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Marvel Girl

Amber Astrovik (Earth-7194)
Real Name
Amber Norma Astrovik
Current Alias
Marvel Girl

The New Justice, Ultra Girl II



Young Avengers, New Warriors Squad

Vance Astrovik (Father), Susanna Sherman (Mother), Arnold Astrovik (Paternal Grandfather, Deceased), Norma Astrovik (Paternal Grandmother, Deceased), Toby Sherman (Adoptive Maternal Grandfather), Barbara Sherman (Adoptive Maternal Grandmother), Jerry Astovik (Paternal Great Grandfather, Deceased), Katerina Astrovik (Paternal Great Grandmother, Deceased)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles California; Formerly New York City






Marital Status

Student, Vigilante

High School Level

3/4 Human, 1/3 Kree Hybrid with mutant genetics. Whether this mutant status stems only from her father or from both parents isn't known.

Place of Birth
New York City, New York


First appearance



Quote1.png Justice will prevail one way or another! Quote2.png
-- Amber Astrovik

Early Life

Amber is the daughter of two former New Warriors, Vance Astrovik AKA Justice and Susanna Sherman AKA Ultra-Girl. Born in New York City, she wasn't much different from many other offspring of heroes, being raised in an environment where she was exposed to their double lives. She lived a semi-normal life by being around normal, everyday citizens, going to school, being involved in different activities, and spending time with her family. But she also got to hear and see the exploits of her parents as they continued their careers in New York on street-level crime.

In awe of her parents as she grew, Amber begged for them to show her how to be a hero which at first her parents refused. Feeling she was too young they sought to first prepare her, enrolling her into combat classes and gymnastics while also asking a favor from some of the Kree that remained to body guard the family. Though it took a few years, Amber began to learn quickly and began to show signs of her own physical changes due to her hybrid physiology, causing some interest in her Kree instructors. At ten, it became clear Amber received many of her mother's physical superhuman abilities but on a weaker scale, convincing her parents she might have potential to be a hero and causing them to finally start teaching her the basics of being one.

It would be during the next five years that Amber began to slowly grow into her own person and hero. Using her unique physiology, she began helping her parents handle street crime and learned to balance this life with her normal one, realizing the difficulty it was to juggle between the two. If that wasn't difficult enough, Amber began seeking another goal: being a model. Where her mother never truly got that chance due to her bulkier body, Amber began sending audition photos to various modeling companies since unlike her mother Amber was only slightly muscular than most girls her age but not enough to attract some interest.

By fifteen, Amber began modeling locally at first, showing potential to being a true professional. But she still had additional responsibilities as a hero and tried to keep her identity secret compared to her parents, making use of a visor to hide her upper face and making her own costume to not completely stand out. Though, this would soon change following her modeling career.

Big shoes to Fill

When Vance and Susanna were contacted before the opening of Avengers Academy, they were told of the new hero school, having shown an interest in Amber joining. But they wouldn't mention this at first, taking time to consider their options and whether it would be worth it or not. Eventually though, it was decided that she would attend but they waited until Amber turned sixteen did they tell her about the academy, something that immediately captured her interest and seeing it as a next step to truly becoming a hero.

Recently, Amber has transferred to the Los Angeles school, taking up modeling there and has also shown her telekinetic ability. But Amber is also aware she has some big shoes to fill with the fact her parents having their own reputations and feels the need to make one for herself.

Powers and Abilities


  • Tactile Telekinesis:Much like her father, Amber can create a psychokinetic nimbus of telekinetic energy that surrounds her body. This energy appears visible as a free floating purple cloud or smoke that can be manipulated at will. Amber uses this energy to form a solid force field around herself, allowing her to have a second skin and first line of protection, being able to withstand superhumanly strong individuals and energy. She can extend this cloud however to surround objects and lift through mental focus, sending them flying or just to move them. She also has shown to be capable of surrounding others in this nimbus to protect them or lift them while also being able to simulate flight by lifting her own form. Amber has also shown to be able to change the density of the force field to withstand various levels of attacks.
  • Hybrid Physiology:Amber has a unique physiology of being a mix of Mutant and Kree origins. She shares the same abilities of her mother, a Mutant-Kree hybrid, but to a lesser extent due to her father being completely human and a mutant.
    • Enhanced Strength:Amber is able to lift 15 to 25 tons without strain and is able punch clear through steel and titanium easily.
    • Enhanced Reflexes:Amber has greater reflexes beyond the finest human athlete, allowing her to dodge low caliber bullets and close ranged attacks.
    • Enhanced Agility:Amber's agility, balance, and bodily corrdination are above the finest human athlete allowing Amber to perform difficult acrobatic maneuvers without problem where most would take years of training.
    • Enhanced Speed:Amber can run up to 80 mph minimum but can push her speed to being able to run 100 mph, being twice the speed of any human and most Kree.
    • Enhanced Stamina:Amber's body creates less fatigue toxins allowing her to exert herself for hours to days before she becomes impaired.
    • Enhanced Durability:Amber's bodily tissue and musculature is far stronger and tougher then any human or Kree. She is capable of taking strong impact forces and attacks from most superhumanly strong individuals with mild discomfort.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor:Amber's body can heal faster then a normal human or Kree. This allows for minor wounds to heal in moments to minutes while minor wounds may take a few days or few weeks. She also has shown to be capable of regenerating organs and limbs albeit it takes time.
    • Aura Sight:Like her mother, Amber can see the auras of others, being able to use it to decipher if they are human, mutant, or something else.


  • Master Hand-to-hand Combatant: Since she was young, Amber has been trained by her parents, the family's Kree Guards, and other teachers in various types of unarmed combat. As a result, Amber is already a formidable fighter in her own right.
  • Adept Researcher: Like her father, Amber loves to research various subjects especially heroes and history. She has shown herself to be quite a researcher and tends to look up different types of information that might be important for a situation.
  • Adept Gymnast: Since she was young, Amber has been involved in gymnastics and makes use of it in combination with her fighting, but not nearly as often and still needs work.

Strength level

Amber is capable of lifting 15-25 tons without strain, but can raise this to 30 tons when enhanced with her telekinesis.


  • Like her father, Amber suffers from nose bleeds with addition to dizziness for extended use of her telekinesis.
  • To effectively use her physical powers, Amber must be in peak physical condition and healthy otherwise being sick or poor health lessens her abilities.
  • Amber's abilities do not make her invincible, still being able to be injured or killed like a conventional Kree or human.



  • Earbud Communicator

Transportation: Her own powers, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: Her powers


  • Amber is a What if? idea if Justice and Ultra-girl were to have a child.


  • Amber is named in honor of Kree agent Ahmbra who protected Tsu-Zana earlier in life and after Vance's own mother, Norma.
  • Amber has stated she is interested in being an ambassador someday or continuing her modeling career.

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