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Him, Warlock, Golden Gladiator



Ally of the High Evolutionary, formerly Tivan Group

The Enclave (creators)


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Savior of Worlds

Artificial being, created by researchers at a complex known as the "Beehive;" Cosmic Being


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Adam Warlock's origin matches that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

Season 4

After being sent to Counter-Earth by the High Evolutionary and being officially declared the planet's first superhero, he faced off against the Collector and Korath the Pursuer, who were after his Infinity Stone. After the arrival of Genis- and Phyla-Vell, the Collector fled, and Korath was taken into custody by the siblings.[1]

Warlock was later sent by the High Evolutionary to Asgard to help them survive Ragnarok, fighting alongside the likes of Thor and Loki.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Adam Warlock possesses a number of superhuman properties and powers derived from his artificially determined genetic structure.

Quantum Magic: Adam received these abilities after emerging from the Cocoon. He described himself as a "Quantum Magician," though it is not fully understood if it is, indeed, magic.

  • Spell-Crafting: Adam Warlock has the ability to craft "spells" with his "Quantum Magic" for a variety of desired effects. In conjunction with his energy manipulation, Adam used this ability to create large explosions and merge timelines. Although the total capabilities of this power are unknown, he does require adequate power depending on how grand of a feat he wishes to perform.
  • Soul Manipulation: Adam has the ability to manipulate souls. He seems to still retain this ability, despite having this ability before rebirth. This may be because this power was gain from the use of the Soul Gem over the years.
  • Energy Manipulation: Adam has been seen able to manipulate his Quantum Magic to generate force fields in which could withstand the explosion of a star and produce concussive energy blasts.
  • Matter Manipulation: This is another power Adam seem to retain under his Quantum Magic from since his rebirth. Prior to his rebirth, Adam has been seen able to turn hounds into humans, transmuting bullets into water, transmuting parachutes into air, and shrinking monsters with the use of the Soul Gem.
  • Teleportation
  • Psychokinesis
  • Healing
  • Energy Constructs: Even though it is seldom used, Adam has the ability to construct something out of Quantum Energy such as a sword or a piece of armor.

Quantum Magic Augmentation: After being reborn from the cocoon, Adam no longer seems to use Cosmic Energy to enhance his physical stats. However, he seems to use Quantum Energy to a much similar effect. However, he does require a degree of concentration in order to enhance himself much like he did when he used Cosmic Energy. Without concentration, Adam is only slightly above the physical stats of a human.

  • Superhuman Strength: Warlock possesses superhuman strength, listed at class 4. He can use his quantum energy to increase his strength, enabling him to reach class 40 for less than one hour.
  • Superhuman Speed: Warlock is capable of running and moving at speeds much greater than even the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Warlock's musculature generates less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a human being. While not employing his quantum magic to enhance his natural physical strength, Warlock can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to impair him.
  • Superhuman Agility: Warlock's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Warlock's reaction time is similarly enhanced, enabling him to react at a level that is beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Durability: Warlock's bodily tissues are much harder and more resistant to injury than those of a human. He is capable of withstanding tremendous impact forces, falls from great heights, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, the vacuum of space, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury. His body is also specially adapted to withstand the physiologically debilitating effects of moving and running at high rates of speed without sustaining injury. Adam has survived punishment from Thor, a Thanos clone, Drax the Destroyer, and the Man-Beast, despite them all outclassing him physically.
  • Flight: Adam Warlock can also employ quantum energy to negate the force of gravity beneath him, enabling him to fly. In an Earth-like atmosphere, Warlock is easily capable of reaching the speed of sound, roughly 770 miles per hour. While in outer space, however, Warlock was capable of attaining faster than light velocities.

Soul Affinity: Although Adam exhibit this power with the Soul Gem, he has also exhibit such powers without the Soul Gem, such as exorcising a demon from a man's soul and see into a woman's soul and enter her soul.

Cosmic Awareness: Adam has the ability to detect or produce wormholes and other irregularities in space on a cosmic scale. He also has the ability to sense whenever someone is teleporting. In addition, it is revealed Adam exist beyond the realm of Chaos and Order and is outside the Influence of the Cosmic entity, Eternity.

