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The Abnormals

Official Name
The Abnormals
Team Aliases
The Abnormal Alliance, the Freakouts, the Freakshow, the Weirdos


Team Identity


Base Of Operations
Sewer system tunnels underneath Manhattan, New York City, NY

Team Leader(s)

Current Members
The Abnormal Man (leader), the Glitch, and the Virus

Former Members
Succubus, Bag O’ Bones, Meltdown Man, Arrowhead, Hazard the Corrosive Man, T.I.M (Terminally Ill-formed Monsteroid, committed suicide)


The Maximums, the X-Traordinaries, the Lunkhead

Place of Formation
The sewer systems underneath Manhattan

Place of Defunction

Bradley A. Dotson

First appearance
Last appearance

The Maximums #34
Lego Lad #69


After a humiliating defeat at the hands of Lego Lad and Psychodude, and being sent to the Safe, the Abnormal Man decided that he needed help if he wanted to be free from the evils of society. Contacting several known freaky and abnormal supervillains after escaping from the Safe (during a breakout caused by the Tank), Arrowhead, the Succubus, Bag O’ Bones, and the Glitch accepted the Abnormal Man’s offer. Meeting in the sewer system beneath the city of New York, the group of hideous and freaky mutants and superhumans vowed that they would never be mocked by society ever again. From that day on, they would be known as the Abnormals.

The first thing the Abnormals attempted was to mutate the entire city of New York, so that the world would know how it felt to be different. However, the Abnormals’ mad plan was foiled by the Maximums, who defeated the new team of freaks, since they were greatly outnumbered, outmatched, and lacking in team experience. They were returned to the Safe, where the Abnormal Man decided to do things a little different. Contacting several more supervillains who were outcasts in society, including Meltdown Man, the Virus, T.I.M, and Hazard the Corrosive Man, the Abnormal Man and the original Abnormals escaped from the Safe, by using the sewer system beneath them, to unite with them.

The next plan involved kidnapping the world’s most powerful leaders, mutating them, and controlling them into doing whatever they wanted. However, they were foiled by, not the Maximums, but the X-traordinaries, a team of mutant superheroes dedicated to the ideals of peace and prosperity between homo sapien and homo superior. Returned to the Safe, the Abnormal Man remembered of how the S.T.R.U locked the monstrous Extinction, a monster that Bio-rex, Blackmoon, and Negnator used years before in an attempt to wipe out all of humanity.

Wishing to use it as a weapon, he broke out of his cell, along with the other Abnormals, the Abnormal Man and his allies nearly succeeded, before they were stopped by the monstrous Lunkhead, who had locked himself in there for humanity’s sake. Beaten nearly to a bloody pulp, the Abnormals were returned to their cells.

Later, after another escape, the Abnormals laid low underneath the sewer systems for several months in peace. However, the Exterminators soon discovered them and, seeking to destroy all vermin, including freaks and mutations, attacked the team. The Abnormals were nearly killed before the timely intervention of the Zoologist and his family. The Exterminators defeated, the Abnormal Man reluctantly gave his thanks to the Zoologist and his family.

Currently, the Abnormals consist of the Abnormal Man, the Virus, and the Glitch, the three of whom are stuck on a deleted web site in cyberspace after attempting to alter the Internet and being foiled by Lego Lad and the Firewall.


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