Andrew "Lunar" Howlett is a genetic clone of James "Logan" Howlett and Ororo Munroe created by Hydra.



Final Lunatic

X-41 was first created by Hydra as a way to have a version of Wolverine that could use elemental claws. Unfortunately, the two mutations mixed inside of him making it so that instead of becoming an animalistic mutant with power over weather, he became a mutant werewolf that used the power of the moon. Andrew though was only able to go into full wolf form during the night of a full moon, so the organization saw him as a falure of a weapon and tried to have him put down, but it was a full moon. Andrew shifted into wolf form to kill all the guards and escape. He was soon found by Wolverine in the forests of Canada, and after finding out who he was, he decided that he didn't deserve any of the pain he went through, and after a little bit of bonding, Logan decided to name him Andrew instead of just X-41.


Lunatic venom

Lunatic at the beginning.

After a while of living the good life, Andrew found out that he was being hunted by Hydra and decided to go back to the States for more protection. He later ended up in New York City, where he witnessed Carnage going on a rampage. As Carnage was having his fun, he sensed the potential of a strong minion in Andrew and decided to give the boy his next spawn. The plan backfired, however, because as soon as Andrew got attached to the symbiote it took the shape of a black werewolf that resembled Venom at first. Andrew beat Carnage to the ground, while also killing the Hydra agents that were in the area.

Andrew later ended up in a forest wrestling with the symbiote for control of his body. During the struggle, Andrew discovered a move he didn't know he could do before, which he decided to call Sonic Howl, and used it to take control of the symbiote. Andrew knew that if he controlled it, it would hate him, so he decided to make friends with the alien instead of fighting it, and since their personalities mixed, he claimed that they were now known as Lunatic.


While not in the form of Lunatic, Andrew is a built African-American teenager with silver eyes and is usually seen in South Carolina clothing.


Mutant Physiology

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Senses
    • Enhanced Hearing
    • Enhanced Smell
  • Beast-like durability and ferocious monster fighting style
  • Energy Absorption
  • Sonic Howl

Symbiote Host

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