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Real Name
Alexander Su
Current Alias

Alex Su, The Asian Iron Man, Chinese Liberator, Crappy Excuse for a Communist, "Made In China," The Iron Conqueror




Mandarin (adoptive father), unnamed parents (apparently deceased)






Unusual Features
Missing limbs replaced and enhanced by prosthetic replacements


Marital Status

International terrorist, would-be conqueror

Human cyborg

Place of Birth

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics:
Ultimate War
Vol 1 1
Modern Comics:
Ultimate War
Vol 1 9


Quote1.png You think you fight for "world peace," now do you? To end the war? To make the world a better place? What a load of horse$%!7, and you know it... You've done nothing, but make and make wars on your own each time you try and end one, you hypocritical, jingoistic, self-righteous pieces of $h1%!!! Quote2.png
-- Crimson Dynamo

Early Years

Alexander Su, known as one of the notable individuals who took up the mantle of the Crimson Dynamo, was a founder and member of the Liberators. Born and abandoned by his unknown parents at the deserted regions of Xinjiang, he was taken into Afghanistan by a mysterious individual and unwillingly raised & trained to be a highly-skilled war criminal with an unceasing hate towards the United States of America and the rest of modern Western civilization, where he later gained the rank of a lieutenant of the Middle-East terrorist organization, the Ten Rings. His armor was based on similar technology to Tony Stark's Iron-Tech, his motivation on building his own suits began right after Stark fearlessly escaped his hostage situation in Afghanistan at the hands of the terrorists.

His motivation of improving and innovating the Iron Man Mark I has subsequently led Alex and a few of his men to fly to America, specifically at the site of the Stark Industries Headquarters, in Los Angeles, California as an immediate act of continuing his research even further, two days before Obadiah Stane intentionally killed Raza and betrayed the terrorists.

Incident at Stark Industries

However, during his conquest to replicate the Arc Reactor, things unexpectedly didn't go well for Alex and his team. During their mission to infiltrate the company's headquarters, they were successful and was closest to the laboratory containing the Arc Reactor, right until they came across the destructive duel between Iron Man and the Stane wearing the Iron Monger suit, which ended in Stane's defeat. As the damaged Iron Monger falls inside the Arc Reactor down below, it instantly causes a massive explosion inside the lab, which Su and his team were still inside. As a result of the explosion, Alex and his were devastated, killing most of his subordinates, leaving only a few survivors, including him.

Although he survived by chance, Alex was barely alive and scarred for life, since 95% of his body was completely burnt to a crisp, in a addition to receiving severe injuries, he was even considered dead for a minute, right before he was accidentally revived by an electrical surge, which was an after-effect that occurred moments after the reactor's explosion. Witnessing the impossible miracle that has happened to Su, his surviving loyal subordinates rescued him and treated their superior on their way back to their headquarters, back in Afghanistan.

Staying Alive

After discovering his condition, he yelled both in pain and a fit of rage, vowing to undertake merciless vengeance towards Stark, since he was the one solely responsible, or at least his arc reactor was, for almost destroying his life. Due to his untreatable wounds, which had rendered him more machine than man, he used designs of his own invention to replace his missing limbs that subsequently turned him into a human cyborg. However, despite all of the pain and suffering that he endured, Su had no other choice but to immediately put all of his effort and hard work towards his most favorable invention of his own design, which was a titanium-compacted armor based on the advanced technology of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit, but its design and appearance was mainly inspired by the legend of the former Hydra loyalist, Anton Vanko's Crimson Dynamo Armor.

Only after a few months of work with the help of his loyal engineering and scientific crew, Su was able to complete his own version of the Crimson Dynamo armor, along with the creation of 75 giant-sized armored duplicates, which they decided to keep beneath their underground base and decided only to release it when it was time to wage a war on terror against some their greatest enemy forces (e.g. U.S. Armed Forces, N.A.T.O., etc.). There was still one element missing needed to activate the suit, and that was the energy source he wanted to obtain at the Stark Industries Headquarters in the first place, specifically the Arc Reactor. Since Su thought there was no other energy source to power-up his titanium V-R war suit, he finds himself hopeless, but not when he found a way, through the help of an international terrorist agreement known as the Liberators Pact, or simply just the Liberators.

The Liberators

Due to his desperation to obtain the other known supplies of the Arc Reactor besides the one destroyed at the Stark Industries Headquarters, he finds himself willingly agreeing with the secret pact of the Liberators, a multinational group of superpowered terrorists, with each member representing a particular country from different parts around the globe, with the intention of "liberating" them from the influences of the United States Government and the United Nations. Aware of his true Chinese heritage at birth, Su became a representative of China in order to represent a face for support towards the Communist Party of China, along with his fellow Liberator, Chang Lam, a Chinese incarnation of Emil Blonsky's Abomination and an analogue of the Hulk.

