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Real Name
Alistaire Alphonso Smythe
Spider-Slayer, The Ultimate Spider-Slayer, Alistair Smythe, William Lumpkin, The Superior, Miles Lydon, Micro



Rising Tide (formerly; defunct): Spider-Slayers (founder and leader; formerly); formerly Horizon Labs: Horizon University, Oscorp

Spencer Smythe (father), Mary Anne Smythe (mother; deceased)







Elite mercenary, former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent

Graduated in high-school at Midtown High, graduated in college, with five PhDs in biology, mechanical engineering and bio-engineering at Horizon University

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics:
Spider-Man Vol 1 19

(as Alistaire Smythe)
Modern Comics:
Spider-Man Vol 1 29

(as the Spider-Slayer)
Modern Comics:
Spider-Man Vol 1 85


Quote1 I do feel lucky... Very lucky, indeed! Quote2
-- Alistaire Smythe

Early Years

Alistaire Alphonso Smythe was the son of the acclaimed Oscorp scientists, Spencer Smythe and Mary Anne Smythe, Spencer's former lab assistant, years before their marriage. However, their marriage didn't last very long, as Mary unfortunately died months after giving birth to their son. Growing up, Alistaire dedicated his whole life to becoming a scientist, just like his parents, fulfilling the goals and achievements they had never accomplished.

Alistaire also studied at Midtown High School, where he was unfortunately looked down on by many due to his introverted and asocial personality, including his teachers and classmates, who ignored his intelligence and potential. However, some people did see the potential that he had, gaining him a few friends, most notably his fellow classmate, Peter Parker, who accepted him for who he was. Though from time to time he started to gain more confidence and self-esteem inside the campus, one day would change his life, especially his view on most people. After becoming a victim of a extremely humiliating prank, Alistaire became traumatized, causing him to have PTSD, which sadly lasted for several years of his life, making his father become fully concerned about his son.

As a result, his father Spencer decided to move their home to a different borough in the city of New York, moving from Queens to the more populated Manhattan. Alistaire also moved to a new academy in New York, which is the world-famous Horizon University, where he grew more productive and comfortable with his working environment. This is where Alistaire finished the rest of his high school education, and also where he enrolled for college. Alistaire lost some of his former friends, including Peter, although he gained more in the new academy, friends who he could relate more to.

The Rising Tide

During his time in college, Alistaire then secretly became a member of the Rising Tide due to personal reasons, which is an anonymous network of hacktivists dedicated to exposing the existence of superhumans and powered individuals. As a master hacktivist, Alistaire manages to get a promotion which got him a high-ranking position, founding and leading his own subdivision team, he dubbed the Spider-Slayers, after his originated code-name, the Spider-Slayer.

Alistaire also got the nickname of Spider-Slayer due to his never-ending curiosity and obsession on Queens' local friendly neighborhood hero, Spider-Man. Because of his outstanding and excellent performance leading his own team, the Spider-Slayers became a successful team, dedicating their works in tracking and studying everything about the web-slinger and anything else related about him, such as allies who trusted him the most and villains who despised him the most.

Familial Tragedy

Things were going smoothly for Alistaire, as he continued to live a stable and normal life that he could bear with. That is, until the events of the Chitauri Invasion changed everything, most especially his father, Spencer. During the disastrous Battle of New York, a part of the building Spencer was in unexpectedly collapses after getting damaged from the ensuing battle caused by the heroes against the upcoming threats of the Chitauri.

As the building collapsed, Spencer attempted to evacuate people from the building before it began to crumble. Later, Spencer and several other survivors were found by Spider-Man himself and the Defenders with his legs trapped underneath, and helped get Spencer out.

Spencer was rushed in to the hospital to get medical care by Alistaire who recently just received the news, though the lower halves of his legs and right arm had to be amputated, resulting in his to becoming helpless to continue and pursue his scientific career. Saddened and stressed by what happened to his father, Alistaire decided to continue most of his father's works in secret, and also research more on how to get Spencer to walk again and have him fully restored back to normal by studying more on bio-engineering and nanotechnology.

Despite his now busy schedule, it did not stop him from taking his time working as a hacktivist in the Rising Tide, as he needed more funds to obtain the materials he needed for his research to find a way to get his father back to a normal state, and he would do anything just to get the job done. Eventually, his research somehow started to match with Spider-Man himself, as he kept on studying more about his genetic structure and composition, resembling to those of an arachnid's. After figuring it all out, Alistaire decided to put their work into the open field using his own team in secret behind the Rising Tide's back, without their permission. Thinking it would be the best place to execute the mission, they planned their attack in New York City, and their main objective is to get Spider-Man's attention at any cause, and get a more recent sample of his blood.

