agents of Hank Pym that wanders off into tangents of some guy named Wade asking how the hell he wound up here, before circling back to being in the interrogation room. Woo tries to start again but gets a phone call from Agent Coulson interrupting the proceedings, which he leaves to take, as Luis is led to a jail cell. In Cassie's camp, we see the young girl practicing archery when she here's a voice coming from the bushes. She goes over and is surprised to find her father there, only half grown due to damage to his regulator. Cassie excuses herself from the lesson and goes with her father back to her cabin, asking him what in the world is going on. Scott tries to explain as best he can, saying that this is just a momentary thing and that he'll be home in time for her to return from camp. He and Cassie work together to fiddle with Scott's regulator enough for him to grow back to normal size. Scott feels another bout of his "condition" affecting him, but he manages to hide it from Cassie for now. He tells her thank you for the help and then heads off back to the Pym Laboratory.

Back at the lab, we see Scott come in, surprising Hank and company with his appearance, as they thought he had died diving in the river. Scott explains that they got the routers installed and they are ready to test the Quantum Tunnel, which hypes up Hank and Hope, as they are eager to find Janet. However, at that moment the Ghost attacks the laboratory, catching Scott and Hope off guard, and with Scott incapacitated by his condition, Ghost is able to disable Hope's suit and hold them all hostage. At some point, Hank gets a gun and points it at the Ghost, only for Bill Foster to sneak up from behind and drill Hank in the back of the head with a hard backed book. When Hank comes to, he finds himself, Scott and Hope tied up to chairs as Bill works on finishing the Quantum Tunnel. Hank tries to rip himself out of the ropes, but Bill apologetically says that won't work. They hear a clapping sound and are surprised to see Elihas Starr (whom Scott refers to as the Infomercial King) enter the room, thanking Bill for helping him secure this technology. Hank asks why the hell Bill would work with this guy, and before he can answer Elihas says he really didn't have a choice. It is at this point that Ghost removes her helmet, revealing the African-American lady underneath, as she calls Bill Dad. Bill explains, and we see in flashback, that shortly after Janet's accident he left SHIELD to join the private sector, working with Starr Enterprises founder and a former colleague of Hank and his, Anson Starr, in developing the Quantum Tunnel technology. While there, Bill met a woman named Jeannine, fell in love, and before long they were married with a daughter named Ava. As we see in flashback, the group attempted to activate the Quantum Tunnel on a test run, but resulted in an explosion that killed Jeannine and bombarded Ava with Quantum Particles. These particles destabilized her Quantum Signature, a condition that Anson helped stabilize with the suit that Ava now has to wear.

It is at this point that Elihas takes over the story, as he explains that when his father died, he inherited everything, including the keys to Ava's suit. Elihas holds up a remote and presses a button, deactivating the suit and immediately Ava falls to the ground in pain, her body phasing in and out of existence. Elihas reactivates the suit and her condition stabilizes, as Elihas explains that he has ordered Bill and Ava to work for him, sabotaging his competitors and stealing technology for him over the years in exchange for continued use of the suit. However this technology can fix all of that. Bill plans to use the Quantum Energy from the Tunnel to permanently stabilize Ava's condition. Hope says that much energy output could kill anything that's down there, including Janet. Bill says he knows the risk, but it's his daughter they are talking about, and Elihas says all he's interested in is all the wonderful PymTech he's going to be able to sell now. In the meantime though, the three of them are going to have to make due with simply being left on the doorstep of SHIELD as fugitives from the law, as he has contacted them and told them to find Hank Pym, Hope van Dyne, and an escaped surprise in the woods nearby. A couple of goons come in and knock out the Pyms and Scott, taking them out of the laboratory as Bill looks on with remorse.

We cut to Scott's house to find SHIELD agent Jimmy Woo knocking on the door en masse. The LMD Scott opens the door and asks the agent what's up, and Woo quickly explains that his sentence is being commuted: he's being called into action. He tells Scott that wherever he hid the Ant-Man suit to go get it and come with him. The LMD insists that he destroyed the suit, but Jimmy impatiently says that they have the wrong guy, he's just been here at his house. Woo explains that he knows that something is going on; they have Luis in custody, but Agent Coulson called him to bring in Scott. He knows they were at the dam earlier today, and they don't have time for these games. Again the LMD's default programming begins launching into the same explanations as before, but this time glitching slightly. Woo catches on to this and pulls out his taser suddenly, shooting the LMD and disabling it with a shot. Woo curses and says to put out an APB on Scott Lang immediately, but one of the other agents shows them they have a tip already, not too far from the dam. Woo says that's nearly five hours away, they need to get a move on. We cut back to the woods where the three heroes are tied up, Hope's suit seemingly disabled. Hank apologizes to both of them and swears he will make this right somehow, and Scott lambasts them for dragging him into this whole mess in the first place. He was happy where he was, and yeah his condition might suck but now he's going to die in prison instead of spending his last few months with his daughter. In the middle of his diatribe, Scott doesn't notice that his condition flares up, naturally slipping him out of the ropes that are holding him. Hank eventually clues him in to this fact, and Scott unties Hope and Hank.

