Another Girl, Another Planet
Season 3, Episode 3
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Airdate 7/21/2018
Written by Bridgetterocks
Directed by Bridgetterocks
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This chapter belongs to Marvel's Young Avengers's Season Three "Kree-Skrull War" Arc

Another Girl, Another Planet is the third episode of Marvel's Young Avengers' Season Three and the twenty-third episode overall.


Previously on Marvel's Young Avengers

-Now I want to protect Earth… From both Skrulls and Kree.- Noh-Varr told Kate Bishop in his ship.

Sinara remotely controlled her orbs and sent them against Stature’s foot, making a deep wound. Speed started running after her at full speed, desperate to get Kate. Smirking, Sinara sent her orbs towards him, and while he dodge a fatal penetration, one of the silver weapons slashed through his right leg, making him trip and fall from the fire escape.

-You did a wonderful job, Sinara.- He smiled, as he saw Kate being pushed to him by Hek-Sel. -What is your name, Terran?-

-My name is Katherine Bishop.-

-What are we going to do?- Speed asked Noh-Varr.

-Come with me if you want to be awesome.- Noh-Varr told the Young Avengers while standing on his ship, the Marvel.

-Cassie can’t move.- Prodigy said, looking up at his teammates.

-And Tommy’s still injured.- Wiccan pointed out.

-I’m fine!- Shepherd stood up with difficulty, but before he could take a second step, he tripped.

-You two go with him.- David nodded. -I’ll take care of them.-

-Your powers would come in handy against the Kree.- Billy looked at him. -I’ll stay.-

-But you’re the most powerful of ALL of us…- Alleyne argued. -You could take them down with a single thought.-

-We don’t have to take them down.- Kaplan shook his head. -Only get Kate. And you have virtually limitless knowledge, and can absorb even more.-

-Are you sure?- Hulkling asked, remembering the last time he and David were alone together.

-Yes. Now go, Kate needs you.-

Teddy kissed his boyfriend before getting inside the Marvel with Noh-Varr and Prodigy. The Kree/Skrull hybrid sat on the co-pilot seat, next to the Protector, as they took off.

In his ship, Kasius paced around Kate Bishop, who stood silently while looking into his eyes.

-Why were you with Noh-Varr?- He inquired.

-That is none of your business.- She muttered bitterly.

Sinara started fiddling with her silver orbs.

-I will ask once more. What were you doing with that… Traitor?-

-I will repeat once more, then. None of your business.-

Enraged, Sinara propelled her orbs at the human, but Kasius stopped her.

-No! Not… Not yet.- The Imperial shook his head, regaining his calm. -Maybe she would like to take a look outside.- He gestured at the window.

The Young Avenger took a couple steps forward until she finally saw what Kasius was showing her. The Marvel was approaching Kasius’ ship.

-We could obliterate him with a single shot. I doubt you want that, do you?-

Visibly emotional, Kate shook her head slightly.

-That is good.- Kasius nodded. -Now, why were you with him?-

-We… We were just hanging out.-

-Is he your romantic partner?- The Kree turned around violently.

-Uh… You… I don’t know what we are.-

-That is not an acceptable answer.- He looked at one of his subordinates. -Fire away.-

-Wait, no!- Kate stopped the Kree Reaper. -I will answer. You may consider him my… Romantic partner.-

-I see…- Kasius nodded, turning around to face the ship. -Open fire.-

-NO!- Kate tried to fight, but Hek-Sel held her tightly.

-I never said I would not destroy him.- Kasius smiled, walking to his seat. -Terrans are fascinating creatures, are they not?- He said.

No one replied.

-I asked something…- The Imperial muttered angrily.

-Yes, sir.- The Vicar, one of his subordinates, replied, followed by the others.

-Good.- The Kree nodded, pleased. -Get her ready.-

-Ready? Ready for what?- Kate asked, struggling to free herself from Hek-Sel’s grip. With the corner of her eye, she saw a woman with bright pink skin dressed in lilac robes and wearing gold makeup on her forehead. Suddenly, she understood. He wanted to make her his servitor.

Kate was thrown into a room, where her own robes and makeup were waiting. The woman she had seen earlier entered the room.

-Kasius welcomes you to his suites. My name is Bereet, I am here to help you get dressed accordingly.- She introduced herself. -Please take this opportunity to undress and clean yourself.-

-Wait, stop.- Hawkeye shook her head. -I don’t want to do this. Do you?-

-I have no other choice.- She shook her head. -Even those who had any sort of power were stripped from them with a control device implanted on their necks.-

-Do you have any powers?-

-I do not, and even if I did, a skilled surgeon would be required to extract the device.-

-There must be something we can do.-

-I am afraid there’s not…- The Krylorian shook her head. -We have tried.-

-Where are you from?-

-I am a Krylorian living in Xandar. You are a Terran, are you not?-

-Yes. I come from Earth.-

-I once knew a man from Terra. I hate saying this, but Kasius is right. Your race does have its charms.-

-Thank you…- The other smiled.

Suddenly, Hek-Sel walked inside the room. -What are you waiting for? Kasius demands your presence immediately.- He said sternly.

-She is not ready.- Bereet muttered.

-She can get dressed later. They intercepted the enemy ship.-

-Noh-Varr…- Kate whispered, as both women were dragged to where Kasius, Sinara and the rest of the Kree awaited Marvel Boy’s entrance.

-Why is she not dressed appropriately?!- Kasius yelled at Bereet.

-There was not enough time…-

-DO NOT TALK BACK TO ME!- He screamed. -KILL HER!- He ordered Sinara, whose silver orbs flew towards the Krylorian.

-STOP!- A voice was heard outside the room, as Noh-Varr walked in with Faulnak, Kasius’ brother.

-Brother…- Kasius muttered, as everyone in the room stopped and turned to look at the Kree. -W-What are you doing here?-

-What do you think I am doing?- The other Imperial asked. -You have broken every peace treaty the Kree Empire had! Enslaving Krylorians, are you out of your mind? The Nova Corps could look at it like a declaration of war!-

-I was trying to make things right… Earn Father’s respect.-

-You failed your mission. Your retreat cost us a strategic outpost to win the war against the Skrulls!-

-It was a suicide mission! There was no way I could have succeeded! I was cornered, outmanned, and overrun. Two of my trusted generals dead at my feet, enemies closing in.-

-And so you ran.-

-What option did I have?-

-Glory! Drink the Odium. Fight and die like any of the Kasius family name would have rather than fleeing with your low-born subordinate.-

The banished Kree looked down, and then up at his brother. -I wasted so much time on my knees, seeking your approval. No more.- He grabbed a kitchen knife and was ready to stab the other.



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