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Current Alias

Angel, Anj, Firefly, Red



Hellfire Club (Hellions) and student of the Black Queen

Bartholomew Jones (father)
Nana (grandmother, deceased)


Base Of Operations
Massachusetts Academy, Snow Valley, Massachusetts






Marital Status

Adventurer, Student

Masters Degree in Physics



First appearance


Angelica Jones was a thirteen-year-old high school student who fell victim to a series of unfortunate events. She was bullied by the girls at her school, her beloved grandmother died suddenly, and Angelica was frightened to discover that she herself was manifesting a strange superhuman power to generate great heat. With her grandmother gone, Angelica lived alone with her father, who was unable to cope with helping Angelica deal with her new power. Angelica was desperately confused, lonely, and miserable.

Angelica was in fact a mutant, and her newly emerging mutant ability caused her presence to be detected by Cerebro, a machine designed by Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men, for the purpose of locating superhumanly powerful mutants. Cerebro functions by detecting the unusual waves of psionic energy emitted by all superhumanly powerful mutants. Angelica's presence was also registered by Multivac, a similar machine employed by Selene Gallio, the Black Queen of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Xavier and the X-Men attempted to pinpoint the unknown mutant's location in order to recruit her for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where he trained mutants in using their powers.

Meanwhile, Gallio did the same, hoping to enlist the unknown mutant in her school, where she could train her to use her powers in order to serve the sinister purposes of the Inner Circle. Selene reached Angelica and her father only moments before the X-Men could. Gallio, in her public role as headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy, a renowned private school, persuaded Angelica's father to send her there to receive the special help she needed.

A year later Angelica had made great progress in developing the use of her powers under the Black Queen's guidance. Angelica remained an innocent, unaware of the true malevolent nature of the Hellfire Club and the Black Queen. Angelica found some happiness at the Massachusetts Academy, and she was very grateful to Gallio for the kindness she often showed her. Selene gave Angelica the code name of Firestar.

Powers and Abilities


Firestar is a mutant.

Microwave Energy Generation: She has the ability to tap into Earth's electromagnetic field and convert it into microwave radiation emissions, which she can utilize in different ways. Microwaves are comparatively short waves of electromagnetic energy. Firestar continually absorbs microwave energy from her environment, including microwave energy from the stars, and continually broadcasts it at low levels.

  • Microwave Energy Manipulation: In order to use her microwave energy for specific purposes, Firestar must mentally concentrate, thus causing the microwaves to swirl about her body, creating a visible aura around her. In order to project the microwave energy towards a specific target, she must mentally "push" some of the energy swirling around her towards that target. She can focus microwaves on a specific target, and cause it to burst into flame, or explode, or melt. She can also sense microwave signals (such as cell-phone signals or even remote-control devices) and disrupt electronics with her own microwave emissions. The nature of Firestar's power grants her the capacity for large-scale destruction. However, she typically limits how much of her own power she accesses for fear of permanently damaging the planet, its atmosphere and electromagnetic field. In space, she is far less inhibited, and can access greater levels of ambient electromagnetic energy to fuel her powers.
  • Microwave Heat Emission: Firestar can use her microwave energy to generate intense heat. At this point she can already melt a metal object the size of a cannon almost instantly. She has flown towards a thick wall of solid rock and melted through it so quickly that she could continue flying right through the hole she had melted without pausing.
  • Microwave Flight: By super-heating the air around her, she can surround her self with an aura of flaming plasma, and if she projects her plasma aura downwards in a tightly focused stream, she can generate enough upward thrust to fly at high speeds. Firestar's powers appear to become more powerful when in space, and she was once able to power a massive stargate with virtually no effort. Her maximum speed has yet to be established, but she can already fly quite swiftly and maneuver in flight quite well. She can generate enough propulsive force to carry considerable weights to great heights at high speed.
  • Partial Microwave Emission Immunity: Firestar is apparently immune to most of the damaging effects of the microwaves she emits. Unlike most mutants, however, her immunity to her own power was not complete; she is in danger of rendering herself sterile.
  • Psionic Disruption: On rare occasions, Firestar has demonstrated the ability to disrupt the psionic powers of others using her own power. She is not immune to psychic assault, but when using microwave abilities at a high level she is capable of disrupting it though.

At present Firestar is still in the process of learning how to use her powers. Moreover, she is still quite young, and the strength of her powers will surely increase as she reaches adulthood. Hence, the full extent of Firestar's powers has yet to be determined.


None known.

Strength level

Firestar possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.


Firestar's powers do not grant her any particular immunity to the effects of intense heat other than that generated by her own microwave powers.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Flight through her powers.
Weapons: None known.


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