Achillia was born in around the year 8 BCE to a high ranking Spartan hoplite as a father and a daughter of a Roman merchant as a mother, which soon fell ill after the birth and died shortly after the girl turns one. Unknown to her, the death of her mother rippled to her relatives, and triggered a spectrum of emotions. Her father - who used to tell her stories about the Battle of Troy or the Homer's story, Lliad, and how she is named after the hero, Achilles, between his shifts - now takes more time to train her to become a solider, despite the community's preference for a boy, to protect her from her Roman grandfather, who was most effected by the death and blames the young child. Though of higher ranks and Spartan community that contains equality for both genders, her father was mocked by many. Without listening to the society, he send her off to the military at seven, a tradition reserved for boys. Her "pack" was a standard all-boys with an exception of her. Both the teachers and the students underestimate her and she was often considered an outsider. The only relief she received is from her father, who consistently tell her to "be strong" every time he visited.

As the years pass by since the death, the more her grandfather felt his rage against her. His need for revenge was sought out by trying to contact the Caesar. Viewed as a problem under his interest, the Caesar ignored the request and continue the plan to expand the growing Roman Empire. In the meantime, Achillia was fighting her way to the top of the power chain within her male competitors. But the discrimination stands, and after beating the rest of her pack by pure skill, she was shoved to a cleaning duty and forgotten about. Due to her gender and to embarrass her, she was often forcefully requested to dance a performance for the rest of the group as they dine in a traditional dance outfit which made up of only a single thin layer of loose Egyptian cotton cloth and a few leather straps. Her stash of food that she has stolen was used to serve the boys to keep them well-fed when time comes. But with that, she learns to be an excellent thief as well as a pickpocket. If there was any positive chatter about her, it was how she fights like a cornered animal and how to fight her in the battlefield in the future is to court death. She used the latter as a motive to boost her morale.

One day, she felt unwell and was transferred back home. Her father was devastated to learn the news and found no one that could cure the symptoms. As severe as the sickness seems, she was well again the next day, but complains about feeling strange when she is near any kind of object, which her father just plainly mentioned that it will pass as she returned to the military service. Sickness began to worry the rest of the group, as they believe it was food poisoning. Other than the weird sensation, she notices that every time one of the boys was dangerously close to striking her body, she would see the boys slow down enough for her to quickly counter strike.

Years pass by and she notice that the rest of the boys seems to grow higher than her and that her height and appearance was the same as years before. Her father notices this also and tries his best to resist his urge to rush her to grow up and have children. Unexpectedly, he was suddenly relieved of his duties as a hoplite and fell down the social ladder to be a standard civilian. This cause more tension for Achillia as the rest of the pack view her father as a failure. Often, she would be assaulted at night while she was sleeping. During the day, she will be harassed admit that she cheated if she wins during a fight.

She was rejected by the promotion that allowed her pack to be a part of the Spartan's mighty army. On the way home, she saw her father got stabbed on a remote market place by four Romans. Shocked, she ran toward her dying father, and killed the Romans bare-handed. As he gasps his breath, he told her that he was actually her foster father, as her real father was a "blue being from worlds afar, sent by the Gods." His last words mentioned that his death was unavoidable, that he was gambling with his life to keep her alive, and that his death is brought upon by her grandfather. Heart filled with hatred, she went home and put her father's armor and weapons he has acquired in the military on him and burn the house to give him a warrior's death. With some money, she bought her way to Rome.

Long Roads of Rome

Not knowing the name nor the looks of her grandfather, Achillia was in an disadvantage. Her grandfather, on the other hand, know fully well that she was looking for him ever since he was promoted to be one of Caesar's merchants around two years ago. What he did not suspect, however, is her announcing her presence to Caesar so quickly. Due to her young looks and lack of parents, she was often fell into the prey of crime. Her actions against the lowly criminals have caught attention of the Roman military and she was sent to Caesar's attention. There, she was introduced to her grandfather. Thinking his lack of speech shows lack of confidence, Caesar sent her grandfather and her off to a private room, smirking at him for not being able to talk to a little girl.

There, he began to uncomfortably talk about his business, in exchange for her story of how she will destroy her grandfather once she finds him. His anger about her quickly turn to fear, as she looks at him with her angry eyes and continues her description of the events. To his relief, Caesar soon came in needing his knowledge. But nearly out of earshot, he was asked about the conversation and he replied by saying that she's "like her father." Hearing the words, she froze, knowing that the only person in Rome that knows her father would be him. She gasps in air knowing that she was very well within the arm reach of him mere minutes ago. Looking back, they where gone.

That night, she marched her way to the estate belonging to her grandfather. It was surrounded at all sides by well trained soldiers. When attacking, she notices that they too, slow down to the point where she can easily walk away and dodge the blades until it comes crashing down on the ground after she is long past it's strike zone. As she ran to another guard and focusing on him, she raises her hand and notice that feeling that occur when she is near objects change and the guard sway a little. Distracted, she finishes him off to enter the fenced perimeter. Inside, she notices three four-man patrol of stronger guards, but due to the gap between the patrols, she was able to easily slip through. No later than when she killed him, the guards where alerted. As much as their attack slowed down, the attack came from too many directions and she was overwhelmed.

Amphitheatre of Statilius Taurus

Upon coming back to conscious, she realized that she was in a dark room, adorned with a few metal armor on her body, and the loud clashes of sword above her, which was followed shortly by a blood chilling high-pitch scream that died down in a roar of a wild animal. Only after the light that seep through the opening door does she realized that she was in the Amphitheatre of Statilius Taurus, a gladiatorial arena, currently hosting a gladiatrix competition. Metal bars raised across the arena from her. The sentence was accusing her of assassination of a merchant of Caesar. Her rival is a girl with a look of an upper-class, merely seeking entertainment. The fight was over quick, and her husband hollered in rage as Achillia was once again in the room, watching the lion eat the carcass of the dead woman. With lion gone, she was sent out again. By the end of the day she has killed over fifteen upper-class woman. Their husband and relatives demanded her to be eaten wild animals.

