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Real Name
Vulture (currently retired), Flying Man, Birdman, Talons, The Scavenger, Darkhawk


Sinister Six (formerly), Wake Of Vultures (founder and leader; formerly), Oscorp (formerly), Stark Industries (formerly), Hydra (temporary; formerly)

Marcus Toomes (brother; deceased), Cheryl Toomes (wife; deceased), Valeria Michelle Toomes (daughter)







Marital Status

Professional criminal; former electrical engineer, inventor, businessman, Oscorp scientist

MS in Biochemistry and electrical engineering

Adrian Toomes with the help of the Tinkerer invented a winged suit, which gave him the powers of flight and superhuman strength.

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics: Spider-Man Vol 1 4
Modern Comics: Spider-Man Vol 1 11
(first full appearance)


Quote1 It's what I usually do... I scavenge the savaged!!! Quote2
-- Vulture

Early Years

During his childhood, Adrian Toomes' met a woman named Cheryl, who became his long-time crush during high school. They would eventually develop a romantic relationship in college and eventually got married after graduation. They had a daughter together named Valeria and they were very happy as a couple until Valeria went lost and was apparently when a hurricane struck their hometown, leading to their depression and eventually to their divorce. A year later they managed to moved on and decided to get married once again, until she die later caused by an unknown illness.

As an adult, Adrian used his intelligence to work at Oscorp to honor his wife and daughter's memory. As a researcher on making refurbishing old or dying scientific advances in fresh, innovative ways, he was nicknamed "The Vulture" by his colleagues and employers, but was later forced to leave his job to avoid almost getting arrested after he was been framed of stealing supplies and ideas from other companies, by a jealous colleague.

Starting over his new life he became an electrical engineer and an inventor on his own, which led him to co-found the small firm of Bestman and Toomes Electronics, with his long-time friend in college, Gregory Bestman, who became his business partner.

Becoming the Vulture

Toomes Earth-61615 4

Vulture encounters Spider-Man for the first time

Toomes continued devoting the bulk of his time to his old pet project during his time at Oscorp, which is an electromagnetic harness that would enable its wearer to fly like a bird. The invention was eventually finished, thanks to the help of his friend and employee, Phineas Mason. However, this inattention to detail proved disastrous when it came to light that Bestman had been stealing Toomes' share of the company. He was eventually fired by his own partner so he can own and gain control over the whole company by himself.

Realizing the potential for revenge afforded by his groundbreaking invention and new-found strength, Toomes created the costumed identity of the infamous criminal, known by many as the Vulture. He ransacked Bestman's home, and attacked him after confessing that he was dealing with A.I.M. for Toomes' shares and other inventions in exchange for the gain of their company to rise in fame and popularity. Bestman was critically injured but survived due to his life being spared by the Vulture. He threatened him not to make a deal with the company or any other organizations once again or he'll come back for him to kill him, or worse.

Encountering Spider-Man

Later, Bestman hired several A.I.M. agents to assassinate him, but all of them were eventually killed by Toomes' henchmen. Because of this, Vulture came back for Bestman to kill him by raiding their company's building, blowing up a section of the building into flames, and finally attempted to kill his partner once again, until the attempted assassination was eventually interrupted by the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. They eventually fought in the building out into the city, and in a cruise ship, almost destroying the whole ship until he was finally defeated by the hero. Their rivalry would develop and would continue from time to time, making him one of Spidey's oldest and most formidable foes.

Prison Cellmate

During his time in prison, he eventually meet a fellow inmate named Raniero "Blackie" Drago, who was a former hired mercenary and was also arrested after Spider-Man caught and stopped him (from assassinating a famous politician). He told Adrian that he could tell him where his winged suit is secretly been kept, if he can get Blackie out of prison. Confused, Adrian questioned how Drago knew about the whereabouts of his suit. Blackie told him that A.I.M. had kept all his other inventions (including the winged suit) since he was defeated by Spider-Man. Adrian agreed to his plan and tried to get him out of prison. Their plan was successful until the prison siren was accidentally triggered by the other inmates. He and Blackie were running to the exit and were about to finally escape prison, until Blackie betrayed him by thanking him for the suit (which Blackie used later as the new Vulture) before knocking him out. He successfully escaped, while Adrian remained unconscious and was sent back to his cell.

From that point on, Adrian vowed his revenge against Blackie once he gets out of prison. He later escaped prison during the Chitauri Invasion in a break-out, and began a new start for his criminal career once again with the help of his former employee, friend, and long-time partner Phineas Mason, now a renowned criminal who took the alias of the Tinkerer.

New Upgrade

Toomes Earth-61615

The Vulture's New Upgraded Chitauri Suit

As a start of his new beginning as a criminal, he and Phineas reinvented his winged suit, now made with Chitauri Technology that was scattered and recovered in the Chitauri Invasion during the battle of New York, making a new upgrade to his brand new suit. He began his new career by robbing several banks in New York City and had been infiltrating and destroying several buildings from different organizations such as A.I.M., Roxxon Corporation, and even his old company, Bestman and Toomes Electronics, which led to its downfall and destruction. The aftermath lead to several injuries and deaths; any many survivors lost their jobs after these incidents.

