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Real Name
Current Alias

The Soulless One



Former member of the Carnosaurs

Tyrant King/Bio-rex (clone of)


Base Of Operations



Black, w/ vertically slitted red pupils


Unusual Features
Allorus’ entire body is reminiscent to that of a humanoid version of the extinct dinosaur Allosaurus. He has a tail that possesses a razor-sharp prong that can be used as a weapon. Unlike ancient Allosauruses, Allorus possesses black hair on his head. All of his body's scales are red.


Marital Status

Drifter; former professional criminal, would-be world conqueror

Possesses superhuman intellect

Cloned from the dinosaur-man Tyrant King

Michael Vis

First appearance

Bio-rex: The Untold Story #3


The immortal being known as Allorus was once the clone of the megalomaniacal super-dinosaur man known as the Tyrant King, created by him for the sole purpose of helping him carry out the Tyrant King’s master, Dark Overlord’s, sinister plans. Starting off well, Allorus was vicious in combat, mercilessly slaughtering anyone who got in his or the Tyrant King’s way. However, as the weeks passed, Allorus grew disillusioned with Dark Overlord’s sinister ambitions, and seemingly left without notice. He decided to try and become one of the good guys, going on a crimefighting rampage in an effort to become the greatest crimefighter ever. However, his campaign abruptly ended when he accidentally went into a “berserker mode” after getting mistakenly shot at by police and demolished an office building, killing everyone inside.

Thrilled at this, Dark Overlord sent the Tyrant King to offer him a deal: return to Dark Overlord’s side and be granted virtual immortality. Reluctantly, he agreed, and was granted immortality. However, as a part of his portion of the bargain, he also gave up his soul. Now virtually without moral, Allorus was easy to mold into the perfect minion. However, he had other plans, and betrayed the Tyrant King and Dark Overlord. Wondering throughout the world without a purpose, Allorus explored the world for two years, escaping federal authorities easily from the crimes he committed. Eventually landing on Long Island, he ran across the superhero Bluemoon, whom the Tyrant King had created after Allorus left to serve as a weapon against the superhero community.

Bluemoon, who thought Allorus looked very similar to the Tyrant King, attacked him. Allorus retaliated and a vicious fight ensued between them, destroying most of Long Island in the process. Eventually, Allorus explained that he was a clone of the Tyrant King, without a soul, without a purpose and not wishing to fight the ferocious werewolf anymore. Bluemoon listened to his story and was saddened by the fact that the Tyrant King had ruined another one’s life, especially a clone of himself. Letting Allorus go, Bluemoon was determined to make the Tyrant King pay for yet another life he had ruined.

Allorus, meanwhile, left to somewhere out in the west, where he eventually stumbled upon an abandoned military base, where he decided to find shelter for awhile. However, a few days later, the base was the site for an experimental nuclear bomb the government was working on. The radiation from the bomb altered Allorus’ mind, making him virtually mindless, and went on a rampage, killing everything he saw, including two aliens, a mother and a child who had just landed to Earth.

As Allorus viciously assaulted the mother alien, she placed the child within a metallic cocoon made magnetically from the spaceship they had crashed to Earth in. Content that Allorus could not get inside, she died with a smile. Allorus left the site, still in a mindless state. Unknown to Allorus, the cocoon would be captured by Bio-rex, who wished to add another partner to his team. The alien would grow to become Magnator, magnetic and metallic member of the Maximums. Allorus is currently missing, possibly having gone into hiding somewhere in the Canadian wilderness.

