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| First = [[Black Widow (A!)|Black Widow]]
| First = [[Black Widow (A!)|Black Widow]]
| HistoryText = ===Early History===
| HistoryText = [[Rosalind Price (Earth-1010)|Rosalind Price]] created a covert black ops group called '''Advanced Threat Containment Unit''' to deal with threats due to the general unrest following the Age of [[Ultron (Earth-1010)|Ultron]]. The dispersion of Terrigan chemicals into Earth's ecosystems, made the unit's primary mission to hunt down new Inhumans. Several times, some other party would get to an Inhuman first and kill them. At a later incident, when ATCU was close to capturing [[Jose Gutierrez (Earth-1010)|Joey Gutierrez]], he was rescued by [[SHIELD (Earth-1010)|S.H.I.E.L.D.]].
The early history of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit matches that of its [[w:c:Marvel:Advanced Threat Containment Unit (Earth-199999)|Earth-199999 counterpart]].
===Season 5===
Price later set a trap for S.H.I.E.L.D., capturing [[Phillip Coulson (Earth-1010)|Phil Coulson]] and [[Lance Hunter (Earth-1010)|Lance Hunter]]. Both parties exchanged words and learned that neither side was responsible for the deceased Inhumans. Shortly afterwards, Price received a call of [[Lash (Earth-1010)|an Inhuman]] attacking a hospital, in which Coulson and Hunter take their chance to escape.
[[Glenn Talbot (Earth-1010)|Major Talbot]] enlisted the help of [[Avengers (Earth-1010)|Avengers]] [[Steven Rogers (Earth-1010)|Captain America]] (and [[Clinton Barton (Earth-1010)|Hawkeye]] and [[Natasha Romanoff (Earth-1010)|Black Widow]]) in dealing with the [[Yelena Belova (Earth-1010)|Dark Widow]] at an abandoned [[HYDRA (Earth-1010)|HYDRA]] base<ref>[[Black Widow (A!)]]</ref>. He also dispatched [[Carl Creel (Earth-1010)|"Crusher" Creel]] against a group of [[The Hand (Earth-1010)|Hand]] ninjas under the command of [[Tomi Shishido (Earth-1010)|the Gorgon]].<ref>[[Crusher (A!)]]</ref>
Following Lash's attack, ATCU was publicly revealed by [[Barack Obama (Earth-1010)|President Barack Obama]] to handle extra-terrestrial incidents.
Fearing the ATCU caused [[Elliot Randolph (Earth-1010)|Elliot Randolph]] to find comfort in a prison in Norway. When Phil Coulson went to Randolph requesting his assistance, Coulson had to threaten Randolph with turning him in to the ATCU before he would cooperate.
Meanwhile, [[Daisy Johnson (Earth-1010)|Daisy Johnson]] saw the ATCU as enough of a threat that she wanted [[Andrew Garner (Earth-1010)|Andrew Garner]] to rush the approval of Joey Gutierrez to her [[Secret Warriors (Earth-1010)|Caterpillars]] program so she could have a team to go against the organization. Garner was not persuaded.
The attack that occurred at the hospital brought [[Lincoln Campbell (Earth-1010)|Lincoln Campbell]] and Daisy Johnson to the attention of the ATCU. Agent Luther Banks led a manhunt for Campbell, which evetually took him to Chicago, Illinois when John Donnelly called, stating that Campbell was with him after he saw a national broadcast announcing that Campbell was an alien fugitive associated with multiple murders. When Banks and his team arrived, they found the body of Donnelly in his apartment, but Campbell had fled.
Meanwhile, Phil Coulson, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., accessed the direct line Rosalind Price had to the President of the United States in order to request a meeting. During the meeting, Coulson advised that having national broadcasts and manhunts were not a good idea. Price revealed that she knew that Johnson had powers and sought her arrest, but did not broadcast it because she was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Coulson, realizing that Price was under pressure from the President to show results, gave Price a compromise.
When Banks found Campbell, he was in an apartment with Johnson; Coulson told the ATCU Campbell's location and had [[Alphonso Mackenzie (Earth-1010)|Alphonso Mackenzie]] accompany them there. As Banks' team attempted to apprehend him, Campbell escaped. Banks turned his attention to Johnson; he had her surrounded and snipers on roofs outside her sight for her capture. Orders then came to Banks to relinquish Johnson; Coulson and Price came to the compromise that he would work for the ATCU as an advisor and the two organizations would pursue Inhumans together.
| Equipment =
| Equipment =

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Official Name
Advanced Threat Containment Unit
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Base Of Operations
Washington, D.C.

Organization Leader(s)

Current Members

Former Members
Rosalind Price (deceased), Luther Banks (deceased), Giyera

S.H.I.E.L.D., Inhumans, HYDRA

Place of Formation
Washington, D.C.


First appearance


Early History

The early history of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit matches that of its Earth-199999 counterpart.

Season 5

Major Talbot enlisted the help of Avengers Captain America (and Hawkeye and Black Widow) in dealing with the Dark Widow at an abandoned HYDRA base[1]. He also dispatched "Crusher" Creel against a group of Hand ninjas under the command of the Gorgon.[2]


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Transportation: None known.
Weapons: DARPA manufactured weapons.


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