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The Abnormal Man

Real Name
Hank (last name unrevealed)
Current Alias
The Abnormal Man

The Mutation Master, Sewer Rat, Abraham "Abe" Norman, Abnorman, King of the Freaks



Leader of the Abnormals

Jessebelle Cow (the Succubus, fiancé)




Brown, in right eye, black in left eye

Brown, on side, bald on top

Unusual Features
Possesses puke-green skin, a huge, bulging reptilian eye on his left side, thinning hair on both sides of his head, exposed brain matter on top of his head, few teeth, three extra arms (two extra on the left side, one extra on the right), three "fingers" instead of five on each hand, flippers in place of fingers, and several tentacles protruding from his elbows and ankles.

American deemed unfit for society

Marital Status

Supervillain, would-be city conqueror, professional thief, former vagrant

None, although the chemicals that mutated him did grant him an incredible boost in intellect.

A homely homeless vagrant, Hank was chased down by police after robbing a donut shop. Escaping through the sewers, Hank spent hours wandering aimlessly and becoming extremely thirsty. Finally stumbling upon what appeared to be water, Hank drank the glowing liquid, only to begin horrendously mutating into a monster. Returning to the surface, he asked for help, only to cause a panic and accidentally mutating a man in a deformed monstrosity that began attacking people. When the mutation went for Hank, he yelled at the freak to stop, which heeded his command. Learning he could control those he mutated, he set himself out to become the Abnormal Man, the Mutation Master!

Bradley A. Dotson

First appearance

The Maximums #7


Just a Guy Named Hank

The Abnormal Man was once a man who was anything but abnormal. A normal, but homely-looking hobo who would roam the streets of New York City, Hank constantly pick-pocketed the citizens of Manhattan, stealing food from venders and restaurants. People would always throw things at him whenever they saw him. Hank grew depressed in this lonely world, and wished to be free, to do whatever he wished. Growing deeper into depression, he nearly fell into the thought of suicide, until one day, his entire life changed.

Stealing from a donut shop, which was conveniently serving to two police officers, Hank hid from them in the sewers. Roaming the sewers for hours, Hank was growing thirstier and hungrier, until finally, he saw that someone was dumping mutagenic waste into the manhole directly above him. It seeped into his skin and caused a mutagenic change throughout his entire body. Loosing most of his hair, growing three extra arms, his fingers mutating into flippers, and tentacles growing out of his sides, Hank became a monster.

The Mutation Master and the Maximums

Looking at himself in the sewer water, Hank was horrified, and sought help immediately. Escaping the sewers, he inadvertently caused panic in the streets. Attempting to calm people down, he unknowingly blasted a man in a fit of rage, mutating him into a monstrous creature with several eyes, giant spikes, and small feet. Hank realized that he had mutated him. The monster then attacked citizens in the street, before it saw Hank. Attempting to attack him with his spikes, Hank yelled at him to stop, which he did. Hank then realized that he could control the beings he mutated.

He then began to mutate others, learning in the process that he could mutate them in anyway imaginable by just thinking it. Delighted in this knowledge, he decided to use these new powers to conquer the city, and he declared himself the Abnormal Man. Attacking and mutating citizens, he eventually commanded an entire army of monstrous freaks. Attempting to hold the mayor hostage, he inadvertently activated a distress signal at the Hero Hood, home of the Maximums.

The Maximums arrived in time to halt the Abnormal Man from kidnapping and holding the mayor hostage, but not without a fight. Some of the Maximums began to mutate, including Magnator, Hearttaker, Heatstroke, Cheetari, and Windbreaker. The others attempted to stop the Abnormal Man, but they were mutated as well. The only two left were Psychodude, who Abnormal Man mutated as well, and Lego Lad. However, he swiftly learned that Psychodude could not be controlled by him, no matter how he might mutate him, and Lego Lad could not be mutated, due to having an inorganic body. He also learned that Psychodude could take control of his monsters as well.

Overwhelmed by the two, the Abnormal Man was knocked into unconsciousness by one of Psychodude’s mental blasts and restrained in an energy container by Lego Lad. The Abnormal Man’s monstrous mutants, including the Maximums, reverted to normal, thanks to the Abnormal Man no longer having control over them. The Abnormal Man was sent to the Safe, where he plotted his next plan.

The Abnormals

Later, he escaped during a breakout caused by the villainous Tank. He returned to New York City, where he decided to gather several villainous freaks and mutants, including the Arrowhead, Bag O’Bones, the Glitch, and the Succubus. Together, they formed the first incarnation of the Abnormals, led by the Abnormal Man himself. Attempting to cause a citywide mutation, the Abnormal Man and the Abnormals were halted by the Maximums. The Abnormal Man learned in this battle that he could mutate himself in order to grant himself almost any superpower imaginable. This quickly changed the tide of the battle for the Maximums. Overwhelmed, they were nearly defeated, before Terrain trapped the Abnormal Man in quicksand [which he inadvertently swallowed] and converted it into rock hard cement, immobilizing him and negating the use of his powers.