Powers and Abilities


Allorus is the clone of Bio-rex, the self-proclaimed Prehistoric Prince and the Master of the Evolutionary Tract. He possesses all dinosaur, prehistoric, and evolution-based powers. Allorus’ main power is the superhuman ability to metamorphisize into an Allosaurus, or any transitional stages between his normal form and Allosaurus. Allorus possesses superhuman strength of the Class 100+ caliber (even before he reverts to a feral state), stamina, durability, endurance, and resistance. He can throw tanks and battleships as if they were water balloons, punch through titanium-steel walls with a single punch, leap over three miles in a single bound, and use an entire skyscraper as a baseball bat. His stamina and endurance are phenomenal, due to the fact that his body has ceased to produce fatigue cells, the products that cause the body to become exhausted or tired. Allorus possesses phenomenal durability and resistance to nearly all forms of injury, due to his super hard and super dense scales. Allorus possesses an accelerated healing factor of extraordinary proportions that enables him to heal from nearly all injuries, from injured or missing tissues, brain cells, limbs, or organs, to a direct nuclear explosion.

Allorus possesses the ability to move at superhuman speed that has been recorded at over 250 mph on land, and agility and reflexes that have tested trained and superhuman experts like Cheetari or Stryker. However, he could never hope to match the speeds of Blackmoon, Bluemoon, or Quickbolt. He can run for indefinite periods of time without tiring, thanks to not being able to produce any fatigue cells.
Allorus possesses incredibly superhuman senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. His sight enables him to see good, but not perfectly in the dark. His snout can smell up to 2 miles in diameter and can detect invisible or camouflaged beings nearby. He can detect minute ingredients within substances or food with his superhuman taste. His superhuman sense of touch enables him to feel subtle changes of pressure in the atmosphere around him. And, although he lacks any real ears, his superhuman sense of hearing rivals that of Bio-rex, as he is able to hear whispers on the opposite side of a standard soundproof barrier.

Allorus possesses, like Bio-rex, the ability to project destructive vibrations by stomping the ground, either by performing an axe kick, or by jumping extremely high into the air and slamming the ground with his feet. The vibrations spread in any direction he chooses when he stomps, and mere waves have been known to level an entire town a mile wide. Allorus also possesses the ability to project destructive blasts and waves of sonic energy that are activated by roaring. The sonic roars are so powerful, they are able to level buildings without much difficulty and Allorus seems able to roar as long as he needs to with tiring or straining his vocal cords. Allorus’ skeletal structure, like Bio-rex’s, has been laced with the mystical indestructible metal known as Adamantine, making his bones unbreakable. He possesses retractable, 2-foot long, razor-sharp claws that are laced with the indestructible metal Adamantine, enabling him to slice through virtually any material, thanks not only to his indestructible claws, but the immense superhuman strength and force that he can exert behind his claws. These claws also enable him to climb up sheer surfaces as easily as a spider, by piercing said surfaces very quickly. His teeth are also laced with the metal Adamantine and are capable of biting through virtually any material as well. His jaws possess phenomenal physical strength, perhaps equal to the strength in the rest of his body, and are capable of latching onto any opponent or object without fear of losing his grip or hurting himself, and tearing them apart. Allorus possesses a superhumanly strong, razor-sharp, pronged, prehensile tail that has the force of a bullet train at full velocity. He is able to swing it up to 245 miles per hour. He is fully capable of using it as a completely prehensile appendage, able to grasp objects by moving the ends of the three prongs, by grasping with his full tail, use it as a blunt weapon, etc. Allorus’ molecular physiology has been altered to the point where it constantly shifts in response to outside stimuli. In laments terms, it enables his body to instantaneously adapt his body to any environmental changes or extremes, such as gaining gills and fins while underwater, pterodactyl-like wings when falling at a height very great, a special type of lung that converts normally toxic or harmful chemicals in the air into oxygen, etc. Usually, all of these adaptations are somehow connected to creatures from the prehistoric times (e.g. dinosaurs, pterodactyls, etc.) Allorus' skin is nearly impenetrable, like Bio-rex’s, making him invulnerable to nearly all forms of pain and injury. He has been gifted with virtual immortality and regenerates after virtually any death, and has come back as a living skeleton and to life on several occasions. Also, thanks to Dark Overlord, Allorus becomes virtually unkillable from the thing that killed him before by adapting and evolving.


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