To the crowd's pleasure, they released the animals that is composed of a elephant, five lions, and two leopards, they re-open her cage to only find her armor lying on the ground, shattered, with a low growling noise in the dark fallowed by a sharp hiss and a soft sound of bone scraping bone. In the response to the growl, the lion roared and one lioness charged into the darkness and have it's rumbling cut short. As a pool of blood flow out of the door way, the crowd cheered, but stops suddenly when a medium tiger appeared out of the doorway with the lion's throat in its mouth. In the place of the tail was a thin gray snake with a seventeen inches long body, in a ratio of the tiger's body.

The crowd was in awe as the mysterious creature lashed out and broke the spine of the lion with one bite and killed the leopards and the remaining lionesses with skillful swipe of the paw, and the aid of the the venom from the snake's bite. The elephant was killed equally quickly when it rammed against the wall which broke its tusks, allowing the creature to climb on top of the elephant and claw it's way to the bones and puncture several organs. The husbands was still in outrage since they asked for a grand execution, not a creature against animals and began throwing rocks against the creature. One of the rocks home in and struck the creature's head. Angered, the creature charged at the crowd, killing the retainer on the way to the stands as everybody panics. After the arena was deserted, the creature came back to finish eating the retainer. Then the fur began to shorten and the snake was slowly merged back to the skin and the body began shifting to a more humanoid form. When the transformation finishes, the new form resembles Achillia. She give a glance at the scene, exhausted, then collapse under her own weight.

Her ability to fight was again bought to Caesar's attention - but not of her animistic form. He decided that since she was not related to any high ranking Roman citizen, as she is an orphan, Achillia will be re-positioned to fight in the gladiator match. The all-men challenge proved slightly more challenging than the all-women gladiatrix. But after defeating the hardest of the gladiators, the Caesar decide that she is a perfect option if he want to execute a dangerous prisoner and give the crowd pleasure at the same time. He also noticed that as years pass by, she haven't look any different, still the same body and size of a child not past eleven. This caused a nickname to be passed around calling her "aeternae parvulus" or "eternal child."

People who have watched her before was in confusion of how she could survive the "creature" in her holdings. Others was flustered by her aggression, as she mauled even the best of the fighters, causing hate to arise and more bet money going against her. To the pleasure for the crowd, she was given just a tight, stiff, and rough cloth tied with thin strips of leather as an armor and a rusty, almost broken, dagger.Undeterred by the odds against her, she keep on winning, even if she is pitted against the fiercest of the gladiators and animals.

She brawled against the criminals for seventeen years without ever transforming again. Crowd, usually in the outrage of loosing bet against the child, began to bet for her and the lower class find it the best way to get rich. With the sudden shift of crowd's bets, the arena is quickly loosing money and in desperate measures, the Caesar withdrew her from the gladiatorial games and sent her home to Greece. There, news has already spread of her undefeated record in the Amphitheatre, and provoked some Spartan soldiers to challenge her to see if her legends are true or have she been living in wealth of Rome, only spreading rumors. After defeating the challenge easily, the head of the military agreed to force all Spartan soldiers to not fight with her. Her old pack also wondered why, she still has an appearance of a child they know years ago.

Back in Sparta

She went back to her old home expecting dusty and cobweb filled, but instead find a home lively with light and sounds. Knowing another family moved in, she tried to sleep in a corner in the market place where here father was killed. But the years in the arena has taken its toll on her and will wake up in even the most subtle of noises.

Even as the rumors spread, there is some who mistake her for a lonely little girl. One of such was Morria, a mother of a perioeci family of craftsmen. Ignoring the girl's resistance, to which she return with love and a promise for a family and food, she brought Achillia to her home. There, the seemingly little girl meets Morria's husband - Utomosus, her second son - Socarat; thirteen but the scar across his face and across his entire back indicated that he was kicked out of military school, Araciese - six year old middle child that helps his dad make pottery, and Juno - Socarat's and Araciese's three year old younger sister. Morria told her that their oldest son is serving in the army and should come back soon.

When he did, she could not believe her eyes, as the boy turns out to be Abas, one of the members of her pack years before. His arrival sparked tension in the household. Achillia don't know weather to trust the family, while Abas want to kick her out of his family while being against his parent's will - who was equally surprised when he told them that she is older than she looks, especially when he told them that she is the girl that he scornfully talks about when he was younger. Though officials ban challenges about her, fighting for the protection of the family was legal. The fight was disputed to utilize practice swords, due to a Juno insisting to watch. The fight was brutal, but it was rapid. Abas suffered two cracked ribs, fractured jaw, dislocated shoulder, and bruises that covered his legs; while Achillia received a bruise on her neck and a splinters across the stomach. Putting the wooden sword down, she thanked everyone, apologized to Juno who was terrified, and left the house. Inspired, Araciese pleaded their parents for her to stay, only to be slapped by Abas. Her departure as stopped by Utomosus who ask her for forgiveness to Abas' action, and that he is lacking in honor to treat his superior, despite of her looks, gender, or social rank, in Sparta's minimal discrimination system; and requested her to join their family.

Achillia agreed to the condition of not having to fight everyday, which he agree upon. Angry at his father's decision, Abas left his family again the next day. Weeks that passes by getting to know each member better changes to years of peace within the family, though her young looks still puzzle everyone within. With the years that pass by, she watches as Araciese join a military pack of his own, argument whenever Abas comes home for a day, and Juno growing up learning from her mother. Unknown to her, at some nights she would transform to the creature and attack people and only to wake up and asked where she had been at the night.

Inevitably, the family seemingly grew up without her, Morria and Utomosus quietly passed way, Abas is now overseeing a portion of the military, Socarat and his wife opened up a crafting shop, Araciese and Juno both finding a spouse and left for Athens. Still trapped in an eleven years old body, she is once again on the move for safety. Finding the only place to call home, she re-enrolled herself to the Spartian military, and again fought her way to the top. Her current group was more accepting, not just because of her reputation, but more on respect. She was no longer required to dance or to lie about cheating, nor having her food frequently taken.

As she fears, she has caused the death of two of her packmates in her animal form, which now will even force her to transform while she is awake or even in the day time when nobody was looking, and transforming back in the shadows of panic. Angered at her unique transformation, she seeks to control it, attempting to make the creature's mind and her's to become one. Training in secret for years, she finally controls the being, allowing her will to be it's. For reason unknown at the time, she cannot control the snake-tail.