The group quickly run back to the laboratory in an attempt to stop Foster and Starr from beginning the Quantum Transference. On the way they discuss the plan, and Scott says he has an idea. Inside, Foster is hooking Ava up to a machine, though Ava appears to be reluctant for the whole thing. Bill assures her that soon this whole nightmare will be over, she'll be cured and they can go back to their normal lives. Starr intercedes though, explaining that while she might be cured, it's not over for Bill, as he still needs to decipher all this Quantum Mumbo Jumbo into useful tech for him, or else he will spend the rest of [i]his[/i] life inside a SHIELD detention facility. Foster stands up to Starr, saying that spending a lifetime in the Raft is a better fate than serving a worthless slime like him. Elihas smirks and asks if the same could be said for his daughter; considering that she is just as culpable in industrial espionage as he is. Suddenly a proximity alarm sounds and they see on the outside cameras Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne attempting to break into his lab. Elihas tells his hired goons to go after Scott, but Bill says to watch out for their suits. Elihas tells Bill to relax, as he took out the regulator from Hope's suit and Scott's condition will keep him from shrinking as well. Suddenly, Elihas is knocked down by an unseen force to the floor. And he is freaked out when he sees an army of ants rushing at him. Elihas backs up to the floor, the remote for Ava's suit falling out of his hands, when Bill is tackled to the ground and put in a hammerlock, as his daughter is still strapped into the machine. Ant-Man suddenly appears from nowhere, only for the helmet to come off and for it to be revealed to be Hank in the suit.

As outside we see Scott and Hope make short work of the hired goons of Starr, Bill is amazed that Hank is the one in the suit, saying he thought he couldn't use it anymore. Hank replies that can't and won't are two very different things, as Scott has shown them today. Bill tries to plead his case to Hank, asking him what he would do if Hope were in Ava's position, and while Hank admits he sympathizes with Bill's plight, he can't condone this course of action. Bill tries to say its the only way, but Ava interrupts him, saying that she couldn't live with herself if she was responsible for killing anyone. Stealing industrial secrets to stay alive is one thing, killing an innocent person is another. Bill replies that they don't even know if Janet is down there, which cues Scott and Hope to come in and say they know she must be, but they have to be quick about it. Ava says that she will help them, and asks her dad to do the same. Hank takes off the Ant-Man suit, hands Hope the regulator on her suit and dons a different suit of his own. They climb into the finished Quantum Traversing vehicle and reroute power from the Hydroelectric dam, before engaging the Quantum Tunnel and disappearing into the Quantum Realm together. Scott pockets the Ant-Man suit and says that he'll stay up here and keep an eye on the knocked out Elihas, with Ava and Bill joining him.

Hank and Hope descend into the Quantum Realm, Hank commenting to Scott that he never mentioned how beautiful it all really is. The area is surrounded with multi-colored specks of light that are constantly shifting and altering themselves in seemingly random fashion (although as Hope observes it, she notes that their might even be a pattern to them). Microscopic Quantum Particles zigzag throughout the realm, and the vehicle has to maneuver around them, although Hank admits that they should be shielded from their affects inside the vehicle and in their suits. They follow a brief tracking signal tied to the Quantum Signature of Janet Van Dyne and head in that direction. Topside Elihas Starr has woken up to find himself disarmed and held at gunpoint. He tries to plead with Bill, only for Foster to say he never should have started working with him at all. Suddenly Scott's condition flares up, causing him to drop the gun and the remote that controls Ava's suit. Elihas grabs it and points the gun at Scott, holding Bill at bay with the remote. Ava tries to attack him, but he deactivates the suit, causing her to nearly dematerialize right then and there. He demands that Bill start deciphering this equipment right now, and Bill starts to agree, but Ava tells him not to do it. Frustrated, Elihas starts activating various controls at random, including redirecting the power flow from the hydroelectric dam. Bill tells him to stop, and Elihas demands his cooperation, which Bill reluctantly agrees to. Elihas reactivates his daughter's suit, but says next time its turned off it stays off for good. Before Scott can regain control of the situation, SHIELD agent Jimmy Woo comes in with several SHIELD officers. Elihas fakes his own complicity (with Woo being a huge fan of his products) and produces Scott Lang as he promised, as the Pyms vanished. Scott is arrested, though out of the corner of his eye he sees that, though the Tunnel has become self-sustaining, there is a feedback loop in progress at the dam.

