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Annabelle Lennox (Earth-7194)
Real Name
Annabelle Lennox
Current Alias




Young Avengers, New Warriors Squad; Formerly SWORD

Unknown Father (Deceased), Unknown Kree Mother


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly SWORD Orbital Headquarters




Brown, (Sandy)


Unusual Features
Eyes lacking pupils


Marital Status

Student; Formerly SWORD agent

High School

Human/Kree Hybrid

Place of Birth
Atlanta, Georgia


First appearance




Annabelle is the daughter of a SHIELD agent and female Kree agent posing as another agent for SHIELD, both who seemingly fell in love with one another. Though the female Kree initially took the human agent as her husband to further integrate into human society and keep her cover, she did genuinely fall in love with him. Eventually after the Age of Heroes passed, the two would eventually end up expecting a child, Annabelle who would come into a world of peace and where the two agents could spend some considerable time with her compared to the past.

Unfortunately, Annabelle only got to spend three short years with her parents before her father was killed during a raid of a weapon smuggling operation against organized crime. Though devastated by the loss, it was also bad timing in that Annabelle's mother was called back to Hala forcing her to make up a lie to fellow agents who took her daughter in before she disappeared. Following this, SHIELD began to realize something off about the child and discovered that her skin was taking on a gray tone which brought concern she might be powered. DNA results showed that she was in fact part alien, making them question if her father or mother were the alien in disguise all this time, but for now they decided she was best to go to SWORD who dealt with aliens often and this is where she would be raised.

With now being under the care of SWORD, Annabelle started training from a young age in how to use various martial arts, weapons, and how to be an overall agent. She trained with a handful of other young agents as she grew, some of them recruited from mainly pre-teens and few were like her in having no where else to go. Due to being with SWORD though Annabelle was initially told she was an enhanced they discovered at an orphanage as a child which was a resulting in her gray skin and her recently discover pyrokinesis, yet she had a sneaking suspicion like some of her friends among the junior agents that she too was alien in origin. Unfortunately, she wasn't entirely sure to which race she belonged and only that SWORD was keeping her in the dark like many.

Back on Earth

During her growing up on SWORD headquarters though, Annabelle also did learn of the exploits of many heroes, including some of which worked with SWORD at times. As a result she was one of the many young people who dreamed of using her abilities to help the world in a similar manner but resigned herself for the time being in helping to keep track of alien encounters and those ousted on Earth who might be intending harm or not. But after a time it seemed the chance to join the ranks of heroes came when Annabelle overheard the talk between Ita Santorem and a SWORD higher up of her joining the Avengers Academy.

Curious and excited at such a notion, Annabelle eventually left SWORD headquarters herself and made her way to Earth. Much to the surprise of staff she quickly enrolled into the academy since registration was open to anyone seeking to join, but much to the chagrin of Talon and Veris who recognized she was a Kree but for the time being have said nothing.

Powers and Abilities


  • Kree Physiology: Aside from her smokey gray skin and pupil-less purple eyes, Annabelle has inherited their physical characteristics as well. This can be especially seen in her skin being far denser than a normal human along with increase muscle flexibility seen among the Kree race.
    • Superhuman Strength: Annabelle's strength is twice that of any human woman, especially for a girl her age. Despite her slender lean body and slightly petite stature she can easily lift 2 tons with ease while anything slightly above that proves to put strain on her.
    • Superhuman Durability: Because of her denser skin and muscle, Annabelle is rather durable and can take quite a few strong punches as if they were nothing. A hit perhaps from a speeding car, though it could leave bruises and scratches or a little worse, might even be ignored for example. But unfortunately Annabelle is not bulletproof nor invincible, which means she can still easily be shot, stabbed, or even break bones. It just will take some force behind certain actions to cause some real damage, although she is not quite as durable as a true Kree.
    • Superhuman Endurance:Annabelle can withstand many things far longer than the average human. She is able to hold her breathe for longer periods of time, at the most 40 minutes if she must. She can also endure not having anything to eat or drink for two weeks before she starts to feel any effects from this such as becoming weak or dehydrated. And she is able endure a week without sleep and also able to continue several activities for long periods of time.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Annabelle's stamina is twice that of any human, especially the greatest human athlete. She can go continue several strenuous activities for at least 7 hours longer than a normal human can long before the fatigue toxins in her body begin to affect her and exhaustion to set in. Smaller and less energy exerting activities she can even go for the equal amount of time she could stay up.