When stray dogs was attacking her packmate one day, she realize she could understand the dog's body language and in an attempt to scare the dog away, she tried to yell, but what came out as a menacing roar no different than those of a lion and was shortly followed by a snarl of a tiger. The dog, as surprise as it was scared, whimpered away. Her packmate thank her, while being astonished by her vocalization. Achillia, at the same time, was startled by her roar. When she got back to the pack, she notices that she could depict people's thought by the way they where acting more easily than normal.

From others' perspective, they all agreed that her actions are aggressive in a fight, or at the very least, more than usual. She is also capable to easily navigate through even the dimmest lighting and can hear things that cannot be normally heard. Also noticed was her ability to swim at great speeds and dive to unrivaled depths. Though constantly denied, her perception of attack was still too slow for her, and her packmates complain of dizziness whenever she feels as though she shift the feeling of objects. When she does employ the ability to shift it, she realized that she can drag even the heaviest objects with ease, or the contrary.

Upon the time of the promotion, she was overseen by Roman officer, Julius Maximus. The appearance of a Roman centurion grimly indicated that her gang, including herself, will be joining Roman legionary, and not a Spartan army. The centurion looked down upon her and her pack stood up for her as one of their own. Impressed, but under the rank of commands, he severely punished the group by sending them directly to training camps to be trained again instead of directly being a part of the infantry ranks. Like the earlier part of her life, the pack was looked down upon, ignoring completely of their skills and abilities. Nonetheless, they thrived and Achillia still practices transforming in secret. The Roman recruits know them as the "Cruenta Laminis" or the "Bloody Blades."

Their constant victory against the recruits in sparring match caught the attention of the officer, who know that they have more training than what they have been assigned to. To prevent them from further harming the recruits, he went against the centurion and promoted them to be legionaries. His action could have resulted death, but instead, he received a complement from the officer, thanking him for the service he provided for the Roman citizen. Ironically, the group ended up in Julius' batch of brutes. As usual, the group provided protection for Achillia from the other members. Nonetheless, her small size often led to a disadvantage at activities and drills. Though often mistreated in her life, she felt a new threat that was brought upon by Romans, the discrimination of women in the military; which was completely unheard of before her recruitment.

She stayed within the command with Julius Maximus for at least twenty more years until she was forced to leave her pack to join the force commandeered by ruthless tribune Cortus Nortus. There, she was fighting for survival among the men who seek advantages of her young looks. Also misjudging her age, she was often mistaken to be Nortus' daughter; a reputation she takes no pride in. In a formation, she is always pushed to the back of the line, or nearly stepped upon, the centurions always seem to find the spot she is standing on a hole in a square formation. But her reputation as the eternal child from decades ago still stands, though no one knew that she is among them.

Upon the collapse of the Western Empire, she has served over two hundred senior officers while maintaining the rank of an ordinary legionary foot soldier, and hold a role as a legionary for Eastern Empire. Also getting used to, was the remarks she received about her supposed age and looks. As she expects, the Eastern Roman Empire treated her no different than their fallen counter part, and by the time it collapses, she was absorbed by the power struggle of the Middle Ages. Though she nearly missed the Black Death during time serving the Romans, she was consumed by the violence surrounding her life. To break from this, she took a ship to a little cluster island in Asia called Japan, not knowing that she is heading directly into the middle of the Muromachi period.

Feudal Japan

She arrived on the island on the year of 1521, expecting peace from all the havoc in her long life. As with anyone that is a stranger to the islands, she was treated like an outsider. This opinion was raised with her lack of knowledge of the Japanese language. Being from a foreign land, she was almost instantly sick from a local disease. Unable to find a home, nor a place to stay that is free of cost, she slept in the corner of a building in the rain.

When she wakes up, she discovered that she was dry inside a small emptied temple. The priest that helped her find shelter told her something that she could not understand, though he does find a way to explain that it is unsafe for a young westerner to sleep outside. While it continues to rain, he found a way to cure the sickness and decide to teach her some communication skills. He was amused to discover that she is a rapid learner, and by the time the sun cleared, she know enough Japanese to put people at lease upon meeting her. As a farewell gift, he handed her a bag of money enough for two nights at a local inn.

On the way, she saw a man punishing his slave girl for her mistake. Angry, she tried to stop the man, though he eventually overpower her and brutally whip her. The man then grab his slave by a collar, and after exclaiming that Achillia is an example for misbehaving, he dragged her away. Lying bloodied on the street, she was left alone with an exception of a few dogs that tries to bite her. By the time the night falls, rain began falling again, stinging her flesh as if they where on fire. And by the time, she got up from the ground and leaned against the tree, she realized that she had been robbed. Alone again, she inches her way past the crowd's glares and out of town. People on the trails viewed her in disgust and officials frequently stop by and see if she is a criminal. On the edge of a mountain path, she viewed as an old man slew two samurais with a keen blade unlike the gladius that she used as a Roman legionary.

It wasn't long before he saw her and carried her to his home on the mountain. After bandaging up her cuts, she told her to leave when she was healed. She refused and insisted to be his student, even though the man said he had given up teaching years ago. Now, considered a ronin, and a disgrace to his students, which was forced to commit seppuku in the name of the daimyo, while he refused. To "scrape" the honor he had left, he was hunted down by the other martial arts school, though none prevailed.

She waited outside of his house for at eight months until he finally come to accept her and told her that his name is Tomakawa Nakashi. Though he remarked that she is too old to be beginning the arts of the samurai, her skilled with the bokken immediately caught his attention and he remarked that her style is unorthodox and unique, not knowing the experiences she had been through. Due to her accelerated ability to pick up knowledge quickly, her training lasted only for six years. Joining a tournament was another challenge. She was turned down multiple times due to lack of master present, as Nakashi refuses to be known for her own good. Another reason she was rejected was her race of the Westerner and, yet again, her gender. When she eventually welcomed, she won the top spot and was rewarded with an elegant daisho, or a set of a katana and wakizashi. Returning to the mountain, she thanked Nakashi and left to follow Bushido by serving a lord.