He tried to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. by breaking into the Triskelion but was interrupted once again by his long-time enemy, Spider-Man, alongside the Avengers. Once again, he was defeated, but he managed to escape the authorities and went into hiding for a while, preparing before he could finally strike again.

The Sinister Six

After a while of keeping a low profile, he was found and confronted by Norman Osborn, revealing himself to be the Green Goblin and recruited him to join his team, a group consisting of seven villains that would want to hunt down and maybe even kill Spider-Man more than anything in their lives. During his times as the Vulture, he would rejoin the team on-and-off several times, depending on his reasons such as working alone to hunt down Spider-Man, but was convinced many times to join once again, frequently.

Ultimate War

During the Ultimate War, Toomes, Blackie Drago, and Herman Schultz were three of the members from the Sinister Seven who temporarily left the group for a while and joined Hydra's forces only for this event. Toomes' reason is that he doesn't want to work alongside the Sinister Seven if Blackie Drago, the second Vulture was joining the Sinister Seven, therefore the members and Toomes himself just decided for him to just better leave the team and join Hydra for a while and he may rejoin once again if Blackie either betrayed or left the team before and/or after the war ends. Toomes eventually rejoined the group after the war after finding out that Blackie was killed by Green Goblin for betraying the team after he helped Spider-Man and the Defenders and had chosen to side with them, only to find out that Norman Osborn was presumably killed after trying to battle Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. during the war, replacing him as a leader by none other than Doctor Octopus.

Break-In at the Baxter Building

At some point after the Secret Invasion, Adrian attempted to infiltrate the Baxter Building to steal advanced and classified technology formerly owned by Franklin Storm, and some are formerly owned by the Skrulls, for his plans to upgrade his newly-invented lethal superweapon based on Chitauri-Skrull Tech, which is capable of releasing powerful shockwaves that could disintegrate organic matter stripping away their flesh and organs, it worked but was still a prototype and needed an upgrade. He hacked into the computer's mainframe, searching all information on the technology he needed, until he suddenly noticed that someone named Valeria Michelle Toomes is working in the building as a biochemist. After reading the information that Valeria was an orphan, it was revealed that his daughter was in fact, alive after all. Adrian was surprised about the revelation, although he still remained focus on finishing his mission: stealing the supplies.

After stealing the supplies he needed, he swiftly tried to fly away off the building but Ben Grimm, the Thing (who was currently in the building) manages to catch his feet before he could escape. He tried to use his new weapon on Ben but instead of his flesh and organs being stripped away, it only threw him far into their room, accidentally smashing and destroying into several objects, including furniture. Weakened, Vulture tried to fire his weapon again, but Ben immediately charged at him, throwing him into a room, not knowing that he accidentally threw him into the extra-dimensional portal, not before Adrian who finally saw his daughter, all grown-up and was at the building at the time. His current whereabouts remain unknown.

Lost in the Wastelands

Vulture Toomes Earth 61615

Toomes with his new modified suit, which he used in the Wastelands

Adrian eventually woke up and found himself in another dimension in what seemed to be a desert-like land. He got attacked by a pack of strange canine-like creatures, but in the end he manages to kill them all quickly after he had felt sudden rage and anger, causing his suit to be severely damaged. Stranded, he lied down thinking about his daughter and and how proud he is that she's all grown-up. He accepted his fate of giving up, until a wake of vulture-like humanoid creatures arrived at the area and started scavenging the mutilated corpses of the deceased. Instead of devouring him, the creatures seemed to have gained respect for Toomes, showing their gratitude and loyalty to him for saving them from the canine-like creatures and because of that, they saved him. They eventually flew him out of the desert into the area where the wake lives, a wasteland full of scrap metals and disposed wastes.

There he started to build his own empire and even fixed and upgraded his suit once again built with everything that he has scavenged in the wastes, from Chitauri scraps of metal to an alternate reality version of the Reality Stone. With the help of the sentient creatures, he ruled the Wastelands for a while and with the help of the Reality Stone, he managed to create a portal to travel into several dimensions and even created an group known as the "Wake of Vultures," an army consisting of the same winged creatures that helped him, now serving as his followers.

The Wake of Vultures

While trying to cope with living in this barren and deserted reality, Adrian gained more and more knowledge and capabilities, such as controlling the entire Wake properly without making mistakes, and several years later (in Wastelands time), Adrian eventually discovered how to develop and use his newly-advanced technological inventions, such as his Reality Stone-powered gateway that transports him throughout space, time, and reality itself at any point of dimension and realm in reality whatsoever. Though in exchange for his increased intellect, he seemingly started forgetting his other life in the real world, from his past, his infamous long-time foe, occasional allies, and even his own daughter. As a result of testing the newly-built portal, Adrian arrived back in the real world, inside Horizon Labs, only to realize that the point he arrived in wasn't in the present day, but in fact was in the past, years ago, even before the events of Ultimate War had changed the view of history since.