Mutant Power:

  • White Fire Manipulation:A variant of Fire Manipulation, except for the fact that these flames are snow white in color and said to be stronger. In fact these flames are hot enough they tend to easily melt through most metals within minutes compared to normal flames that might take hours or days. Annabelle's flames are strong enough they can easily cause third-degree burns upon the first contact with these flames or burn right through the skin if exposed long enough. The flames in which she controls can burn to about 5600 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Fireballs:Like normal flames Annabelle can concentrate these flames into her hands or around her body to form spheres of flames or a ball shape. They can then be thrown at objects or opponents and normally can severely burn through a surface or cause explosions depending on what they come into contact with. They can often vary in size but Annabelle usually doesn't go beyond anything bigger than her head.
    • Fire stream:Annabelle creates streams of fire from various parts of her body. They can come from her hands, fingers, feet, elbows, and sometimes from her knees and mouth much like a fire breathe. These streams reach up to 15 feet away and generally can incinerate, melt, or scorch surfaces and anything within it's path. These streams can also be used for jet propulsion, usually being faced downward to lift herself in the air or faced behind her to allow Annabelle brief periods of flight for about a minute.
    • Fire Constructs:Annabelle can generally create anything that comes to her imagination. These can be animals, armor, tools, and many other things so long as she can picture every detail in her mind and shape her white flames into them. Usually large constructs can last up to twenty minutes while smaller constructs can last to about 40 minutes to an hour before she has to remake them or eventually exhausts herself.
    • Fiery Aura:Annabelle surrounds herself in her own flames or heats up her body to where she becomes hot to the touch, making it a kind of armor that prevents most from physically touching her and some objects usually melting before contact. This serves as a good defense and enhances her physical capabilities such as a heated touch, fire-empowered punches and kicks, and generating some of her abilities faster. Unfortunately, this only lasts for little over 5-10 minutes before Annabelle risks overheating her own body due to the temperatures she generates.
    • Fire Weapons:A variation of her constructs Annabelle can create different types of weapons just from her imagination and usually can be just as sharp or lethal as the real thing. The difference is that though solid they also are limited to how long they last. Usually this falls in the same time limit as other constructs.
    • Fire Shields:Annabelle can create several types of shields with her flames, some being constructs that she can solidify to endure most elemental and energy-based attacks but not so much for physical ones. She can also generate the shields into different shapes around herself and others when the time calls for it, such as domes, rectangles, diamonds, and a few others.
    • Heat/Fire Immunity:Annabelle is actually immune to most types of heat and fire, usually able to shrug off such things. She, however, is only immune to the maximum heat she herself can generate but is susceptible to temperatures that are much hotter than 5,600 degrees. This will then cause her to face heat exhaustion quicker or have to shield herself long enough she can escape or find a way to cool down.


  • Mixed Martial Arts: Annabelle was trained from a young age by SWORD in various forms of mixed martial arts. This ranges from Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Karate, Kickboxing, and some Baguashang all of which allow her to make full use of just about all her limbs from legs, shins, elbows, fingers, fists, and feet. She prefers the grappling techniques, common use of her punches and kicks, and throwing techniques which closely resemble her having a brawler-style of fighting. She ranges to having an Orange belt to first rank black belt level in her skill.
  • Expert Marksman: Annabelle has a near perfect accuracy when it comes to her aim, being able to throw or fire at targets for at least 7 out of 10 chance to hit them. She can throw objects, projectiles, or weapons from about twenty feet accurately and use a small firearm from about 150 yards without missing, unless obstacles or something else gets in the way. Any further she usually leaves up to chance or try to at least graze her target.
  • Weapons Expert: Again from a young age Annabelle has been taught to use a few different kinds of weapons, for both close and long range combat. She has shown to do quite well in using bladed weapons, especially the use of a pair of broad swords in which she is rather ambidextrous to be able to use both hands and can easily and effectively slash, stab, and block with a small dagger or knife. In fact, she can also use throwing knives to throw which her accuracy is again rather excellent from twenty feet away. She also has been able to learn to use a few different types of guns, especially revolvers, shotguns, and rifles, from loading them with different types of ammo to firing accurately with each one. Lastly she also has shown some skill in using whips, archery, and a Bo staff or spear though not quite as often as her swords and firearms.
  • Multilingual in various alien languages: Due to her affiliation with SWORD, Annabelle was also taught several different languages on record in their data base in the off chance she should run into them. Some of this includes Skrullix, Shi'ar, and unknowingly to her the Kree language, just to name a few.

Strength level

Annabelle's strength is twice that of any woman her age and height.


  • When it comes to her fire abilities Annabelle can risk generating too much heat around herself or within her body, causing heat exhaustion and could cause her to pass out and have some dehydration.
  • Using her White Fire Manipulation for long periods of time without a break can eventually cause Annabelle to because exhausted quicker than normal despite her Kree Physiology.
  • Unlike normal Kree, Annabelle must have oxygen in order to breathe comfortably and can withstand only a short time in a nitrogen rich environment before she becomes affected by it. In other words she can begin to lose consciousness or have similar symptoms to decompression sickness.
  • Annabelle also does not have the benefits of being a full Kree, her kree abilities being a lesser degree of what they can do.
  • In fact, Annabelle still has many weaknesses to a human, meaning she is much more vulnerable than the average Kree warrior would be.


Equipment: Varies
Transportation: Her own power, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: Her powers, varies


  • No special notes.


  • Annabelle is one of the few Kree hybrids among the Young Avengers who visibly resembles more to the Kree than human.
  • Annabelle seems to have a big weak spot for sweets.

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