Down in the Quantum Realm, they detect a nearby signal that is faintly similar to Janet's and set down the Lander. Hope and Hank travel out of the lander and wander around briefly, not travelling to far away. However, they are ambushed by a nearly unseen figure. This figure and Hope fight for a while, before Hope demands to know what they did with her mother. The fight stops as the figure removes her scarf, revealing herself to be an aged Janet van Dyne. Hope removes her helmet and Janet realizes this is her daughter, and then sees Hank as well. The family is reunited in the Quantum Realm, before returning into the Lander. Back in the forest Scott tries to convince Woo to help him, as he realized that the power overload at the dam will cause an explosion and flood the whole valley below them, namely the camp on the river where Cassie is staying. Woo says they have bigger problems right now than just a single camp, but doesn't elaborate. Scott says that there is nothing more important to him than his daughter, and fights to escape the cuffs, taking control of his condition long enough to phase through them and out of the moving car. The car stops and Woo is seemingly at a loss, wondering what happened, as he sees Scott's condition worsening. Scott says they need to get back and stop the explosion if they can, but barring that Woo can help evacuate the camp down below. Woo thinks about it and says he will, but then Scott has to come with him, which Scott agrees to. Woo and the SHIELD agents travel to the camp, while Scott finds an anthill nearby and shrinks down, taking control of the ants and flying back to the lab.

In the lab, Elihas says that they should go ahead and perform the procedure to stabilize Ava. Bill asks why he would allow that, and Elihas says its simple: it would eliminate Hank Pym and his family from the equation according to what he said earlier. Bill Says that he refuses to do anything like that, and proceeds to shut down the Quantum Tunnel. Inside the Quantum Realm, the group are preparing to ascend back through the Tunnel, when the computer tells them that the Tunnel has suddenly closed. Hank tries to call up to Scott to see what the matter is, but there is no response on the radio. Hope says to sit tight and maybe they had more power fluctuations, but Janet becomes worried as she sees something off in the distance. Hank is amazed as he sees several ships similar to his en route to intercept him. Without hesitation, Hank takes off in the Quantum Traverser, asking who the hell those guys are. Back in the lab, Bill and Ava finally have enough and confront Elihas, though Bill's punch is far from effective even against him. Ava fares better, stunning him, but is stopped by the controller being turned off, causing her to collapse in pain. Bill goes immediately to her, and Elihas says he warned Bill, as he smashes the controller on the ground with his foot. He then goes to the controls and prepares to overload the Quantum Tunnel, only for the routers in the dam to begin building up energy at the hydroelectric plant, with no one noticing the rising pressures. Elihas is frustrated by the lack of energy coming from the routers, when he is stung by a nearby ant. After smashing it, he turns and is distraught when he sees the whole swarm of ants coming for him, led by Scott. Scott grows and begins to fight Elihas in the top level, hindered by his condition at times. Back in the Quantum Realm, Janet explains that the ships pursuing them are part of a Quantum Civilization that has adapted and mutated to survive down here and to constant exposure to the random quantum particles. There is a loud explosion in back as their weapons hit, and Hope is temporarily exposed to some Quantum Particles, briefly. Janet tries to patch a makeshift comm system through the loud speakers on the Tunneling Vehicle. Eventually she speaks in some kind of Adamic language to ward them off, and they eventually break off their assault, with Hank saying they need to talk about everything they found down here. However, they are interrupted by the shrinking space of the realm, as their position begins to shift due to random occurence.