Soon she discovered that this path leads to no greatness, as people normally judge her by her looks of a still young lady, and her refusal to tell her master's name render her a vagabond samurai, or in some lords, a ronin. This makes the society hostile to her, especially the lords that distaste a masterless samurai in their land. As good as the crafting of the blades are, which she learn to dual wield, the rusts and constant impacts of other blades forced caused the blade to gain fractures along the blade. When it finally broke, she used her honed pickpocket skills to steal a cheap daisho from the market. Feeling dishonored by her act, she cut off her top notch and sneaked into bounty hunting's business. Her success in the career gained reputation among the crime bosses. Behind her back, the bosses agreed that the only way she could have capture all the bounties is that she actually works and betrayed them. Not listening to her facts, they punished her after seeing her speaking to a wanted man - unknown at the time - for directions.

Again, wounded and stranded on the streets, and yet too dishonored to meet her master again, she seeks out the legendary ninjas. After being mocked by civilians for her request to find "the ones that cannot be seen" countless times, she found a group of one in the Iga province. Upon her arrival, she was instantly received as a hostile, until she submits to be one of them and promise not to turn them over to the shogun as she is not in his service. Ninjas, being a naturally suspicious people, forced her to tell them how she finds them, which she replied by only wondering by. To make sure it was the truth, she was drugged and poisoned until near-death. After discovering that she is telling the truth, she was brought back to full health. Her training, as discouraged a it is, started by playing with the children, with games that will further improve their skill and hers in the future.

It wasn't long when the warlord Oda Nobunaga invaded the province in 1581. Around 60,000 men coming from six direction swarmed the province and overpowered its inhabitants. When the base was attacked, she chose to stand her ground and protect the children. But the forces was too great, and with one little child in her arms, she was cut down and left for dead. After the devastating assault, she was picked up by the survivors. The child she saved was given to his mother, while her wounds was treated. The ninjas owed her a debt and swear an oath to keep their promise to train her to be a kunoichi, or a female ninja. After waking up, she discovered that the survivors was scattered and some banded into a group - like her's. Her group consisted of seventeen ninjas, four highly experience, six children, and seven moderately trained.

Again, her fast learning allow her to shoot through the expectations significantly shorter time than everyone else within the children group, but at the same time, her young looks still allow her to communicate to the children. Even though her ability to learn is great, she sticks to dual wielding the daisho, now preferably attached to her back, rather than a lone katana like everybody else. Her skills with the shuriken is renowned for being both accurate and fast, giving even the most profound samurai to think the cut given by the weapon was made by an invisible swordsman.

Her life with her ninja "family" came to an abrupt end one day when another group of ninja, calling themselves the "Hand" forced them to join or die. The group chose the latter and suffered the consequence. Achillia, knowing she cannot beat this rogue group that utilize magic, she ran away. Nearing the town, she decided to live a life of a vagabond samurai again.

After countless decades pass by and equally numbered of cheap sets daisho stolen, her contribution to lowering crime levels caught the recent shogun's attention. As a reword for her work, the shogun appointed her a metsuke, or a shogunate spy. To cover her western looks, she wore a hood that covers her face and acted as a beggar, while she was keeping a careful watch of all the activities in the towns that she visited. As a metsuke, she was able to keep her knowledge updated. As with the her life thus far, she outlived her role as the shogunate during the resignation of Tokugawa Yoshinobu.

In 1873, Emperor Meiji removed the samurai rights to be merged with the social class. Now looking like a mid twenties woman, she has no longer worry about remarks about her looks, and the continuous Western influence leave no surprises on a stranger's face upon meeting her. With the Emperor's new law, she now has to again conceal herself nonetheless, as the right to wear katana was abolished along with her social status. Finding replacements for the broken daisho is rarer to find, but the chances of it breaking is also declined due to less people provoked to attack her.

For most of the time, she hid away from the society and its ways, and hardly find anything surprising. But she has least expected another Westerner with a local woman talking so comfortably together. After the man left inside an inn to pick up some food, she came to know her as Akihirom Itsu, as that is what the man called her. By her stature alone, Achillia knows that she is pregnant with a child. Before any questions could be asked, her husband came out of the inn and seems to sniff the air. For some time, he stands there and continue to sniff the air, when he finally turn his face directly in her direction. In an instant, she panicked but realize that just because he smelled her doesn't mean he can see her. Luckily his wife put her hands on his shoulders and tell him not to worry. Her well-trained hearing picked up that the man's name was Logan. But with him looking back as they walked away shows that he is pretty confirmed that somebody was there.

While the weapon world is quickly evolving into a the era of the firearms, she kept her last set of daisho on her, the cheap steel shattered long ago, but the sharp remains attached to the hilt is still useful. The shurikens was still used as a long range distraction weapon of her choice, usually made from coins that have little value.

One day, her life in Japan suddenly took a sharp turn. That afternoon, she saw five people being picked upon by street side gangs. As she always do, she tried to save them. To distract a cluster of three shuriken at the leading gang members. That was when she saw their bodies flutter and for a brief moment, they where massive. As she got closer to rescue the people, she notices they each held an elegant sword that seems to glow and that as she nears the gang members, the colder it got. The muscular brute turns to her and give a wicked grin and roared in the most evil way she has ever heard. Pulling out her broken katana and wakizashi, she stands ready and told the people to stay behind her. Surprisingly, they replied by saying that they knew.

The hesitation was enough for one of the thugs to swipe her off her feet and slammed hard against the wall. With pain shooting throughout her body, she forces herself to transform into the creatures from centuries before, but larger as she has grown since then. Again, the body of the gang members wavered and flickered in surprise. Her muscle-bound body rips through her cloths and she emits a low growl. But the people behind her was amused and stand back. The mobs' body flashed one last time as she snarls and the gang turn to be a massive dark beings with red eyes. Cold winds began to howl in an unstoppable fury and feeling cornered, she leaps at the beings. The five swordsmen followed her lead and strike the giants without fear. She notices that with each cut made by their swords, it seems to flare up in a radiant form of fire. The fight was unique even in her experience, as razor-sharp ice shards flew in the air and the are getting more frigid as moments pass by. In the middle of the fight, the men back down again, realizing they cannot beat their enemies alone. By the time the victory was won by her, her limbs was barely movable due to the fatigue and the cold. Unable to transform back, she desperately looked for a way out as crowds start to form.