Rise of the Spider-Slayers

Just months before their planned mission on the web-slinger, Alistaire manages to make a series of bio-organic carapace armored suits for his combat division, which he eventually dubbed the "S.L.A.Y.E.R."s, a series of genetically-enhanced, robotic suits designed to combat and even take down Spider-Man. It was later revealed that Alistaire got this inspiration of the robotic concepts from his father, who never really got to fully make it. During the mission, the team put on the suits (except for Alistaire, who wasn't in the field), and after a long-ensuing battle, they sadly failed to kill Spider-Man, and ended up getting destroyed and humiliated as a result, much to Alistaire's disappointment.

Despite their loss in combat against the web-slinger, the team still got a sample of Spider-Man's blood, making the mission a total success since that was their main objective after all. After the mission, Alistaire immediately continued his research and later, he finally completed it, creating a special serum out of the superhuman's blood. The effects of the serum seemingly fulfilled its main purpose at first, as he tested it on a lab rodent, although signs of negative side-effects had started occurring on the test subject overtime, little were they aware.

Similar to Doctor Curtis Connors' specialized serum that made him turn into the Lizard, the serum did fully regenerate the missing limbs, although as a result, it grew more limbs and it unexpectedly mutated until its form started to resemble an arachnid-like creature. Because of this, Alistaire had no other choice but to cancel this research his been working on for months, and start to work on a new idea on achieving cellular regeneration for the sake of treating his father's condition. Disappointed, Alistaire then decided to dispose the samples and the blueprints of his failed serum, although unknown to him, a fellow hacktivist found the samples in the disposable can after inspecting Alistaire's lab. As a result, he picked it up, kept all of it, and decided to tell this suspicious discovery to the superiors.

Ultimate War

Alistaire was one of the many individuals who did not participate in the chaos and destruction that was inflicted worldwide by the Movement Alliance during the events of the so-called Global Superhuman War. It is still unknown whether he continued his research for a cure in secret, or actually stayed in with his father at the secret bunker located at his childhood home, which he had claimed had also happened. After the war, he was still thankful nothing horrible happened to him and his father, the only family he still had left.

The Termination

Alistaire Smythe Earth-61615

Smythe, ultimately angered at his termination by the superiors of the Rising Tide

Before Alistaire could return back into the main headquarters of the Rising Tide, he was tracked down by one of his superior associates inside his apartment, only to question him about the formula that they've found on his laboratory. He also told him about the secret mission they accomplished with Spider-Man, though the superiors were not amused as they did it behind their backs. Alistaire tries to explain the whole story but even before he could do that, the superior told him that he's been fully terminated as a member of the Rising Tide.

Alistaire shouted and complained that they can't shut it down, since his team would be helpless without his leadership. As the superior leaves, he replied, stating that the Spider-Slayers have already been terminated, since the day his secrets were exposed to everyone at the agency. Unable to accept that he was terminated, Alistaire decided to decided to execute his "back-up" plan, starting off by jamming every device the superior was using at the time, before finally shooting him with a modified tranquilizer, loaded with the serum he first developed.

The superior falls down unconscious, before he started to have a rapid seizure as his appearance slowly deforms, transforming into a spider-like creature. Still unconscious, Alistaire pulled the body into one of the cells he had purposely built, located inside the same bunker he had been using as a secret laboratory. After his first stage was a complete success, he began to execute the new mission he had been planning for so long, the one so-called "The Smythe Protocol."

The Smythe Protocol

After a few weeks of hard work and non-stop effort, Alistaire was able to rise into great power, in which thanks to his now-monsterfied superior's every secret knowledge and secret information about the Rising Tide, he was able to successfully but indirectly take over the entire Rising Tide, after unexpectedly infiltrating and shattering the entirety of the organization in the process, irreversibly splitting the entire organization into countless factions, where each and every subdivision team became an independent splinter group, having new personal agendas on their own, now that the superiors of the organization have become very helpless since Smythe was able to drastically and irreparably dismantle the Rising Tide. This unforgettable consequence of Alistaire also gave him the upper advantage in speeding up the process and the progress of the Smythe Protocol by getting back and taking over his founding subdivision team once more, the Spider-Slayers.