At the camp, Woo and his SHIELD agents have arrived and speak with a counselor to try and evacuate the camp. The counselor agrees, but says that a group of girls left earlier that morning for a hike up near the dam. Woo says that's bad, before getting back in his car and heading for the dam. We cut to the group of girls birdwatching in the foothills near the river, and up on the dam we can see cracks starting to form on the pipes inside, as the generators start to overload. In the lab, Scott manages to draw the power away from the dam with Bill's help, but is still having trouble fighting Starr as his condition worsens and he falls over to the ground. He looks at Ava as Starr gloats, telling her she can control her own destiny, and Ava focuses to try and reintegrate herself. As she does so, Elihas turns around and is knocked down with one punch. Scott gets back to his feet and says that Bill and he redirected the power, and the reactivate the Tunnel, keeping it self-sustaining. In the Quantum Realm, the traverser says that the portal has opened again, and the group begin their ascent from the rapidly changing landscape. Scott says everything is going well, but they suddenly hear an explosion coming from the Dam. Scott radios Woo and asks him if they got Cassie, and the SHIELD agent says they are on their way, but they are close to the dam. Scott says they won't get their in time, and he determinedly walks off, changing his regulator from shrinking to growth. Bill tries to stop him, saying that he will tear himself apart if he tries this, but Scott says he has no choice, just like Bill didn't have a choice. Scott jumps out of the window of the lab and grows into Giant Man, bounding through the forest quickly.

As Ava and Bill watch on, Elihas stands up in front of the Quantum Portal and pulls a gun out from his pocket, pointing it at Bill. He tells the two of them that it's been fun, but that the game is about to end. However, he is unceremoniously ended by the arrival of the returning Traversal Vehicle, which runs over him and crushes him flat. The vehicle opens and the three travelers get out, shutting down the Portal as they do so. Hank asks Bill what's going on, before seeing the giant Scott bounding through the forest. Hope immediately takes off after him, as Hank and Janet can only watch. Scott makes it to the dam just as more explosions start going off, and he struggles to hold the dam together and plug the growing leaks long enough for Woo to get the kids to higher ground. He can see his arms and legs fading briefly, but he mentally tries to hold himself together at the same time. On the ground, Cassie looks up at her father, mesmerized as Woo and his company of agents finally arrive and drag the kids away. Once they are clear, Scott let's go of the dam and allows the floodwaters to rush down. He shrinks back to normal size and collapses unconscious, but Hope grabs him in the air and brings him back to the lab, as his body continues to flicker.

In the lab, Hope sets Scott down gently on the ground as his condition worsens. Ava's condition as well has deteriorated, to the point where she is more of a flicker than anything. Janet says to let her try something, and she goes over to Scott, her hands glowing with Quantum Energy as she stabilizes him and stops his phasing. She tries to do the same to Ava, but admits her condition is too far gone for her to fix completely for now. Ava simply says thank you for all she did. Hank asks Janet how she did that, but Janet just shrugs, saying she had to mutate as well to survive in the Quantum Realm. Bill tries to apologize again, but Hank says it's not necessary. Suddenly Woo arrives with Cassie, who rushes in and hugs her father on the ground. Scott says he's ready to turn himself in, just as Woo gets a call from Agent Coulson, asking for a status report. Woo tells Coulson over the phone that he has yet to make contact with Scott or the Pym's, telling them afterwards to have a nice vacation. He does jest that it's not like the world will end tomorrow.

We then get a montage of Hank and Janet moving back into their home together, happy to be back with one another and with Hope. Bill and Ava continue to work on the Quantum Tunnel, bonding more as father and daughter. Luis is released from prison, and agrees to redo security for the hydroelectric company. Cassie returns to the camp, which thankfully wasn't completely destroyed, and Scott says he'll be home to greet her in a couple of days. Scott then gets a call from Hank, saying that Hope has something to tell him. Hope and Scott meet at the Pym residence, where she thanks Scott for everything. The two draw a bit closer and agree that they should remain good friends, before Hope plants a brief kiss on Scott's forehead, glad that he is still alive. Hank breaks up the "makeout session" before it gets too heated, and invites Scott to stay over for dinner. Scott says he will, but only if he's home by 9 for his curfew. The television (which has breaking news coverage of some sort of invasion) is turned off as the group sit down for a quiet picnic dinner inside a small tent, only for the camera to pan out and show the shrunken tent on a large pattio, guarded by a squadron of ants as we cut to credits.

Post Credits Scene

[We open on Scott back in the lab inside the Quantum Traversing Vehicle.]

Scott: Can you please tell me again why I have to be the one to go down there?

Hank: Because, Bill believes if we can get samples of Quantum Particles, then they might be able to cure Ava's condition or buy her more time.

Hope: And besides, you didn't get to go last time, it'll be fun.

Scott: Fun is apparently relative. Let's make it quick though...I need to be back home to meet Cassie in a few hours.

[Janet finishes some calculations on the computers.]

Janet: It should be brief. I've retrofitted the Traveler with a Quantum Energy Collector, which should work in a jiffy. While you're down there though, be sure to avoid the Micronauts...and if you come across a Time Vortex, stay as far away as you can.

Scott: Got bots and no vortexes.

