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Angie McKay
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Unnamed mother and father


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X-Men Trainee

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Fusedtwilight, Grey Streaked Fur

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An Ordinary Life

Angie is one of the few mutants who enjoyed a very safe and very ordinary life, even after her mutation activated.

Angie had gotten into an argument with her parents because they would not let her go to a party. Angie threw a fit and wrecked the living room. Her parents (although shocked) were accepting of their daughters mutant nature, and like any loving parent they decided to ship her to Xavier's school so she would be safe; and learn to better control her powers.

Angie lost many friends when she decided to tell them why she was leaving. She was devastated when the people she considered her confidants abandoned her when they learned she was a mutant. But at Xavier's she would make a new life and new friends.

A Champion? Really?

Despite the betrayal of her old group, Angie found better friends in Megan Gwynn, Hope Abbott, Callie Betto and Alani Ryan who she quickly bonded with.

Angie clashed with some of the more self-important students like Julian Keller who judged their peers on the strength of their power. Because of her powers limitations many of the other students didn't pay much attention to Angie or feel she wasn't worth much. But this didn't phase Angie, she didn't let the opinions of spoiled narcissistic people bother her. When she wasn't hanging out with her close friends she could be found in the greenhouse taking care of the plants.

She was very surprised when Warren offered her a place on his team. She figured only those with more powerful abilities would be chosen for the teams. But Warren told her that although her powers were not the strongest her grounded personality was something he felt the X-Men (especially his team) would need.

Warren was well aware of the divide among the students. He believed this could not only help Angie grow as a person but also show the students the strength of ones mutant power was not what mattered.

After some thought Angie accepted and joined the Champions and after their mission to Germany to investigate rumors of an angel healing people at a church in Berlin, she found she rather enjoyed being a hero.

All good things come to an end

Angie's time to shine soon came under unfortunate circumstances when the Purifiers attacked the mansion. Angie and a group of students took refuge in the greenhouse where thanks to her knowledge of medicinal plants and the help of her friend Callie (Dryad) they were able to treat the wounded.

Angie was able to keep a level head and effectively took command of their group. When some of the Purifiers attacked. With Callie's help Angie was able to fend them off until help arrived. But Callie was severely injured and died in the fight.

After the Purifiers were either killed or captured the school was temporarily closed for repairs. But like all of the survivors, Angie found a new battle to fight.

Champions Until the End

After the events with the Purifiers, Angie had trouble returning home.

She suffered from PTSD and had to go see a therapist to help her cope. When Franziska, the mutant the Champions found in Germany visited Angie and was able to help her using her mental abilities.

When the school was reopened Angie was hesitant to return. But after much thought she decided to return and continue her training and become an X-Woman.

Powers and Abilities


Vortex Creation: Angie can manipulate the air around her into wind currents, usually around herself in tornado like forms. She has the ability to "ride" her tornadoes, giving her the appearance of a moving whirlwind. She can use her powers offensively by moving rocks and debris at high enough speed to gash through skin and even bones. The downside is that she constantly is at risk at hurting herself or her teammates with flying debris, hence the reason she always wears goggles, to protect her eyes.


Gardening- Angie is a skilled gardener. She can grow her own flowers and fruits and vegetables.

Botany- Angie is very knowledgeable about flora, she as enough skill to use them to heal or treat ailments or know what flowers are poisonous.

Strength level



Cold Weather: If the temperature is too cold Angie could suffer from hypothermia, as the wind chill she would create by using her powers could induce frostbite and hypothermia to herself and everyone near her.

Debris: When she is manipulating air currents she has to be careful she isn't harmed by any random debris picked up by her power.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: X-Jet
Weapons: None known.


  • No special notes.


  • Is modeled after Kaitlyn Dever.
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • She likes cheesy horror films
  • Favorite food is nachos
  • Favorite music 80's rock music
  • Favorite class are gardening and Biology
  • She dislikes romance movies, history class, rap music, crowded or loud places and mint candies.
  • Her code name comes from the beloved cartoon character the Tasmanian Devil.

Physical Description

Angie appears to be the typical Girl-Next-Door, with her brown hair and eyes and mousy appearance. She sometimes has dirt smeared on her cheeks or nose due to all the time she spends gardening. She is always seen wearing a pair of goggles, both for when she uses her powers and to keep dirt out of her eyes.


Angie is an old soul with the heart of a child. She can be wise beyond her years, but quickly balances that out with some of her childish pranks. She is no social butterfly, but can hold her own in a conversation. She can pretty blunt at times, even a bit rude, but she means no malice. She is diplomatic, preferring peace or avoidance over fighting. She is a logical, scientific minded individual. Angie has quite a knack for biology, knowing more about plant and animal life than most people. She loves gardening and studying plants. She may not look (or even act like it), but she is very intelligent.

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