Not remembering any of where he was in time, Adrian decided to go back into the Wastelands to try and fix the device once again, only to drop a certain part (a microchip) of his new device, which was a minimized version of the portal, without him even noticing it. Coincidentally, a fellow individual manages to step on Adrian's microchip by the time he activates it to return into the Wastelands, making that individual get transported into the deserted dimension as well, which made him just as confused as well. After this individual was revealed to be the other Vulture, who was Blackie Drago, Drago tried to kill Toomes after thinking that he might attack him for betraying him back at what happened in the prison. Toomes told him that he came in peace in his approach, and convinced him to join him in his army of winged creatures from this dimension that became Toomes' followers.

Drago was convinced after Toomes lied about helping him get back home to the real world, and helped him build a tyrannical empire for almost 30 years, in dimension of the Wastelands. Blackie became Toomes' right-hand man helping him conquer every other different parts of the dimension, stealing resources and using it to build their superweapons. All that remained unchanged, until the modern timeline's Fantastic Four and Spider-Man finally arrived in the Wastelands to find Toomes and rescue him, after vanishing for almost 3 months, which was surprisingly 30 years in the Wastelands.

Final Showdown

Vulture Drago Earth 61615

A Time-Displaced Drago fights a Modern-Day Toomes

With all their best efforts after several fights, the five heroes managed to convince Toomes to come back home with them after mentioning his daughter Valeria, leaving Drago to be extremely disappointed and believed that Toomes had easily gone soft. Due to this, Blackie decided to lead a rebellion against Toomes and the heroes by using the nano-tech devices implanted on the winged creatures' neck, in order to obey Drago's commands. Blackie and the entire legion charged towards the six of them and fought for a long while.

Drago manages to finally defeat Toomes after trying to disable the devices using a new device that he had recently invented against him. Drago almost intentionally destroyed the device but Spider-Man distracted him, causing Mister Fantastic to held control of the device and finally disable the brainwashing method on the entire wake. After the wake had realized they were mind-controlled by their co-leader, they themselves decided to attack both their former commanders and decided to attack without someone unwillingly commanding them.

With their army composing of a hundred thousand creatures, even Drago himself was helpless and defenseless only managed to take out a quarter of the wake before he was eventually almost killed. Even after trying to kill the six of them, they still helped him get back up and defeat the creatures while Reed and Sue took their time trying to open the portal back to the real world after it unfortunately malfunctioned. They immediately and thankfully opened up the portal back and everyone went to Drago's timeline back at Horizon Labs. After a few conversations explaining everything about what just happened and before Drago could react or even got the chance to attack them, Sue used a device to wipe his memories of the future to keep the timeline in check and the others left the past so Drago can continue with his timeline from then on, while the heroes and an unconscious Adrian manages to successfully returned to the modern world in real time.


Vulture Toomes during Rehab Earth-61615

Toomes during his recovery and rehabilitation

Months after getting rescued in the Wastelands, Adrian finally returned to the normal reality, but has never don the Vulture persona since and seemed to have finally abandoned his villainy. Recently, he seems to be having a daily psychological treatment in his mansion and is recovering from his psychological post-traumatic stress disorder after he was revealed to be stranded in the Wastelands for more than 30 years (30 years in the Wastelands is 3 months in the real world). He also finally got to meet and talk to his daughter, Valeria, who is now taking care of him while he is still recovering from a state of shock. She also gave him a tamed vulture as a gift, which Adrian loved very much. Right now, Adrian is currently living a very happy, peaceful, and normal life in his mansion, with his reunited daughter.

Powers and Abilities


  • Flight: Toomes can fly with the use of his winged harness.
  • Temporary/Limited Levitation: It has recently been revealed that, due to his prolonged use of the harness, the Vulture can levitate or float his body even without the harness, however at a very slow speed.
  • Super-Strength: With the use of his magnetic technology, Toomes can provide himself with super-strength, being able to lift a water tank easily.
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


  • Genius Intelligence

Strength level

Class 10


None known.



  • Vulture's Flight Exo-Suit (Chitauri Tech Upgrade)
    • Electromagnetic Wing Harness
      • Wing Blades
    • Electromagnetic Helmet
      • Neural Transmitter
    • Electromagnetic Gauntlets
      • Razor-Sharp Blades
      • Lasers


  • Flight


  • The suit's wings can fire barrages of razor-sharp artificial feathers at his targets. He can slash his opponents using claws on his gloves and spikes on his gauntlets.


  • No special notes.
  1. Modern Comics: Spider-Man Vol 1 18


  • The Wake of Vultures version of Vulture's suit in this reality is actually been based off of another Marvel superhero, Darkhawk. Since the original Darkhawk appearing and existing in this reality seems to unlikely happen, the name was just used as one of Toomes' aliases as the Vulture.

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