Breaking the Ring

Forced to choose his allegiance between the Ten Rings and the Liberators at the last second, Su unhesitatingly chose the Liberators for the sake of achieving his personal ambitions of overpowering and killing Stark, which led to him and his newfound teammates brutally slaughtering his own crew and former teammates with his own bulky armor, and destroying the Afghan base in the process. Despite having no energy source at all to power up its suit's repulsor-based weapons, its superhuman strength and durability were still proven to be powerful enough to take on a fleet of army by hand. Due to his unexpected betrayal, the terrorists' base in Afghanistan was close to being destroyed and dismantled.

These horrific actions of betrayal perpetuated by Su and the Liberators solely disappointed and saddened the founder and mastermind of the Ten Rings, the Mandarin himself, who was also revealed to be his adoptive father. Hearing about his son and former prodigy's betrayal, Mandarin bitterly but surely pointed out Su's fate, and was certain that Su's ignorance, impatience and thirst for revenge towards Stark would be the death of him, instead of satisfying him, at some point, later on.

Powering Up

Later on, the Liberators were seen commencing their first known mission that was visible to the public, as they were seen infiltrating the Stark-Fujikawa factory inside the headquarters in Tokyo, where Su had finally completed his mission to steal a large quantity of the Arc Reactor, a large enough amount to activate both his core suit, and all of his enormous pilot-controlled drones. After their heist in Tokyo, they left the devastated headquarters without any trace of their presence, not even to the company's advanced surveillance itself, or even to the Japanese government. With the accomplishment of obtaining the energy source, Su successfully forged the Arc Reactor into his suit core, for the very first time, declaring his true worthiness of becoming the new, better, modern day Crimson Dynamo.

Armor Wars

At some point in time after the Liberators went on a spree of spontaneous criminal activities around every country involved in the United Nations besides the United States, which were eventually thwarted by several peace-keeping forces (e.g. Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the E.D.I.), Su and the rest of his teammates suddenly went inactive across the criminal community, for reasons yet to be revealed.

Su's whereabouts since the Liberators went into hiding was only revealed after Tony Stark's armor technology was revealed to have been sold to his greatest rogues by a mysterious seller. Upon learning of this technological outbreak, Iron Man begins a clandestine crusade to destroy all traces of his tech and find and apprehend those individuals or groups who were using it, even if it meant facing off against his friends, the US Government or foreign operatives. During the Armored Avenger's ultimate battle against the Iron suited rogues, Su was one of the strongest rogues he had faced, overpowering the rest of the Crimson Dynamos in strength, along with rivaling both the might of Whiplash and the seller.

Ultimate War

When the invasion of America finally commenced from the worldwide rogue organization known as the Movement Alliance, was turning in favor of their enemies, Su decided to unleash all 75 of his gigantic drones across Washington, D.C., in order to wreak havoc across Capitol Hill and slaughter every single innocent bystander in sight. Along with the emergence of the Movement, Su was revealed to have successfully reformed the Liberators, along with its fellow founders, where they battled the resistant forces of the heroic Ultimate Alliance. However, most of his enormous drones were all destroyed when Stark vaporized 40 into ashes while remotely piloting the Iron Legion, along with War Machine piloting the Hulkbusters as they obliterated the remaining 35 drones.

Ultimate Demise

In the finale of the metallic skirmish, Su was able gain the upper hand against the two heroes, tearing through all of the Hulkbusters on his own, destroying the War Machine armor recklessly, and severely injuring Stark after effortlessly crushing him while the latter was still in his suit, right before the deus ex machina had miraculously arrived onto the scene in the form of the heroic Ant-Man who came out of nowhere through one of Hawkeye's missile arrow, as he ultimately manages to shrink down small enough to sabotage Su's core Crimson Dynamo armor from inside and destroy its mainframe, subsequently causing the suit to malfunction and explode, killing Su in the process. Sadly and embarrassingly enough, Su was the very first Liberator to be defeated and perished at the battleground, much to the rest of his teammates' dismay and disappointment.

Powers and Abilities


Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Higher values represent enhancements granted by the Crimson Dynamo Armor.


  • Genius Intelligence

Strength level

Class 17+


  • Burnt Body
  • Missing Limbs
    • Reliance on Cybernetic Enhancements



  • Su's Crimson Dynamo Armor
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Jet Boot
    • Repulsors
    • Chest Laser
    • Computer Control
      • Heads Up Display
  • Crimson Dynamo Drones


  • Flight


  • Su's Crimson Dynamo Armor
    • Built-in guns and other armaments
  • Various conventional firearms


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  1. Modern Comics: Ultimate War's Iron Man Vol 1 4


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