Quote1Why walk when you can fly, sugah?Quote2


Early Years

Annie Maria Carlyle is the daughter of Owen Carlyle and Maria Adler who took refuge in a small house in Mississippi after the end of World War II. She wasn't aware of her absorption power until she kissed a boy named Codie who fell into a coma for a month. Annie exiled herself from school and swore never to touch anyone again.

Meeting Mystique


Physical Appearance

Annie has a green shirt, black undershirt, and gray pants. She has long brown hair with a white streak, emerald green sneakers and a bandanna.

As Rogue, she has a green uniform, with a yellow vest, gloves and boots.


Annie is beautiful and smart with a great sense of humor, a heart of gold, an independent nature, and a lot of spirit. She usually has a good-natured, irreverent attitude. Annie occasionally refers to everyone even her enemies, as “hon” and “sugah” and speaks in a sassy Southern accent.

Annie deeply respects Professor Xavier, and generally gets along well with her fellow X-Men. Notably, she is fearless to call Wolverine names, insult him, yell at him, argue with him, or threaten to fight him whenever he annoys her or make her angry.

Powers and Abilities


  • Power Absorption: Annie can absorb the memories and powers of any mutant or human she comes into skin-to-skin contact with.


  • Instability: Annie lacks complete control of the powers she absorbs.


Annie uses gloves for not accidentally touching someone.


  • Rogue is voiced by Catherine Taber, who has previously portrayed the character in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse and Marvel Heroes.
  • Rogue's civilian clothing homages her Wolverine and the X-Men counterpart and her costume is based on her X-Men Forever counterpart.
  • Rogue's favorite cartoon is Transformers G1.


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