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Real Name
Ameisha Trinidad Watkins
Current Alias

Meisha, Mimi, Ameisha Frost, Miss Khione, Snow Princess, Ice Girl, Black Elsa, Ameisha Yoshida, Articuno




Lynn Watkins (mother)
Martin Watkins (father)
Tranika Watkins (older sister)
Ryouichirou Yoshida (Sunfire, husband)
Shiro Yoshida (father-in-law)
Emiko Yoshida (mother-in-law, deceased)
Rina Yoshida (Stargirl, sister-in-law)


Base Of Operations
New York City, New York, USA



Brown, Blue (after mutant powers surfaced)

Black, White (after mutant powers surfaced)

Unusual Features
Icy-blue eyes and silvery-white hair


Marital Status


Xavier School for the Gifted Youngsters graduate



First appearance


Quote1 Okay, y'all really need to chill out! Quote2
-- Khione

Khione was born Ameisha Trinidad Watkins to Lynn and Martin Watkins, the second of two daughters. She along with her older sister, Tranika, lived in the lavish neighborhood of Bel-Air in Los Angeles due to their father's career as a successful lawyer and their mother being a scientist and doctor, learning the biology of mutants and caring for them when in need.

By the time she had reached the age of four, Ameisha's powers began to surface as her bed was frozen and covered in snow, which frightened her a little bit, not to mention her hair changing from black to white and her brown eyes changing to blue. It caught the attention of her mother and sister. After being examined by her mother, Ameisha was told that she was a mutant and that brought more fear within her. Since then, her powers were kept secret from the public.

By the time she had turned seven, Ameisha and her family moved to New York City, where they stayed in the nicer parts of the city. As Ameisha attended school, she started to encounter some school bullies who picked on her because of her unusual hair and eye color, and it endured until she reached the fifth grade, when she was getting picked on by seventh graders until she finally snapped and unleashed her ice powers in front of the entire school. This caused outcry from many parents and she was barred from coming to school, which angered her parents, igniting harsh confrontation.

The incident caused Ameisha to hate herself because of her powers and she believed that all of the kids would hate her because of them. However, her parents were visited by Professor Charles Xavier and was offered an invitation to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, which Ameisha reluctantly agreed to.

In her first year, Ameisha was a bit skeptical due to her ice powers, but she soon discovers other mutants like her and they all welcomed her in open arms. But she still felt insecure due to her powers and she began to distance herself until she meets veteran X-Man, Bobby Drake a.k.a. Iceman, who explained to her his struggles with his own ice powers and how it made him the person he is.

Hearing his story, Ameisha began to accept her powers as she started to make friends and master her powers such as projecting ice projectiles and construct shields and weapons, prompting many of her peers to dub her in many names such as Ice Girl and Ameisha Frost until Iceman gives her the name 'Miss Khione', naming her after the Greek goddess of snow. Eventually, Ameisha dropped the 'Miss' and just referred to herself as Khione.

After graduating from the Xavier Institute, Ameisha decided to fight as a vigilante as well and along the way, she got romantically involved with Ryouichirou Yoshida, the son of Shiro Yoshida, a.k.a. Sunfire, and married him eventually.

Powers & Abilities


Cryokinesis: This ability allows Ameisha to project and manipulate snow, ice, and cold temperature developed from her X-Gene. She even has the advantage to freeze any liquid into super-hard ice and even project ice bolts and even construct ice weaponry and shields. It is also shown that she can even create blizzards and can fly by charging the ice energy within her whole body.

  • Ice Bolt Projection: Ameisha can fire ice projectiles which can stun, freeze, or injure any enemy that comes close contact. It is her primary ability she uses when in combat and it can give a very cold effect once she hits her enemy with this ability.
  • Ice Beam Emission: Ameisha has the ability to fire a great beam of ice energy which can freeze anything that comes into contact with and she can use it to knock away enemies without even freezing them.
  • Ice Weaponry: Ameisha has the liberty to construct weaponry created from ice and snow such as swords or spears for combat when she chooses not to use her powers.
  • Ice Shield Construction: Through her Ice Weaponry, Ameisha can construct a shield made out of ice to protect herself and her allies from any incoming enemy attacks.
  • Flight: By channeling all of the cryokinetic energy within her body, Ameisha can fly through the air in rapid speed.
  • Cold Immunity: Ameisha is immune to the cold temperature below zero. If she travels to Antartica which is in extreme freezing temperature, she is unaffected. This includes cold winter days in New York City.


Aside from her ice powers, Ameisha often spends her time designing clothes for she is an aspiring fashion designer.

Strength level



  • Heat: Ameisha is very vulnerable to heat since she is a mutant with ice powers. However, she isn't affected by Ryouichiro's heat due to her romantic bond towards him.


Equipment: Her X-suit she designed herself.
Transportation: None
Weapons: No official weapons. The weapons she uses are created from her ice powers.

Side Notes

  • Ameisha's hero name Khione comes from the Greek goddess, Khione who is said to control snow.
  • Ameisha's white hair and blue eyes are inspired by Elsa from the Disney movie, Frozen, hence her label 'Black Elsa,' which she hates.


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