Then she heard a voice in her ear whispering that not to worry in a very strong accent, and next thing she saw was a bright flash of light as she felt a hand on her shoulder blades and wind whipping past her ears. After her eyes adjust to the light, she saw a tall and grand castle. Before blacking out, one of the man told her in English that she has learned long before, again with the accent of the old, "welcome to Asgard."

Life within the walls of Asgard

When she woke up, she finds herself back in Human form on a clean white bed, and wearing an magnificent white robe. Her skin felt fresh and clean. But outside of her supposed chambers she hears yelling between a man of great royalty and one of the men in the group. After the lesser man apologizes, her door bursts open and an old man with a staff strolled in and stopped by her bed. The man introduces himself as Odin All-Father while he looks at her with his one good eye. He continues to mention that she should not have to endure the fight of a group of frost giants, nor to be left to fight alone. As a debt that needed to be paid, he promises to forge her new weapons, and that she come and stay in Asgard as much as she wishes. With another apology, he left the room and quietly closes the door behind him.

She was served with medication everyday until she was strong and well enough to stand and walk. While she lie in bed, she would gain a visit from an Asgardian everyday and she eventually figured out that they where, in fact, gods.

To fit her fighting preference with the daisho, the All-Father crafted the set from the three of the most powerful metals of the nine realms and beyond using the lamination method of the Japanese and the seven layers metal configuration of inspired by Masamune. In the place of soft steel of used in normal forging, the kinetic energy absorbing Vibranium from Midgard was used, Adamantine forged by the Olympic God Hephaestus Aetnaeus - Vulcan - replaces the medium steel, and the valued metal ore Uru of Asgard was used for the hard metal portion of the sword's crafting and give the blade a dull iron look. The set was completed just over five month after starting the process, most time used during the polishing stage which lightened the blade a bit enough to give it a good luster. Uru, capable to store magical enchantments, was given multiple spell to aid Achillia's journey.

With her new weapon, she practices, getting used to the feeling of the heavier blades. Even as it is unprovided by the Asgardians, she continue her shuriken practices. Her sparring against some opponents - particularly Lady Sif and Brunnhilde the Valkyrie - have caught some attention from the citizens of Asgard.

She was reminded of her unearthly parentage of her father when Odin told her that her nature is unnatural for a Midgardian. This also spikes some question she have about herself in addition of her true father and her creature form. With a time to formulate her thinking and try to link the mystery to her experiences, like why whenever shifts the feeling of objects on somebody, they stumbles, or why does the attacks always slow down at the last moment and allow her to get away most of the time? As much as she has time to think, she cannot come to a conclusion.

Though she is befriended by everyone, she still contain the habit of sneaking around trying not to be noticed. But she was noticed, however, by a seemingly normal citizen of Asgard. She notices that he is always near the entrance of the fortress, looking up at her when ever she sees him. It wasn't long before she tries to meet him. Like her, she don't know his age, but she knew that he is older than he looks. After two months of introduction and getting to know each other better, they feel that they can trust each other. The man, Dathoryn Vilison, told her in a quiet voice that he actually have a special ability to communicate with a spirit of Bor, the father of Odin. This ability shocked her as well as the knowledge of a being greater and more powerful than the All-Father. He continues to say that his ability is passed along the from family member to family member, transferred only by will or death; and if he wishes to, he can allow other people to hear and join in the conversation. He also mentioned that his own father, Vili Borson, was ignorant of his existence nor this ability, and in his death, it was transferred to his wife, who then transferred it again to him.

Dathoryn, who preferred to be called Dathor, was aided by the spirit of Bor to muster up the courage through his life after leaving his mother's side when she died of unknown illness. Bor also taught him how to use the power he come to call the Borforce, that - at most - exceeds the Odin Force. He dual wield a pair Earthly iron hatchets that he enchant to never allow it to rust and make as strong enough to nearly match the durability of Uru. Though none of them would admit it, they care growing closer together. When asked why he is not within the walls of Asgard, he replied by admitting that the Royal Family never knew that his father had a child when he died, so if he stayed within Asgard for prolonged periods, he will be detected by Heimdall.

To her surprise, one day, Odin decided to introduces her to the Gods that she haven't thought about for a long time: Olympians. The Pantheon of Ancient Greece strides across the Bifrost. Bringing Dathor with her, she thanks Vulcan for the Adamantine element of her sword, to which he laughed boldly and replied by telling her that he owed Odin a favor anyway in addition to wishing her victories of future fights. She received praises from Athena for her efforts to stay alive before she and her kin enter the chamber deep within Asgard.

After the meeting between the Patheons finishes, she saw Dathor walk up to Odin and called upon a favor to be treated in secrecy. Odin listens and give glances at her from time to time and back at him. Eventually he nods, and Dathor turns around with a smile on his face. As he approaches him, he hold out his hand and as a low boom sweep through the room caused by Gungnir - Odin's spear - slams on the ground. The crowd silenced as he stands in front of her and with trembling efforts, he asked for her to be his wife.

Shocked in surprise, but expected, she failed to think. Looking back, she see Odin standing alongside with Zeus and the rest of the Greek pantheon. Unable to come up with a response to break her speechlessness, she walks over to Zeus and looked upon him with strain to seek the answer, while inside her, she knew the answer long ago. The god looked upon her with pity and keeled down and mumbled to her to follow her heart and smile faintly at her. Turning around and walk back to him and with a deep breath, she looks deep into his blue eyes. Silence, like a contagious disease, spread throughout the realm of Asgard. After what seems like hours pass by, she step closer and put her arms around his stiff body and hug him tightly and whispered to his ears that she accepts. Slowly his muscle loose their tensions and he embrace her back. Both Pantheons broke into a roar of applause as they find themselves standing in the middle of the room. Thor, son of Odin, wishes the best of luck to Dathor as Athena wishes to hers.

Before the wedding ceremony they both decided to visit Midgard afterword for Achillia's sake. The wedding was attended by all of Asgard with an exception of Volstagg, who was forced to eat in another chambers occasionally visited by the Warriors Three and Thor, and some of the Olympians that was allowed to stay while Zeus goes to continue with his duties. When it was all over, they both received blessing from the spirit of Bor in private before leaving for Midgard. The new couple have not a clue that they are walking into a world at war.

