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Abstract Entities

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Abstract Entities

Living Tribunal (loosely)
Celestials (Master Order & Eternity; loosely)


Unusual Features
Make Up All Aspects of Reality

Created by the One-Above-All to regulate Reality

First appearance

Quote1.pngWe tell you the truth. We are your reality incarnate, all that we are is all that you see. We maintain it.Quote2.png
-- The Abstract Entities


Before the beginning, the One-Above-All created a small group of Embodiments who would be in all future universes throughout the Multiverse, regulating the Existence which was about to begin.

Eternity, Infinity, Death, Oblivion, Master Order, Lord Chaos, and Galactus were given specific natures to embody and uphold.

Among their number, Galactus was tasked with absorbing life-energy from Life-Potential worlds to continuously strengthen the cage locking Abraxas, a highly destructive Abstract Entity who will one day destroy the physical multiverse. Galactus himself acts as an Armageddon Function for entire planets when their time came to an end. He additionally serves as a balancing force for the other Abstract Entities.

As the eons passed, Galactus found himself requiring more routine absorption of life-energy, which along with Oblivion's gradually increasing actions made Galactus view it as a sign that the end was approaching.

Only a few moments into the existence on Earth-42180, that universe's Master Order and Eternity joined together their natures and crafted the Celestials, a group of forty cosmic beings who would accelerate life's development greatly. Seeing this development, Lord Chaos and Death created a counter-group called The Horde in response, who would interfere with and act against the Celestials. They number eighty total, but each individual Horde possesses only half their counterpart's power.

Powers and Abilities


  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Each of the Abstract Entities are essentially all-powerful, only challenged by each other. They cannot do things logically impossible, nor can they overrule/overpower the Living Tribunal, the One-Above-All, or a being that wields the united Infinity Gems. When seeing the power of Galactus, Tony Stark considered the Devourer of Worlds to be Almighty. Two of their number created the Celestials, a race of forty beings who could easily overwhelm entire Planetbound Pantheons with only ten of their number. Another two created a counter-group of equal overall power. Among creation, only the Proemial Gods could overwhelm any individual Abstract Entity without requiring outside assistance. A being who wielded all but the Reality Gem (therefore wielding the Soul, Mind, Time, Space, and Power Gems) was able to fight Galactus, the Proemial Gods, and Celestials on near even footing.
  • Immortality: Each of the Abstract Entities have been around since Existence began, and will continue to live until the end. As their continued existence regulates and propagates reality, the Abstract Entities cannot be killed by anyone other than the One-Above-All, only defeated.


  • Nigh-Omniscience: Each of the Abstract Entities possesses absolute knowledge of their trait and all related phenomenon. In effect, this makes each of them nearly all-knowing. They do not possess absolute knowledge, and can be surprised with specific means and by specific beings.

Average Strength level

  • Incalculable: As aspects of reality, the Abstract Entities are phenomenally powerful and beyond all known measurements of strength.


  • Higher Beings: The Abstract Entities are subservient to the Living Tribunal and One-Above-All
  • Combined Infinity Gems: If the Infinity Gems were ever united by a single being, they would grant that entity enough power to overwhelm each of the Abstract Entities at the same time instantly.


Habitat: N/A
Gravity: N/A
Atmosphere: N/A
Population: 7 (8 when In-Between is in existence)


Type of Government: None
Level of Technology: Highly Advanced (Galactus)
Unneeded (All Others)
Cultural Traits: N/A
Expansion/Enduring: Infinity, Eternity
Contraction/Destruction: Death, Oblivion
Regulation: Galactus
Method: Master Order, Lord Chaos


  • Oblivion and Galactus are the most active Abstract Entities
  • Abraxas is not considered one of the Abstract Entities despite having an identical origin and time of creation since he does not regulate reality, but will instead be the force that ends it


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