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Real Name
Andrew Todd Summers-Dane
Current Alias

Discharge, Hell's Circle Golden Boy



Hell's Circle; Formerly Young X-men, Avengers Academy Student Body

Alex Summers (Father), Lorna Dane (Mother)
Scott Summers, Gabriel Summers (Paternal Uncles), Pietro Maximoff (Maternal Uncle), Wanda Maximoff (Maternal Aunt), Anya Lehnsherr (Matenral Aunt, deceased), Billy Kaplan (Reincarnated Cousin), Thomas Shepard (Reincarnated Cousin), Eisenhardt Family Tree (Maternal relatives), Summers Family Tree (Paternal Relatives)


Base Of Operations
Hellfire Club Hollywood Mansion, Los Angeles California; Formerly Avengers Academy





Unusual Features
Hair is green which is a trait he inherited from his mother that is not a quirk of his actual mutation


Marital Status


Taught by both parents and Avengers Academy



First appearance



Quote1 Don't fall to pieces. Quote2
-- Andrew Summers-Dane

Early Life

Andrew is the son of the mutant heroes Alex Summers aka Havok and Lorna Dane aka Polaris, long time members of the X-men among others. The two had been in and out of love for sometime before they finally got back together and eventually married after the events of Avengers vs. X-men. Though, the two decided to come to the New Charles Xavier School so Havok could check on his brother and Lorna her father respectively, that was until changes began to happen. Not only did Lorna become pregnant with Andrew but Alex was secretly contacted by Steve Rogers to start coming up with a new team of Avengers involving humans and mutants. This continued for months, even shortly after the birth of their son.

Eventually, Alex revealed his decision to the school much to the anger of his brother who also had a son but Alex decided to leave, taking Lorna and Andrew with him when he was about a month old. The small family moved to Avengers Academy after that and enrolled Andrew who was trained among the rest of the students from a very young age. So while Havok became part of the Avengers Unity Division, Lorna helped at the Academy while Andrew focused on his studies. For years in fact it seemed Andrew was very much like his father in being out-going and happy, remaining close to his parents, making friends with other students, and proving to excel in his studies, especially piloting simulation. And it wasn't long before Andrew practically became what his uncle Scott and his father were known to be: the golden boy.

Andrew was a rule follower, an unintended leader, and excellent student for the entire time he was at the academy. He learned quickly, even to the point unlike his cousins he discovered his power by accident when training with his father. Having deep down always hoping to follow in his father's footsteps like any young man, he consciously tried to absorb some of the energy reserves his father had and much to his amazement and Alex's he did. Excited by this, it wasn't long before Andrew began training further in how to use his abilities, discovering they were much like his father's but at the time on a smaller scale. Eventually, Andrew also began going on missions with the rest of his class, getting some heroic missions under his belt despite it being minor street-level crime.

But it wouldn't be long that when he got to his late teen years that Andrew began to grow tired and worn out from being the "Golden Boy" of Avengers Academy. He even began to show signs of going against the ideals his parents once tried to instill in him, rather starting to share the views of his more radical uncle. But at one point Chris Summers, his cousin, contacted him personally about joining a team which seemed the perfect ticket to leave the Academy much to his parents' shock since he expected his cousin shared the same views.

But that wasn't exactly the case.

Golden Boy to Bad Boy

Accepting the invitation, Andrew returned to the New Charles Xavier school since he was born. And once he went with his cousin to meet the Young X-men for the first time he had high hopes. Though that shattered when Chris went into greater detail of what he was trying to accomplish, causing Andrew utter disbelief and triggering an argument between the two. Feeling his cousin was helping a far inferior race like Scott and Magneto had both preached Andrew left the team immediately, being one of the first members before the team had fully come together to leave.

A few months later after laying low for a while, Andrew happened across Carey Gallio by chance. At first wary due to his last name and parentage, it wasn't long before Carey peaked his interest when telling him about his own team and organization, being more akin to what he had been searching for. Deciding to give it a chance, Andrew came to the headquarters and eventually decided to join the team officially where he also met his unexpected cousin, Shy'ra Neranami, whom he found a more kindred spirit compared to Chris who he once viewed as a brother.

Powers and Abilities


  • Ambient Energy Absorption:Andrew can consciously absorb energy from his surroundings, making his body a living energy cell in which it can be stored. This energy ranges from any energy in the immediate vicinity of Andrew that can be visible and invisible to the naked eye, allowing his body to use it to supplement his energy based powers. It gives him the following known powers:
    • Plasma Emanation:Like his father before him, the energy Andrew absorbs becomes plasma energy. This plasma can then be shot or emanate from Andrew from any part of his body, having a concentric circle pattern but usually are difficult to control. The energy he releases is usually in a single discharge and continues in all directions unless he concentrates it to one single area but requires his regulators to help. With this power, Andrew is capable of causing objects or beings to shatter, explode, or disintegrate but can direct it at various levels.
    • Ergokinetic Combat:With the use of the energy he absorbs, Andrew can enhance his physical conditioning. He can increase his strength, durability, stamina, and endurance for short periods of time, something of which he learned from his cousin, Shy'ra. Unlike his cousin though, he can only use this for short periods of time since he must consciously keep absorbing energy in order to maintain these enhancements.
  • Metal Manipulation:Andrew also discovered recently he has a secondary mutation in allowing him to manipulate metal through physical contact or psionic means. This metal must already exist for Andrew to use this power but is not limited to man-made or natural ores, having shown he can manipulate both. He can shape them into different constructs, infuse them into his clothes or suit to enhance the durability, and change the solid state to a liquid one. Andrew is also capable of detecting metals within his vicinity, normally roughly within 20 feet.


  • Expert Martial Artist:Andrew has been extensively trained by his father and those at Avengers Academy in various martial art styles and some street-based fighting.
  • Aviation:Andrew has had training in being able to pilot various aircrafts, seeming to have inherited the family trait from his grandfather, Christopher Summers.
  • Natural Leader:Andrew has something of a natural ability to take on a leader role. He normally does not make use of this skill but has shown to have no trouble being able to take it when needed.
  • Decent Tactician:Andrew has also shown some skill in being able to think up strategies and ideas, but still has room to improve.

Strength level

Andrew has the average strength of a man his age, height, and weight.


  • Andrew's Plasma emanation is not in his complete control, requiring different types of regulators to be built into his suit.
  • Andrew must consciously absorb sources of energy compared to his father's continuous gathering of them naturally.
  • He also has shown to have a severe allergy to peanuts and fish.



  • Much like his father, Andrew requires regulators of various kinds to help better focus his abilities which can be found in the chest piece of his suit, in the gauntlets, and his knees and belt.
    • Though he also has a visor vaguely resembling his uncle Scott's visor, allowing him to also focus the plasma energy through his eyes.
  • Earwig Communicator

Transportation: Carey's or Zuras's teleportation, Hell's Circle jeeps, Hell's Circle jet
Weapons: His powers


  • Is a What If? idea if Polaris and Havok were to have a child.


  • Andrew's names come from his father's adoptive family, namely Alex's adoptive father Andrew and adoptive brother Todd.
  • Andrew has expressed interest in becoming a pilot someday or joining the Air Force.

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