Summary and Backstory

Albert Reilly Tombstone is a knife-wielding vigilante who specializes in killing killers. He has given the Superiors lots of trouble over the years. It is generally assumed that he was not born with the name Tombstone, although this is a misconception, as his father was indeed named Walter Toomstone, and Albert simply changed the spelling. He works on his own, or for hire, but only kills those he believes deserves it. Although his judge, jury, and executioner methods put him at odds with the police and the Superiors, he has never been known to make a mistake and kill an innocent man. He is evidently a skilled detective, as he almost always finds the murderer he is after long before the police do. Although he has no superhuman abilities, he managed to avoid the Superiors and successfully kill several super-villains. He disappeared one day, and was never heard from since, and either he simply gave up killing and retired into obscurity, or put a knife into someone he couldn't handle.

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