Back in Midgard

The year was 1942, and the location they teleported to could not get any worst, Poland. Seeing people getting slaughtered by group in termination camps angered Dathor, and while cloaking his ability, he unleashed sharp pain of fear into the very souls of the Nazis that he sees in an attempt to make them retreat. But he instead got retaliation as fear turns to anger, as their loyalty is bonded with their leader. Achillia, who is also seeing this, draw out her swords. The enemies looked surprised for a moment and look in a distant behind her to see nothing and it was that moment when they realized that they where being attacked by two people with no guns. The captain died from cut across his throat as he tried to laugh, and others soon follow.

Once inside the structure, she figured out why they looked surprised when they see her swords. It was not because they don't see the firearms. Nor that it was only two of them. It was the style of swords that she had, a katana and a wakizashi; the blades of Japan. The Japanese officers stood up and with a mild shock like those of the dead officers, pulled out his firearm, and fired. For the first time in her life, she notices the bullet slowing down around five feet in front of her, so slow that she could even see the water vapor trailing behind it as she walks around it. Gently, she stop the bullet between her fingers, felt brief but immense heat from friction of bullet against her fingers and the kinetic transfer rippling down her arm to her spine. At that instant, the world seems to rush again at normal speed and she walked over and finishes the officer.

By the time the camp was compromised, they freed everyone and left. Realizing that the world was in need of any kind of support, they have decided to stay on Earth as opposed to returning to Asgard. After multiple solo battles, they realized that they aren't the only ones fighting against the Nazi and learned about the Allied Forces. Fighting their way to Germany they encountered an American shield-armed patriot that goes by the name "Captain America" though was never introduced. They did, however, was introduced to his partner James "Bucky" Barnes, who called them "Two peas in a damn God-like pod."

She also receive another share of surprise given by the war, specifically when the U.S. received a visit from the Canadian forces. There she unexpectedly saw Logan once more. And when they met, he took a quick but loud sniff at her and as a result, get punched into a concrete wall by Dathor. Holding his bloody nose, he told her that she smells familiar but he just cannot pin point on it. She noticed that his nose are regaining their normal shape and look at her husband who signal back to her that he had nothing to do with the healing. Then he leaps toward the Asgardian, only to be stopped by finding Achillia on his back forcing him to crash down two feet before the target. The the colonial came in and ask what the ruckus was all about, they all replied that it was nothing he should worry about.

Words spread in circulated whispers around the U.S. soldiers that have to do with "Project Manhattan." After consulting with the officials, she concluded that even they don't know what it is and consider it a no big deal. Though the war fought was a terrible, her life long experience with war made the battle to sped past her, thought it takes in occasional bumps, such as the M.I.A of the Captain and Bucky in 1945. Towards the closing of the war, she acquired a new transformation.

This creature, unlike the first, is very insectoid. Her legs will seem to melt and fuse together up to the hip to form a large insect abdomen. Her waist will narrow down by a small amount, as a pair of large insect wings sprouted between her shoulder blades and spine. Within the same instant of wings extending, a five inch long bony stinger - assumed to be transformed feet bones merging - lowered itself in on the tip of the newly formed abdomen, filled with venomous toxin. Her skin becomes smooth, glossy, and contained plated pattern as her epidermis turns to a thick exoskeleton which also blend most of the colors together, and unconnected plates merged together; with an exception of joints such as arms, mouths, eyes, and ears. While her face remains unchanged other than a light thin line to show plated shell, she gained a pair of quarter an inch thick antennae that blends in with her hair that often sticks up and seems to sense the air. Her arms, like her face, remain mostly unchanged. Her back's exoskeleton is very smooth though the back of the abdomen contained eight major plates that leads form the waist to the stinger, which proves mostly retractable. It should be noted that her organs does not shift location to conjunction to the insectiod form, though she gained stinger, venom glands, antennae, and wings.

Though hindered by the lack of legs, the form compensated the lack of locomotive limbs by the ability to fly indefinitely with little to none fatigue. This occurred due to the process where the lack of extra arms - i.e. bug's forelegs and hind legs - while Achillia's arm act as middle leg that can move a standard range of a Human arm, the extra muscles was redirected to flight wings. To further aid efficient flying, muscles was only used for starting, steering, and stopping the flight as well as controlling the speed; as the continuous flapping of the wings itself was caused by the storing and releasing of potential energy to mechanical energy by the involuntary flexing and rebounding of exoskeleton for each wing beat. It should be noted that her muscle mass does not increase, with an exception of the wings, so she contain the same strength as a Human form. Her bones - however - with the enhancement of the exoskeleton, are much less prone of breaking.

Dathor described this new form wasp-like and when explained that she had to "tame" the form, he replied by saying that it explains why her action was aggressive as it was unusual within the form. Like her other creature morph, she was forced to control the transformation. Controlling this form proved harder than the previous, as the ability to fly may cause her revert back to humanoid form twenty feet or higher in the air, falling down with no cloths on, and only be caught at the last second by her husband. The war around her was not helping her ether, as she required a private time to practice.

Eventually after weeks of attempts, she gained the skill set to contain full control of the form. With the ability to fully control her secondary organism, she also attained the skill to fly with nearly unmatched nimbleness, sense differences in air currents and air pressure, and increased durability. Seeing that she probably needed to label the creatures to distinguish them in a conversation, she named her first form "Chimera" even though her tiger body and snake tail resembles more of a Nue of the Japanese legends, which is consisted of tiger legs and a snake tail along with various other body part from other animals; while her insectoid transformation was called "Vespinae," named after organism subfamily of wasps that included the yellow jacket. She mentioned that after transforming back to humanoid forms, her legs - especially her feet - gives constant sharp pain for a day; likely resulted from separation of her bones, which proves that while exoskeleton does form, her internal skeleton remains inside.

When the war was officially over, she decided to head toward the Swiss Alps and get settled. On the way, she stopped by Greece, and was stunned at the differences from her childhood. Sadden by the few memory markers, she heads to her destination. There, they set up a wood and stone house on a mountain side to avoid all the howling cold eastbound winds. There, she was free to transform whenever she pleases and Dathor can practice the fighting arts of Bor without disruption.