  • Space-Warps Location: He could use his quantum magic to locate and enter natural space-warps, discontinuities in the fabric of space, in order to traverse interstellar space.
  • Reality Warp Resistance: Due to his firm grasp on reality, Adam is highly resistant to "reality warping."

Telepathy: Without the Soul Gem, Adam was capable of Astral Projection. He fought the Goddess with this ability. He was capable of attacking her physical form and unfazed by any of her cosmic blasts.

Immortality: While Adam can be killed, he never truly dies. This is due to the fact his soul is so strong, even Death herself cannot claim his soul. As such, he can be reborn.

His Evolutionary Cocoon: Adam Warlock is able to spin a cocoon-like enclosure around himself at will in a matter of seconds. He has done so infrequently during his life-span, usually to protect himself from mortal harm, and usually, though not always, he will emerge from the cocoon at a further level of physical or mental maturity. It is not known what the substance of the cocoon is, where it comes from, or where it goes after he has emerged from it.

Cosmic Energy Blasts: He can also project cosmic energy from his hands as concussive force. Warlock's energy-manipulating powers waned at the time he received the Soul Gem by the High Evolutionary; he lost the powers to direct concussive force from his hands and to enhance his strength that he had possessed before acquiring it. Whether this power limitation was caused by his symbiotic relationship with the gem or some other factor is not yet known. When Warlock was summoned from the gem to defeat Thanos, he seemed to regain these cosmic powers.

Cosmic Tap: Among his body's special adaptations are an enclave of cells able to tap and transform cosmic energy for personal use.

  • Cosmic Augmentation: Warlock could use this energy to enhance his physical strength, endurance, and powers of recuperation.

Soul Gem: With the Soul Gem, Adam possesses various powers and mastery with one of the Infinity Gems. With the Soul Gem, Adam's mastery with the gem is so immense that he was even able to employ its power to erase, and destroy, an entire timeline.

  • Linguistics: With the power of the Soul Gem, Adam was able to understand any being, no matter the language due to the Soul Gem bonding the souls.
  • Soul Suck: Adam is able to employ the Soul Gem to absorb one's soul into it. He is able to gain whatever knowledge of the person(s) he absorbs into the Soul Gem. It is believed that only those who have no souls, or are abstract cosmic entities, are unaffected by the attack.
  • Light of Truth: With the Soul Gem, Adam can scan its target for a soul, sentience, life, or residual memory. With this ability, he can see through illusions and break mind control.
  • Karmic Blast: A blast which will attack and either overload or disrupt the spiritual center, or anima, of an individual.


Expert Combatant: Warlock has gained a great deal of first-hand experience at hand-to-hand combat over the course of his life, and eventually became quite formidable. He is skilled in Martial Arts and has, in one instance, utilized nerve strikes. He has been able to best beings who exceed him in strength, even though, physically, he is no match for the likes of Thor, Thanos, or Hercules.

Accomplished Philosopher: Warlock also is an accomplished self-taught philosopher.

Master Strategist and Tactician: Adam is an accomplished strategist and tactician. He devised the plan to separate the Infinity Gauntlet from Nebula and Thanos.

Strength level

Class 40


None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Soul Gem: Warlock possesses the Soul Gem, one of the legendary Infinity Gems. This Gem allows Warlock to drain and control the life essences (Or Spirits) of living (or dead) organisms. This gem possesses a consciousness of its own, and displayed a vampiric hunger for the life-essences of living beings. Ironically, the gem is a gateway into a pocket-universe, containing an idyllic, pastoral world where the souls of the beings upon which the gem has fed live in peace. Warlock is so accomplished at the gem's use, that he can use its energies to project energy blasts, protective shields, and blasts of mystic energies capable of disrupting the karmic centers of living beings.

Karmic Staff: Warlock has also employed a "Karmic Staff" in the past. This staff was said to be an extension of Warlock's own life-essence, and its properties made it seemingly unbreakable. Warlock could also focus mystic energies through his staff with greater accuracy than he could by other means.



  • Warlock's gem made him more powerful than Mephisto in the devil's own realm. It is assumed that Warlock grew in power from the damned souls surrounding him in the realm.

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