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Acronus Virgilson
Biographical information

Real name:

Acronus Virgilson (birth name)
Lucius Maxwell Donovan (legal name)


Cone Nebula


Inhuman-Kree-Skrull-Titan hybrid




Virgil Dane (father),
Mimic (Saundra Altman) (mother),
Thane "Theo Dane" (paternal grandfather),
Captain Marvel (Ted Altman / Dorrek VIII) (maternal grandfather)





Statistical information




Maxwell Donovan
Max Donovan




Acronus Virgilson is an Inhuman-Kree-Skrull-Titan hybrid; the son of Virgil Dane and Saundra Altman. He was born in the Cone Nebula, but was taken by his father to Earth where he was raised by a human family under the name Lucius Maxwell "Max" Donovan.


Before Birth

Virgil Dane had been living in the S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters for most of his adulthood. The Avengers arrived at the Headquarters to defeat the Shi'ar Empire, who were under the control of the symbiote All-Black. As the battle ensued, Mimic was struck and became fatally wounded. She was taken for medical care by S.W.O.R.D., where she encountered Virgil Dane. The two told each other their life stories. After the Avengers defeated the symbiotic Shi'ar, Saundra and Virgil had slept together, but Saundra had to leave with the Avengers the following day to return to Earth, despite Virgil's pleas against it. Back on Earth, Saundra found herself pregnant, and pondered if Virgil or someone else was the father of her unborn child. In the following battles the Avengers partook in, Saundra mostly stayed on the sidelines in order to protect her unborn child, and eventually made a journey on her own back to S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters. There, she discovered that Virgil had moved out, but found a note written in Skrull language saying: "Cone Nebula".

Saundra Altman pursued and found Virgil Dane looking into the Cone Nebula. Upon her arrival, Virgil told her that once their child was born, he would need to take care of him. Saundra at first refused to this arrangement, but knowing that it would be best for the child, gave him to Virgil following his birth.

Taken to Earth

Virgil Dane took a newborn Acronus into his arms, and took flight, leaving Saundra in the Cone Nebula by herself as he pursued a new location for his child. Virgil eventually decided to have Acronus placed in an incubator to increase his age, and then ensured he would be found and raised up by a human family. After being aged up to the equivalent of a human 16-year-old, Acronus was left in an abandoned alleyway on the bustling streets of Manhattan. Acronus walked around in drapes for some time into the night, until he was found by a homeless shelter which brought him in to avoid getting hypothermia from an oncoming storm. Acronus was cared for in the shelter, but had no recollection of his past nor who he was. Virgil had him assume the form of a baseline human through his shape-shifting powers, which fit in to his homeless appearance. After a few weeks, Acronus was adopted by the Donovan family who named him Lucius Maxwell Donovan, in remembrance of the family's late friend.

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