She was impregnated with a child seven years after their settlement. However, six months into pregnancy, they received a tragic encounter with a group of poachers that caused a miscarriage. Around this time, she received multiple dull pain at the back of her head from time to time. Most unexpectedly, she was hit by a powerful psychic blast to the head that nullify her thought. She felt the feeling stung across her body. After that, she no longer feel the pain in her head. Meanwhile, Dathor was unaffected by the unknown attack nor the blast and was confused at her pain.

Though the psychic attacks are over, new threats took ransom of their home: increasing tourism in the mountain ranges. After holding their anger for several more decades, they can tolerate no more. Moving to the populated London, she almost gagged at the amount of soot and pollution in the air. People remarked at their strange attires, as she was wondered at the shining metal of the skyscrapers. Unable to turn back, she decide to move themselves across the Atlantic to Canada. Upon arriving on the lands, she received reports of finding Captain America alive in a block of ice, frozen in suspended animation. According to the news, his awakening shocked the world as much as he is shocked at the world, which she agrees with. With her current location in southern Ontario suddenly made her feel the mental throbbing again. As a result, she moved up north to the outskirts of Old Crow, Yukon where the pain decreases. There, they was able to live peacefully again and stay out of the way of the political Cold War and at the same time, watch technology evolve around them.

Some years later, they heard news report of a metallic armor in Alberta that falls from the sky in a flash of lightning. Knowing that it has something to do with a Godly power, they headed toward the direction to see if it was a message for the Gods, not knowing that by the end of the day, she will not see Dathor again.

Finding a large hole in the ground, it's trail is lit up by fire of destruction. Cars turned over and crushed to the side of a building, smell of charred flesh, flame crackles as it consumes fills the air, and the rumble of the armor's footfall send vibration across the ground like the earthquake epicenter. Once within sight, Dathor grows pale as he know this isn't a message from Odin, but the hate of Loki. In front of them was the unstoppable Destroyer.

Stepping on a loose piece of concrete was all it needs to get it's attention, as before Dathor can summon his hatchets, it's arm swiped the man through the glass wall and faces Achillia. Before a strike was made, the enchanted hatchet flew and scraped the Destroyer's shell. Regaining it's attention, it turned and fired a powerful energy beam toward the Asgardian, flinging him through three solid concrete walls. Getting up, he yelled for Achillia to run away. Hiding behind the pillar, she saw Dathor releasing multiple energy attacks from the extremes of hellfire to enchanted lightning, but with no prevail. Fatigued, he charges up the Borforce without using any energy to cloak it. As it charge, the Destroyer stood back up and glow formed beneath the metal plates. At the last moment before the focused Borforce was ready, the Destroyer lowered it's visor and fired a deadly ray at the challenger. Charged with Borforce, Dathor stood still as the Destroyer moves away.

Thinking that the armor have given up, Achillia runs over to her husband and stopped a few feet away. He was still in the same pose as before. His skin is like those of a flash burned rock and as still. In her head, she hears his voice telling her that he is no longer a part of the living and that at his last will, he will transfer the spirit of Bor to her. Then he began to turn to dust as his remains cooled down and his voice fades away. Achillia fell on her knees and weep as she felt a surge of power within her. Reaching for his hatchets, she finds that they where no longer enchanted. In the distant she saw a fight with lightning, though she knew it was not him, but rather Thor. Upon lying there in sorrow, she felt another power throb and darkness fell upon her. Outside, the newly found Avengers found her in the middle of destruction as the Destroyer move back from Asgard. They confirmed that she was in deep coma-like state.

Genetic Analysis

Unable to find a problem with her body other than superficial bruising and cuts, she was transferred to the best medical service facility and was analysed her tissue. To further help to find the answer to her coma, various scientists was hired, including Dr. Hank McCoy and Stephen Strange. Even with the best medical technology given by Tony Stark was unable to detect serious damage. However, Dr. Strange agreed with Thor that her current state was almost identical to Odinsleep. When asked if she is one of the Asgardians, Thor replied by saying that he knew her but she was not one of them. If things are not mysterious enough, her genetics further puzzled even the most seasoned biologists.

First thing they noticed was that her genes included the X-Gene, the factor that causes Human mutations. Fallowed shortly by the discovery of the X-Gene was a massive series of genetic traits that behaved like a recessive genes, though such types of the traits don't even show in an average Human being, and after testing, they discover that even the recessive genes overpower the oddball bundle of traits. Henry Pym decided to call it "Infra-Recessive Genes" for it's ability to be easily overwritten by other genes.

Possibly, the most confusing genetic structure was the her DNA itself. Instead of a standard double-helix with two sugar-phosphate backbones, her DNA is hextuple-helix with six sugar-phosphate backbones. Her DNA proved to be another challenge to crack when it began to show that there are two different different sets of nitrogenous bases, one set belonging to a human's - compiled of Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine, and Thymine. The other, however, is completely different and does not contain any link of Earthly origins. Digitally converting her DNA to more simplified form, the second set of bases closely matched those of Kree's biology.

This vast variation caught Reed Richard's attention and by his calculation, the chances for someone containing all her traits - crossbred of Human and Kree, attained massive amount of Infra-Recessive Genes, a Mutant, and a hexuple-helix DNA - is over 392.919900142 googleplex to one; with around 71.973465 googleplex to one to have an entire body of hexuple-helix DNA alone. In another words, it is on a bleeding edge of impossibility.

Even with vast interests on her, no one can find a cure to the coma. In her state, she is too delicate to be moved, let alone move back to Asgard. As the scientific interest fades, she was kept in a the room with vast amount of medical equipment and was visited every other week. Her weapons remained on her as no one else was able to lift it. Years fly by and she was visited less frequently as it proves that her condition was remarkably stable and almost healthy. Eventually she was only visited after a blackout to see if she health changed with no medical support.


