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Official Name
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Base Of Operations
Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning, Salem, New York

Team Leader(s)
Northstar (advisor), Speed (field leader), formerly Blink

Current Members
Northstar, Darkveil, Triage, Dust, Speed, Ink, Quill

Former Members
Blink, DJ, Specter, the Spider

Other Xavier Institute training squads, Xavier Institute staff, X-Men

Xavier Institute training squad

Place of Formation
Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Salem, New York


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As the student body at the Xavier Institute grew dramatically, headmasters Cyclops and Emma Frost opted to organize the students into training squads, in addition to their studies, to ensure a more well-rounded and individualized education. Northstar, though a recent addition to the Xavier Institute, was given permission to have a squad, which he readily accepted. The students he chose were Eric Gitter, the tattooed titan Ink, Maxwell Jordan, the spunky and spiny Quill, and Dallas Gibson, the silent shadow Specter, and he was assigned charge over Thomas Shepherd, the silver streak Speed, his brother Mark, the musical marvel DJ, and Clarice Ferguson, the whimsical warping Blink. He dubbed his squad the Alphas, after his former teammates in Alpha Flight.

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Equipment: None known.
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Weapons: None known.


  • The Alphas are the Earth-166 counterparts of the Alpha Squadron (Earth-616). They were, however, heavily reimagined in almost every way, including lineup, costumes, and history, the most noteworthy fact being that the Alphas still operate in the present day.
  • Each teacher at the Xavier Institute had certain criteria for their students. Northstar was one of the only teachers who did not have criteria, though it is noteworthy that due to his time on Alpha Flight, he more readily accepted the few non-mutant members of the Xavier Institute.
    • This strong acceptance is what led him to accept Ink and Quill onto his squad.
    • He chose Speed because of their similar powersets, and since he demanded his brother was a package deal, he was accepted as well.
    • Specter was chosen due to the complimentary nature of his shadow powers and Northstar's light powers.
    • Blink was a wild card who was initially going to join Nightcrawler's squad, the Elves, but since Clarice was slightly uncomfortable with their similar powersets, she opted to join Northstar's squad instead. She often would engage in races with Northstar where they both used their powers, and he taught her control, which led to a close father-daughter relationship between the two.
  • The Alphas have the standard Xavier Institute student uniform for the most part. Their squad's difference, aside from their mentor's black and white color scheme, is that the large X on the chest had an extra four points to resemble the eight-pointed star on Northstar's costume.


During an as-of-yet-undetermined problem at the Institute, Northstar was consulted for help and secrecy by Speed, Ozone, Pinpoint, Contact, Basilisk, and Prodigy, and Northstar promised his secrecy, dubbing them honorary Alphas. This was a reference to the television show of the same name, which featured a cast similar to those students.

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