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The Venom symbiote has grown agonised over years of not having any control. It eventually decides to take her body and begins to terrorize the Manhattan streets. Taking a page out of Jennifer's book, it decides to fight crime, in the form of Carl Creel - The Absorbing Man. He copies the Symbiote and they fight, Venom emerging victorious. At that exact time, the Runaways (visiting NYC after the events of volume 1 of the Runaways) try to fight it, but are all taken down.

The next day, while Jennifer is in control, SHIELD decides to capture her and stop her destructive wave. They succeed, but the symbiote manages to break both of them free, defeating Tombstone in the ensuing riot. Shocker, Kraven, and Rhino take over the facility, agreeing to keep her captive as a superheroine. However, she defeats the Rhino and makes her way out.

The symbiote decides to take control of Jennifer permanently, sneaking into the Baxter Building and fighting off the Fantastic Four. It locates a machine that would turn off Jennifer's brain momentarily - long enough for it to take total control. If the player's morality is in favour of Jennifer, she will successfully destroy it (which is the canon ending). If it is in favour of the Symbiote's, it will succeed.

Depending on the outcome, it ends with either Jennifer and Spider-Man teaming up to defeat Venom, or the Symbiote and Venom teaming up to defeat Spider-Man.



With the machine destroyed, she pulls down the symbiote from her face and comes back out. Venom is standing there as he realizes that Jennifer has won and begins battle.

Once this battle is over, he lies on the ground as the SHIELD helicarrier arrives and takes him on board, Nick Fury saluting Jennifer.


You successfully use the machine, taking over Jennifer’s mind and joining Venom in battle with Spider-Man.

As Spider-Man is defeated, she cocoons him in a web and kicks him to the side, sticking a web to an oncoming SHIELD Helicarrier and reeling herself into it, ready to cause chaos.


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While released almost a decade after, this game would be set during the comics of 2004 - Eddie Brock is still Venom, and it is set almost directly after Volume 1 of the Runaways.

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