Her rest was long but it ended after Bor was once again killed against Thor, as his view of the world was altered by Loki. The spirit of Bor was furious at the "death" of his son by the hands of a "hammer-wielding villain." Also shocked by this news, but learned that it was false as she barge her way out of the hospital. Also looking, Bor's spirit was further enraged that he fell for the illusion of a Frost Giant, Loki. Learning that his son's power was passed down to Thor, he asked Achillia to apologize to the God of Thunder. She instead insisted to know how long or why she slept. Bor replied by telling her that every time his spirit was transferred from one body to another, it triggers the Hibernation of Bor that allows the roots of the spirit to be set in the new body, and the rebirth by Loki delayed his transition.

The spirit also mentioned that his rebirth also lead to the fact that some of his powers was left inside his helm. Relying on her sword's powers, she teleports to Asgard, only to find out that Thor was banished and was told that the Helm of Bor was within the casket of Bor's physical body deep within Asgard. Alarmed, the spirit warned her to find and remove the helm as fast as she can or his body will be filled with a portion of his power and formed an unstoppable soulless warrior. Rushing inside, she finds Balder standing over the golden casket. Despite the raising impatience of Bor inside her head constantly warning her of the danger present, she waits until Balder left the room.

Once alone, she proceeds and walk to the casket and feeling chill in the air around the body. Touching the helm, she felt a surge of power given to her, but at the same time, life force being drained. Each minute that passes by, she grew more fatigued and more her joints ache. She saw her skin slowly began to wrinkle as she rapidly ages. Barely able to think, she conjure up the strength a word that even Bor himself would never thought of: she freed him from his burden as an omnipotent spirit and asked his spirit to join with the power within the helm to become one and forever live in peace in Valhalla.

Within that instant, bright light burst across the room, and she felt searing pain as Bor removed his spiritual links connected to her. As a last gift to show his gratitude, he restored her to her original condition and left her a replica of his helm made to fit her head. The helm was forged from an unknown material that is slightly stronger than the Destroyer's armor and the horn protruding from the sides have equally strong durability with unknown properties that resist external dark magic attacks. The helm was also enchanted, like her swords.

Fitted with a new equipment, she teleports herself back to Earth. When she came back, she set a wave of relief, surprise, and interests in the superhero community with different reasons. Thor, under stages of depression that began when he was banished from Asgard, was speechless to see a girl that he knew wearing a helm identical to his grandfather. But after fighting each other in the streets of Manhattan, he agree that the helm is smaller, though he noticed that her attributes was boosted up to three times than before.

Their fight was witnessed upon by the Dark Avengers, who recovered from the beating given by Bor. They asked for her to join their organization, in return for grand amount of money. She refused and was attacked upon leaving, though they only resulted another serious injuries. Frustrated about danger coming around her life again, she smuggled herself to Manchester, England where she created a home in the far empty countryside. Though she led a peaceful life, her skills where needed occasionally for the safety of the people in England. Though she looks certainly old enough to drive, she rely on the transportation of the old, a mild gray draft horse.

The stallion was a powerful Percheron was purchased after a year after she settled in England from a stock sold from France when it was approximately three years old, and where it was castrated to prevent erratic behavior later in life. Achillia refused to name the horse, and while it grows up, it was trained to obey various different commands. The reins are the only item used to control the horse and bareback riding is good for easy mount and dismount. Her actions undoubtedly attracted the attention to the newly reassembled Avengers, but the recruitment request was denied before it was even sent by Thor.

Although she lived in England for years, government was still against her; calling her a refugee because she did not a citizen of UK nor officially entered a country, and the main problem is her building her home and land without buying it. Despite the government dislike, she was protected by her land owning neighbors, who felt her presence brought safety to the people. Some even offered to pay for her charges, though she refused. After over a decade, the Parliament issued orders for her to be trialed. But the trial was removed when the people spoke up. Few years after the protest, the charges was released when it was considered that her protection of the people a payment to the society.

Finally relaxed of all the restrictions, she was free to practice her powers without concerns of agents overseeing her. Her practices was viewed upon by a her neighbor's twenty-one years old son; who has secretly fell in love with her since she first settled. She has also noticed the young man that watches her daily and on some the weekends. The two officially met three weeks later and she was reengaged on their eighth anniversary. Three years after the marriage, they beget a son named Bradley James Earnist. His birth re-sparked the medical interest on her genes. Disappointingly, other than being a mutant born, his biology is identical to those of a human, including normal traits overwriting the Infra-Recessive Genes and a standard double helix DNA. The mutation that formed within his body granted him releasing and receiving echolocation emitters, one set on each hand. His allows him to "see" things past walls just by placing his hand on the wall and send off a ultrasonic sound wave at it. Even his growth is standard with the rest of the humans. Unable to comprehend or understand his powers, she cannot how to teach him to effectively use it, she send him to the X-Men when requested.

When the X-Men came to pick Bradley up, she discovered the cause of her head throbbing years before, Charles Xavier and his Cerebro probing every mutant-kind. But after many tries, Xavier believed that her signal was a glitch within the system and cancel the signal, which stopped the pain. But when nearing Westchester Country, New York when she was in southern Ontario, she was re-triggered by the pulses send by Cerebro.

After sending their son to "unknown people," she and her husband broke apart, but still keep in touch like friends. Though she denies it, she felt more relax without anyone to look after for their safety. With the burden of a parent and a wife gone, she returned to her routine. Occasionally, she would encounter a superhuman villain that she would have to defeat. In her opinion, she find the sexual offenders hardest to forgive, even compared to some of the powerful supervillains. Eventually she was known throughout Europe as a "warrior and her steed."

She finally allow the scientific community let her go under various tests to further understand her genome. The leading test was conducted by Dr. Reed Richards. One of the tests explained that the snake tail on her Chimera form was generated as a byproduct of the reptilian part of her brain. In addition, her while in the forms her genetic structure changed to fit the animal she resemble the best it can with it's unusual DNA. The tail's DNA shows that the snake was actually a black mamba, while her body was a Siberian tigress. Her Vespinae give the doctor no information other than a few insect genes present. Reed explained that her transformation into the Chimera and Vespinae triggered by nothing more than pure will, which he came to the conclusion that the original trigger emotions was overwritten when she "tamed" the forms. When she returned to Europe, she was greeted by the Excalibur, which she reject their offer like Avengers before them.

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