Having taken over the Spider-Slayers once more, Alistaire finally has everything that he needed in fulfilling the protocol in order to fully complete his work. However, only after a few months later, Smythe's eventually ended after the legislative bill, which was now known as the Superhuman Registration Act, was finally passed into law in the United States of America by the sanction of the United Nations, enforcing the mandatory registration of super-powered individuals with the government. This specific action of the government then drastically ignited the entire superhuman community, creating an impactful conflict between the supporters and the opposers of the act, a conflict now known as the Superhuman Civil War. At first, Alistaire and the rest of the Rising Tide had thought that the effects of this registration act would still leave his unaffected, believing that this would only apply throughout the superhuman population across the entire globe.

That is when he has now come into facing great challenge and jeopardy, after revealing that one of the Pro-Registration Act's greatest and most loyal supporters, S.H.I.E.L.D., was concurrently chasing after all known rogue organizations throughout the country, and that included all the Rising Tide's remaining and surviving subdivision groups, such as Smythe's Spider-Slayers. Hearing upon this unexpected change, Alistaire breaks down in tears as he was shrouded with doubts and disbelief, realizing that there's a most likely chance that he won't be able to complete the protocol itself, where he wouldn't able to save his father once it truly happens. However, at a moment of clarity, Alistaire snapped out of his emotional state and realizes that he still has got some work to do for the sake of his father, pointing out that nothing would get done if he would just keep on sobbing at his own problems.

Final Mission

Alistaire continues his final mission nonetheless, trying to keep his best on staying off the grid by hiding at the undiscovered and abandoned bases of the Rising Tide where he used many different aliases to keep his cover from getting exposed, as he is tasked to track down Spider-Man once more and get more proper samples of the web-slinger's blood and with it, use the tools and equipment he had invented to stabilize the process of his experimentation, in order reduce its negative effects on the test subjects and potentially, the serum's next officially users, most notably his handicapped father Spencer. With his urgent task to hunt down the Spider, he has once again remotely activated his miniaturized S.L.A.Y.E.R.s, dubbed the Arachno-Drones, across New York, letting the latter spread out for days as they search for Spider-Man's whereabouts.

Much to Alistaire's delight, one of the drones was watching the clash between the Pro-Registration and the Anti-Registration forces somewhere in Manhattan, leading to him finally discovering Spider-Man's current location, to which he immediately tracked down afterwards, revealing that he has chosen to suit up his biorganic carapace armored suit, something he now officially names the Spider-Slayer as he embrace his villainous persona, his last greatest invention, in the mission that even he himself was sadly expecting to be his last one, once after he he has finally accomplished his goal in restoring his father back to his normal condition and well being.

Wearing his upgraded combat suit, he aggressively ambushed the web-slinger at the roof of a building, igniting an unexpected battle between the two. During the duel, Spider-Man recognized the suit due his past encounters with the S.L.A.Y.E.R.s, but was felt too powerless to defend himself and tried to confront the man inside the suit when Alistaire revealed that he already knew that ethyl chloride was actually a weakness to the web-slinger since he first studied his blood. Heavily weakened by the chemical compound, Spider-Man was brutally knocked down by the Spider-Slayer, claiming that although he won't be killing him, but he would at least beat him until he gets unconscious. Alistaire then abducts Spider-Man, but not before unmasking him and confirming that the slinger was indeed Peter Parker, taking him back to his secret lab as part of his ultimate experiment.

No Turning Back

Back to the main lab, Alistaire had Spider-Man strapped and locked into a chamber as the former uses more of his blood to continue his experiment on the regenerative serum he was already working on. A drained Parker wakes up to find himself inside the chamber, to which he immediately questions the man his main reason to why he's doing this to begin with. Smythe didn't respond, but when Parker furiously asked him to who he was, Smythe has now shown his face to Parker, answering he was just a man trying to save his helpless and dying father, much to Parker's surprise that led to the latter sympathizing with his old friend at the moment.

Peter then offered to help Alistaire in treating his father in the right way, but pleads to stop, telling him that what he's doing is not right and that he has gone mad due to his father's condition. Although Alistaire felt convinced by Parker's friendly offer, he subsequently realizes the current situation he's in, before madly rejecting his alternative help, with Alistaire claiming that there is no turning back now. At the same moment, Alistaire had discovered that the latest version of the serum has finished its development, and with it, the latter has counteracted all the negative side-effects the previous sample had, all thanks to Parker's synthesized blood. Alistaire was filled with euphoria and overall satisfaction in his accomplishment, and is now prepared to leave the lab on the way to his father's home to cure him as soon as possible.