Imprisoned once again at the Safe, albeit immobilized, the Abnormal Man somehow managed to escape again, entering through the sewer system beneath the facility. Re-contacting the original Abnormals, he was surprised that he, himself, was contacted by other freaks who had heard of his plans and wished to join, including the Meltdown Man, Hazard the Corrosive Man, the Virus, and T.I.M (Terrible Ill-formed Monstroid). Their next plan involved kidnapping the world’s most powerful leaders, mutating them, and controlling them into doing whatever the Abnormals commanded. They were foiled when the X-traordinaries defeated them. The Abnormal Man and his Abnormals returned to the Safe, yet again. However, this was not without a happy ending for the Abnormal Man. During the battle, the Abnormal Man and the Succubus fell in love with each other after the Abnormal Man saved her from Mongoose Man.

The Transformation of Earth

The Abnormal Man next sought out to find the Succubus a gift of love, attacking a local jewelry store to do so. When the Maximums arrived, the Abnormal Man attacked, accidentally mutating new recruit the Zoologist to the point that the Zoologist exploded, sending out a mystical radiation that transformed the entire Earth’s population into animals, the Abnormal Man and the Maximums included. The Abnormal Man was turned into a maggot and the Maximums easily captured him and sent him back to prison. After the superheroes found and awoke the Zoologist from a state of hibernation, he transformed the Earth’s population back to normal, the Abnormal Man included.

What Of the Abnormal Man?

Earlier in prison, the Abnormal Man learned of the presence of the powerful Extinction, whom the villainous trio Bio-rex, Blackmoon, and Negnator had used a few years earlier in an attempt to destroy all of humanity. Returning to the Safe with his Abnormals, they nearly succeeded in capturing Extinction, before they were stopped again, not by the Maximums or the X-traordinaries, but by the monstrous Lunkhead, who was serving time in the Safe. Viciously beaten to near death, the Abnormal Man was sent back to his cell, along with the rest of the Abnormals, where he sulked in his cell.

Later, he and the Abnormals managed to escape again when the monstrous Lunkhead, the very same Lunkhead who had captured them before, went on a rampage. Returning to their sewer home, they laid low for months and soon decided that this was best. However, their minds were quickly changed for them when they were found and attacked by the Exterminators, a gang of villains who wish to cleanse the world of all impurities, even though every member is impure. They saw the underground societies of New York as disgusting and attempted to kill the Abnormal Man and his Abnormals. Fortunately, they were rescued by the Zoologist and his Pack, who defeated the villains. The Abnormal Man reluctantly gave the team his thanks, and then ordered them to leave.

Later, he was contacted by the Glitch, who wished for him to join with him and the Virus in a plan to infect the World Wide Web. They were stopped by the combined efforts of Lego Lad and Firewall, and trapped in a deleted site.

The Abnormal Man is currently at this time imprisoned in the deleted site, hoping to find a way to escape.

Powers and Abilities


  • Abnormalization: The Abnormal Man’s main power is the ability to “abnormalize” (mutate) virtually any being or object in virtually anyway imaginable, including himself. By analyzing the genetic code of himself or any living being, he can mentally manipulate the D.N.A strands to his choosing until he achieves the desired outcome. There are a virtually infinite variety of possible mutations and effects that he can achieve. His favorite effect is mutating his own person in order to grant himself other superhuman powers that he can use to succeed in his plans. He can activate latent mutations, control mutated beings, alter the target’s body in ways that are ineffective to survive or live, mutate their personalities, and even kill them by ripping apart their genetic code.
  • Abnormal Rays: The Abnormal Man is able to project “abnormalization” rays that can mutate and “abnormalize” any living being or object in virtually anyway imaginable. He can utilize these offensively to destroy molecular bonds within any organic material or substance in order to destroy whatever he hits.
  • Genetic Sight: He is able to see the genetic code of virtually any living being, reading complex DNA sequences, genetic codes, and atomic structures for latent and manifested mutations, thereby allowing him to sense superhuman beings, even when they do not use their powers, and, in many cases, understanding how their powers work more thoroughly than they do themselves.
  • Evolution/Devolution: The Abnormal Man, after analyzing the DNA of another superhuman mutant, is able to selectively evolve their existing genetic traits as well as catalyze the untapped genetic potential of latent mutants. Once begun, the procedure is irreversible and can often result in unpredictable side effects.
  • Mutant/Superhuman Detection: The Abnormal Man possesses the telepathic ability to detect and sense the presence of any “special” genetic codes within a 30 mile radius from his vicinity, enabling him to detect mutated or superhuman beings.
  • Superhuman Intellect: The toxic chemicals that seeped into his body that faithful day not only gave the Abnormal Man some bizarre powers, but an increased intellect as well. He is able to understand genetic mutations as easily as Lego Lad, the most intelligent being in the galaxy, and specializes solely in this field of study.


The Abnormal Man possesses a keen intellect in the fields of genetics and mutations, rivaling Lego Lad’s. He is also an exceptional strategist, tactition, and leader for someone of his low-level experience in such matters.

Strength level



The Abnormal Man, although extremely intelligent, possesses extremely erratic thought processes and does not always possess his faculties. This can sometimes cause him to use his powers recklessly and without rational thought and planning, leading to his downfall. Also, although he can control the mutants he creates, he cannot control beings with extremely high telepathic prowess or immunity, even if he is able to mutate them, such as the superheroes Psychodude or Lego Lad. His mutating powers are ineffective against inorganic matter, since they do not possess genetic material.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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