Hank: Vortices...the plural of vortex is....never mind.

[They activate the countdown and Scott shrinks down in the Traveler. He collects the Quantum Energy and prepares to ascend, only for the power to suddenly cut out and the portal to shut down. Scott calls back to the group on the radio.]

Scott: Okay guys this isn't funny...Hank....Janet....Hope...somebody up their answer! Hello? Hello?

[Scott continues to yell hello, but we segue into Cassie at the Lang household yelling out herself.]

Cassie: Dad? Dad??? Is anyone home? DAD! DAD!!

[Cassie continues to search as we cut back to the Pym laboratory, to find Hank, Hope and Janet have all been turned to dust, killed by Thanos' snap as we fade to black.]

Summary of Changes

  • Rather than an ant, Scott is temporarily replaced by an LMD in the film to fool SHIELD agents briefly.
  • Kurt, Dave, and Cassie's mother are not seen in the film, though mention is made of the former two, hinting at events for a future Captain Britain film.
  • The bulk of the film takes place in a California forest rather than San Francisco.
  • Scott is given the same condition as Ghost, a side effect of his unexpected travel to the Quantum Realm in the previous film.
  • The main villain, Elihas Starr, is a failing industrialist as opposed to an arms dealer as Sonny Burch was in the mainline film.
  • Ghost is less of an antagonist in the film, and Bill Foster is given a larger role in the resolution of the film. Ghost's backstory is also changed to be Bill's daughter, as opposed to a girl he adopted to take care of.
  • Agent Woo knows Scott broke his house arrest, and let's him off the hook instead.
  • We see Cassie in the aftermath of Scott's disappearance in the post-credits scene, helping to set up events for Infinity Gauntlet.
  • The Micronauts are mentioned and briefly seen in the film, though details are scarce about them.

Cast List

  • Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man- A former thief and security expert who utilizes a special suit to shrink to the size of an Ant while retaining his strength and mass. Also is under house arrest following the events of Civil War.
  • Evangeline Lilly as Hope van Dyne/The Wasp- The daughter of the original Ant-Man and Wasp, who uses a newly created prototype suit similar to the Ant-Man suit to try and help her father reunite with her mother.
  • Michael Douglas as Henry "Hank" Pym- The original Ant-Man and creator of the Pym Particles, which allow for shrinking technology. Trying to find a way to safely enter the Quantum Realm and retrieve his wife.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet Van Dyne- The original Wasp, who was trapped in the Quantum Realm after deliberately altering her suit to shrink to subatomic levels.
  • Laurence Fishburne as Bill Foster- A former SHIELD scientist and director, who helped Hank Pym develop the Ant-Man technology.
  • Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost/Ava Foster- An unknown assassin who has her own plans for the Quantum technologies Hank Pym is developing. Is revealed to be the daughter of Bill Foster.
  • Jim Carrey as Elihas Starr- The so-called "Infomercial King", who's father was a colleague and rival to Hank Pym, who's company has been in decline in recent years.
  • Michael Pena as Luis- A former burglar who helps Scott on missions, when the occasion warrants it.
  • Abby Ryder Forsten as Cassie Lang- The daughter of Scott Lang, currently in his custody since his ex-wife is on her honeymoon overseas.
  • Randall Park as James "Jimmy" Woo- A SHIELD agent assigned to monitor Scott's house arrest, and later retrieve Scott at the behest of Tony Stark.

Clark Gregg makes a cameo appearance as Agent Phil Coulson. Joe Spano plays Anson Starr, the father of Elihas Starr while Tika Sumpter plays Jeannie Foster, the wife of Bill Foster, in a flashback scene. Patricia Arquette is seen in archive footage as Scott's ex-wife Maggie. Stan Lee cameos as a man looking for a bathroom in Hank Pym's portable laboratory.


Critical Reception

Ant-Man and the Wasp received mostly positive reviews upon its release, surpassing the reviews of its immediate predecessor. The review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes scored the film at 87% with an average score of 7.6 out of 10. The site's critical consensus reads "Buoyed by the effortless charm of Paul Rudd and working on a surprisingly touching father-daughter dynamic, Ant-Man and the Wasp is a thoughtful pallet cleanser for the Marvel Cinematic Universe." Critics praised the overall story of the film as well as Paul Rudd's performance, while somewhat criticizing the lack of action in the film.

Box Office Reception

The film grossed over $216 million dollars in the United States on its way to a total worldwide gross of $622.5 million. This was a large improvement over its predecessor, outgrossing it worldwide by over $100 million dollars.

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