However, bad luck itself seemed to have come to Alistaire first after he and his hidden location found out to be discovered by a S.H.I.E.L.D. tactical unit, something they've been tracking for the past seventeen hours since the brief but destructive battle on Manhattan. During their confrontation, Alistaire and Peter (now masked back to being Spider-Man) set their differences aside, reluctantly joining forces as they defend themselves from the grasps of the domineering agents and escape the scene. Carrying the only sample of the updated serum, Alistaire was now being accompanied by Parker himself as they swiftly travel to his father's home in Brooklyn, showing that they've become situational allies until Alistaire has finally extracted the serum to his father.

Last Moments

Overcoming almost every obstacle S.H.I.E.L.D. has set against them, the two were now so much close to reaching where Spencer Smythe was. Unfortunate to Parker, that moment was inevitably interrupted by the worst possible case scenario neither of them were expecting. By the very second Alistaire had reached the door to his father's house, Alistaire's world had instantly crumbled seeing the protective container holding the regenerative serum shatter into pieces by an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent's specialized bullet. Parker was heavily shocked to see Alistaire's greatest goal and achievement fade before his eyes.

Entering an uncontrollable fit of berserk, Smythe was driven mad to the point were he started slaughtering most of the S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives who still tried to apprehend him and Spider-Man. Parker even tried to stop the raging Smythe in hopes of calming him down, but the Spider Slayer was just deemed to be unstoppable for them to handle. With no one else but Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. on stopping Spider-Slayer. No matter how hard Parker tried to confront Alistaire, his efforts could no longer prevail. And that was the moment, S.H.I.E.L.D. Deputy Director Maria Hill herself had no other choice but to send in the Tinkerer, the only best hope they have in combating the Spider-Slayer. Using his effective invention against Alistaire, the latter was immediately weakened by Mason's powerful electromagnetic pulse, which critically damaged his suit in the process. However, much to everyone else's surprise, the Slayer continues to wreak havoc against the operatives, as if he was a monster who felt no such pain.

As a backup to their first option, Hill sends her two situational operatives in the forms of Electro and the Fixer, crossing her fingers that they would finish the job done once and for all. The two then battled the Slayer, to which they were able to finally slow him down with the help of Mason's assistance. As Spider-Man realizes that Electro's deadly power was already killing Alistaire since the destroyed suit was still attached to him, the web-slinger begs Hill and the operatives to save him. Out of mercy, Hill sent an ambulance to come to Smythe's aid, only for Electro to "have his fun" by ignoring Spider-Man's pleas as he keeps on electrocuting Alistaire, leaving him mortally wounded.

In response to Electro's recklessness, Hill punishes Electro by temporarily paralyzing him with the collar that he was forced to wear after agreeing to help the Pro-Registration faction, before he was given a fist to the face by a furious Spider-Man, knocking him out. Realizing that the situation has been dealt with, a saddened Peter came to Alistaire's side as they talk one last time, thanking Parker for helping him, and in his last request, he asked him to save his father, knowing that he already gave him the blueprints needed to recreating the serum to his father's worsening condition. Parker willingly accepts his request, and with that, Alistaire finally breathes his final breath, passing away in his old friend's arms.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


  • Genius Intelligence: Smythe is genius intellect that he has learned and inherited from his father and his estranged mother. Along with it, Smythe is also very skilled engineer since he has made his suit and other inventions on his own.
    • Knowledge of Robotics
    • Knowledge of Genetics
    • Skilled Engineer
    • Knowledge of Bio-Engineering
    • Knowledge of Nanotechnology
  • Master Hacker
  • Master Tactician
  • Skilled Manipulator

Strength level

  • Class 15+ (with the Spider-Slayer Suit)
  • Class 6+ (as Alistaire Smythe)
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened stats when empowered by the Spider-Slayer Suit


None known.



  • Biorganic Carapace Armored Suit
    • The S.L.A.Y.E.R. Suits
  • Arachno-Droids
  • Arachno-Bots
  • Arachno-Drones
  • Ethyl Chloride
  • Various advanced technology equipment
  • Various classified technology equipment
  • Various issue communications equipment


  • Flight


  • Various conventional firearms
  • Various classified firearms
  • Various self-invented firearms
  • Various confidential firearms


  • No special notes.
  1. Modern Comics: Civil War Vol 1 5


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