Similarly to the Acolytes of Earth-616, the Acolytes of Earth-515 started as a small group of mutants loyal to Magneto and his teachings. The Acolytes pledged to follow Magneto's principles, particularly the mutant right of superiority over normal humans. Some members of the Acolytes even worshipped Magneto with a religious fervor and regarded him as the “mutant messiah.” Upon learning of their intentions, Magneto allowed them to stay and become his Acolytes. Most of the Acolytes first learned of Magneto's existence following the heavily televised Cape Citadel incident. The various "Acolytes" were all mutants who sought out and eventually joined Magneto at his base and future mutant haven in a portion of the Savage Land. They eventually became very formidable foes of the X-Men. Most of the Acolytes ranged from their early teens to their mid-20s, and in turn, most shared Magneto's idealistic view of mutant supremacy. Since many of the Acolytes were so young, Magneto began his own academy to train his followers in their abilities as well as give them a classical education, very similarly to Xavier's school. After forming his school, Magneto decided to become more public friendly so that he could attract more mutants who were pacifistic. To continue his black-ops, he formed a special team, the "Brotherhood of Mutants," to commit the villainous acts for him.


1st Generation Brotherhood

  • Cain Xavier (Earth-515) (Juggernaut) (Momentum Manipulation) (English)
  • Raven Darkholme (Earth-515) (Mystique) (Omnimorph) (German)
  • Federico Dukes (Earth-515) (Blob) (Gravitational Mass Allocation) (Hispanic American-Texan)
  • Irene Adler (Earth-515) (Destiny) (Omniscience) (Austrian)
  • Telford Porter (Earth-515) (Vanisher) (Darkforce Teleportation) (Caucasian American-Bay Stater (Mass.))
  • Lorelei Travis (Earth-515) (Siren) (Hypnotism/Prehensile Hair) (Caucasian Savage Lander)
  • Rémy Lebeau (Earth-515) (Gambit) (Kinetic Energy Manipulation) (French American-Louisiana)
  • Beth Al-Reraph (Earth-515) (Astra) (Electro-transitional Hologram) (Saudi Arabian)

2nd Generation Brotherhood

Red Squad
Purple Squad

Later Additions

  • Vincent Heck (Earth-515) (Mesmero) (Hypnosis) (Caucasian American)
  • Kevin Tremain (Earth-515) (Post) (Superhuman Armored Plates) (Caucasian American)
  • Karlo Lykos (Earth-515) (Sauron) (Life-Force Absorption/Hypnosis) (Croatian)

Former Members


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